What is a Reflexologist and How do you become certified

Many times, our body passes through stress, which may be due to several factors. Oftentimes Therapy seems to be a perfect remedy to ease stress, which is a treatment, administered to heal or relieve a disorder.

An example of a suitable therapy to relieve stress is Reflexology which is also known as zone therapy. Reflexology involves the exertion of pressure to specific body areas, like the feet or the hands. The application of pressure to the mentioned parts of the body helps to heal the body and release stress.

Reflexology is simply the study of the relationship between one part of the human body and another.  A Reflexologist specializes in applying zone therapy techniques to relieve stress. Zone therapy makes use of charts to locate the connected organs and system to the hand or feet. Pressure is then applied to the located area to help solve a particular health problem.

Reflexology and foot massage, though similar in the application of pressure to the foot, are different forms of therapy. Reflexology focuses on restoring energy flow throughout the body. Foot massage helps relax the muscle, improve blood circulation and reduce tension.

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in Reflexology and you don’t know what it entails? If that’s you, look no further as this article provides you with the basic information you need and more.

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What is a Reflexologist?

A Reflexologist is a trained practitioner in the field of Reflexology. A Reflexologist works using a chart of pre-established pressure points situated on feet, hands or the ear. These pressure points connect to certain body systems and organs in the body. Applying pressure to these points helps to improve health and also remove energy blockages.

A Reflexologist massages the pressure points by using set techniques of reflexology therapy. These techniques include application of pressure to the hand or foot connected to any part of the body that requires healing by using the zone map.

 A brief discussion between the therapist and the patient occurs, before a Reflexology therapy exercise. The discussion enables the Reflexologist to focus on the complaints specified by the patient. This act helps the Reflexologist find out the right pressure points for treatment.

The primary tool employed for reflexology therapy is the human hand. The Therapy involves using the forefinger and the thumb to apply controlled pressure toward the outer palm or the foot’s heel. You can also use simple tools like an eraser at the end of a pencil to apply pressure.

Problems like chronic fatigue, stress, back pain and some allergy symptoms get cured. When a Reflexologist does their therapy job very well.

How do I become a certified Reflexologist?

Due to the popularity of Reflexology over the years, one might want to seek a career path in this field. Reflexologists are very much needed nowadays as people seek alternative Therapy to help solve prevalent health disorders.

A career in Reflexology comes with great opportunities such as; working in health and fitness centres, salon shops, and you can even run private services at home or offices. Do you want to become a certified Reflexologist? Then enrolling in a Reflexology therapy program is the right choice to make.

To become a certified Reflexologist, one has to go through a period of training. This training comprises a series of classes, training films and seminars. The program lasts for six months, including 200 hours of training. The trainees receive certification upon completion of the program.

To become a certified Reflexologist in the United States, you need an advanced certification from the regulatory body. This regulatory body, known as the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), confers on successful candidates’ title of Board-certified Reflexologist.

The Board sets up a certification examination for candidates with advanced seminar training. This is within two years before taking the examination. Two-day preliminary seminar attendance is also a prerequisite. Candidates also must have undergone the practical experience of the Therapy, which lasts for a least of six months.

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How long does it take to become a Reflexology therapist?

A person passes through at least a six-month Reflexology school training to become a certified Reflexologist. In some reflexology schools, the program lasts for six to twelve months. Usually, a range of 150 to 300 hours of study in combination with the practical aspect.

The program usually lasts for a total of 200 hours of training. It is subdivided into sections comprising; the practical experience, which lasts for 100 hours. This practical aspect allows you to carry out reflexology therapy on a least of 15 people. Other sections are the 58 hours of self-directed study and 14 hours of advanced seminar training.

Can you learn Reflexology online?

Suppose you are very busy doing some other things and do not have the luxury of time to attend a Reflexology school. You don’t have to worry anymore as this course is available online. An example of a platform where you can enroll for an online course in Reflexology is Udemy.com.

These online course platforms provide you with comprehensive lessons on Reflexology. They also issue a certificate of participation upon completing the course. Other benefits also come with it, for example, Udemy offers lifetime access to the program even after the completion of the program.

How much does a Reflexologist earn?

Reflexologist income varies as some work in chiropractic offices, salons and so on, while some are self-employed. A reflexologist income depends on the experience level, geographical location and hours worked for.

A Reflexologist gets paid per hour. A one-hour session could cost $40 to $80. Permanent employees get paid on flat hourly rates, which ranges from $15 to $40. An entry-level Reflexologist earns an average annual salary of $10,000 while working full-time. This is quite different with experienced Reflexologists as they can earn up to $60,000 in a year.


Despite Reflexology therapy being an ancient practice, it is still very much relevant. It has proven to be an effective therapy for healing the body and relieving stress. Due to this fact, acquiring the necessary training, getting certified and starting a career in this field could be very rewarding.

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