What is the Workplace of a Hairdresser like and what does a hairdresser do.

A hairdresser is an individual whose occupation focuses on improving the appearance of customers that patronize their services. These services include; styling, coloring, cutting of hair and other services like; providing their clients with hairdressing advice and so on.

Hairdressers are also known as hairstylists. This occupation is not gendering specific, which means both males and females can practice it. Hairdressing is a well-respected and dependable career to venture into because it’s a well sought-after service by all age-groups. A hairdresser can work independently or seek employment in a salon as an assistant hair stylist in resorts, hotels or offer consultancy services.

The hairdressing business cuts across a wide range of skills. Whilst some hairdressers involve themselves in all these skills, some only limit themselves to some of the skills, namely:

  • Braiding.
  • Styling of Wig.
  • Hair dying and coloring.
  • Hair plug.
  • Unnatural Hair Extensions and Weaves.
  • Perm
  • Chemical Straightening and Relaxing.
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Work of a Hairdresser

A hairdresser’s expected work includes attending to everything that concerns improving the appearance of customers by styling, cutting and grooming the hair on the head. A hairdresser interacts with customers to understand fully what they desire to be done to their hair. Being detail-oriented and having complete knowledge of what the client wants can help the hairdresser produce the desired result. Some of the duties of a hairdresser are namely:

  • Shaping, trimming and cutting of customer’s hair.
  • They Handle
  • Greeting and interacting with the customers.
  • Conditioning, drying and shampooing of customer’s hair.
  • Styling the hair using various hairstyling equipment or tools like curling irons, hairdryers, rollers and so on.
  • Offering consultancy services to clients, advising them on suitable hair treatments, hairstyles and haircuts based on their type of hair.
  • Hygienic practices on the used hairdressing tools or equipment by sterilizing and cleaning them to ensure safety policies are adhered to.

The most common task carried out by hairdressers is mainly the cutting of hair. Customers often want to improve their look regularly. Hence, they are constantly on the lookout for the services of a hairdresser to trim or cut their hair.

Hairdressing also includes the styling of hair into varieties of styles as desired by the clients. Some of the widely known hairstyles that a hairdresser must be well acquainted with include:

  • Complicated up-do styles for special events like; formal events and weddings.
  • Long styles.
  • Straight styles and knowing how to do the cutting of straight poker hair.
  • Short styles.
  • Curly styles and knowing the most admiring way of cutting curly hair.
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What is the Workplace of a Hairdresser like?

 Usual locations where hairdressers are found are the salons and some other hair cutting premises like the shopping mall. A hairdresser may work independently by renting a space or work as an employee in a hairdressing establishment. Hairdressers also carry out home services by going to their client’s home, which may warrant travelling sometimes. A hairdresser can also extend their services to other living facilities and hospitals.

A hairdresser can work in the fashion industry as they employ them to style model’s hair for fashion shows and photoshoots. In many cases, the hairdresser travels with the crew to onset locations in different countries. This benefit tends to be an added advantage to the hairdresser as they would enjoy touring many countries.

Another working environment or establishment for a hairdresser is the entertainment industry. This industry employs the services of a hairdresser as a staff to help transform actors into characters. Dancers and music artists also hire hairdressers to help improve their looks behind the scenes.

How long does it take to be a fully qualified hairdresser?

To be a qualified hairdresser, just like normal education, one has to pass through programs. These are the Apprenticeship program and college program to obtain the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ).

The Apprenticeship program normally lasts for 18 months. An apprenticeship gives a chance of learning and studying. To become a junior stylist, you have to attain an NVQ level 2 while it requires NVQ level 3 for the senior stylist level. This training lasts for five years.

The minimum level required to work as a hairdresser is NVQ level 2. NVQ Level 3 helps you to gain higher technical skills like fashion cutting. To become your boss, acquiring NVQ level 4 would be just what you need. This requires the application of knowledge gained to better yourself as a hairdresser.

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Is Hairdressing a good career?

The hairdressing business is one of the most lucrative business ventures you can ever think of worldwide. Hairdressing creates a platform to showcase your creativity. A hairdresser tends to be creative with hairstyles, haircuts, colors and so on to improve clients’ appearance.

Are you still not sure about having a career in hairdressing? Below are some great benefits of becoming a hairdresser that would interest you:

  • Job security is assured: this is very true of hairdressing as their services are always in demand.
  • It can be a great career choice for creative minds because it unleashes creativity in you.
  • The opportunity to travel to many countries is very likely when you work with the entertainment or fashion industries.
  • It helps you develop great communication skills.
  • It improves your social life as you will be meeting people from different walks of life.

Is Hairdresser a Stressful Job?

According to research, hairdressing work happens to be one of the least stressful jobs, though this depends on the clientele’s demands. Hairdressing could also be very stressful when you have high quality, demanding clients since a hairdresser is somehow responsible for improving the appearance of customers. Also, a hairdressing career can be said to be less stressful for very creative individuals.

What Skills Do You Need for Hairdressing?

Just as you need certain skills to excel in some professions, you also need to acquire some very important skills in hairdressing. To compete at the top level or even become a very good hairdresser, here are some of the skills you should Endeavour to acquire:

  • Patience and tolerance: this is essential as you will come in contact with people of different attitudes.
  • Marketing skills: this involves boosting the sales of your services.
  • Business management skills: this involves taking proper records of everything that is going on in the business.
  • Stress management: this is the ability to cope with stress and pressure from clients.
  • Creativity: this is essential as you would be expected to create new haircuts, hairstyles and techniques.
  • Stamina: having this would help you cope with long hours of standing.
  • Self-confidence: This is all about believing in yourself, and this would help your decision making.


In conclusion, hairdressing is a very good choice of career with loads of benefits. It’s a great platform for those people looking forward to being creative. It provides you with the opportunity of exploring the world whilst doing what you love. Are you ready to take the bold step of pursuing a career in hairdressing?

This article provides you with the necessary information about being a qualified, good and efficient hairdresser.

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