Advantages of having an Esthetics license. How much do Estheticians make in the United States.

What is an Esthetician?

Simply put, an Esthetician is a person that specializes in the treatment of the skin. They have been trained specially to make the skin look beautiful or more pleasing to the eye. Their more popular duties include advising clients on a particular skin routine, waxing, peels and even diets to adhere to.

There are more advanced tasks aestheticians undertake. These tasks are advanced and estheticians need a special license to be able to perform these tasks. Tasks such as Ultrasound laser frequency procedures, Lymphatic drainage and medium-depth chemical peels are not done by the average esthetician.    

An Aesthetician has to be in close contact with people, chemicals, ointments, oils, and other necessary tools that makes their work easy. A person that is easily repulsed by these should not bother choosing this job as a career path.

Estheticians are the frontrunners when it comes to skin beautification. Because of this, Estheticians play a major role in trendy beautification procedures. While Medical esthetics and Oncology esthetics have become important fields in esthetics. Hearing estheticians is almost synonymous with hearing a beauty spa or a salon.

They are not to be confused with Dermatologists though. While Estheticians are professionals, they are not medical doctors. They cannot diagnose a skin disease or give a drug prescription. Estheticians deal with the skin surface alone while dermatologists go beyond that. Although, they can work hand in hand with dermatologists when it is required.

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How much do Estheticians make?

Esthetics is a fairly popular job in the United States. Their salaries depend on factors such as region, industry, employer and specialty. For example, an Esthetician employed by a hospital that majors in surgery will not be on the same wage as one working as a merchant wholesaler.

On average, estheticians earn an average of $34,000 per annum. While some states are in high demand for their services, some other states are not particular about their services. Of course, their value commensurate with the demand placed on their services.

The Top 5 states with the highest average esthetician wages are:

  • Colorado = $54,810
  • Washington = $54,770
  • Hawaii = $53,010
  • Wyoming = $52,490
  • Massachusetts = $50,440

While this is an average by state, some cities stand out in the wages chart for estheticians. For example, Estheticians in Olympia, Washington earns as high as $114,120. Some other cities with high paying esthetician wages are

  • Omaha, Nebraska = $86,310
  • Portland, Maine = $73,460
  • Denver, Colorado = $68,590
  • Kahului, Hawaii = $64,640

 As mentioned earlier, the region of establishment is not the only determining factor in how much estheticians make.  Employers also have a major role to play in how much they make.  General Hospitals or hospitals that major in surgery tend to pay more.  Estheticians working with physicians also enjoy better than average wages.

The work of an esthetician tends to take time because of its nature. As it is, being an Esthetician is a full-time job.

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How to become an Esthetician

Being an esthetician involves full commitment to the work.  While the job may look simple, it is not so at all because of how delicate it is. When it comes to beautification of the body, people rarely trust others to do it. Being a successful esthetician means you would have earned the trust of your customers. There are steps to follow to becoming a certified esthetician

  • The first step is to undergo training. The good thing about this job is that it does not require a college degree. The training can take as little as 6 months, depending on how well the student catches on. On average, states require about 600 hours of training to approve a license.  Apart from the required hours, licensing criteria depends on individual states
  • The alternative to getting trained to be an esthetician is to be a hands-on apprentice for a period of time. Usually, for states that offer the option of apprenticeship, the required hours for apprenticeship is a lot more than that of the traditional program.
  • You are to take and pass exams at the end of your training or apprenticeship. These exams are offered through the National-Interstate Council on State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC). There are both practical and written exams to take. Some states mandate you pass the two while other states just opt for one.
  • Some states offer the option of being a master esthetician. You have to obtain a two-tier esthetician license. Or an apprentice training that fits a master esthetician. Only master estheticians are allowed to perform the more advanced tasks like Lymphatic Drainage.
  • You are to apply for a license before taking your exams. There is a licensing fee to be paid and the fee depends on individual states.

Like any medical doctor, you are not allowed to practice if you do not have a license as an esthetician. Some people seek out additional certificates. While this is good, it is not as important as a license. This license can also be revoked if licensing agreements are breached

Where can you work with an Esthetics license?

Estheticians have the opportunity of working anywhere their services are required. You might be surprised by how many people need the services of an aesthetician. It can range from owning a beauty parlor to working with the biggest movie stars. The opportunities are endless and estheticians get to meet a lot of people.

Formerly, ladies were the ones that mostly require the services of estheticians but recently, men are starting to appreciate their services too. With the increase in clientele, also comes the increase in job opportunities for estheticians.  Making it easy for estheticians to choose where they want to work.

  • Some of the places that requires the services of an esthetician includes
  • With doctors that major in surgeries of all kinds.
  • Skin specialists or Dermatologists.
  • Beauty Spa or Salons
  • Surgical arts centers
  • Retail cosmetics counters and sales
  • Beauty schools


Being an esthetician requires discipline and focus. There are scenarios estheticians are required to stand on their feet for hours. But despite this, the opportunities that are associated with this career can be limitless. Especially with an ever-expanding clientele

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