What Career Can You Have as A Cosmetologist

Are you thinking of making a career in cosmetology? Or maybe you are just interested in the subject matter. Or maybe you as a licensed cosmetologist are trying to switch fields or challenge yourself in some other areas. In this write-up, you will be getting the answer to the question; what can you do with a cosmetology license?

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What is Cosmetology?

Before going into the areas, you can work as a licensed cosmetologist, I will quickly write an overview of what cosmetology entails.

In simple terms, cosmetology revolves around beautifying the body. To be a certified cosmetologist though, you have to be trained. Passing your exams which concludes the training certifies you as a cosmetologist who has studied the art and science of beautifying the body.

What Career Can You Have With A Cosmetology License?


Hair stylist

Hair styling is one of the more popular careers you can undertake with a cosmetology license. Hair stylists are responsible for choosing the best hair style that enhances an individual’s feature. They help keep and maintain your hair by performing operations such as trimming, styling, dyeing and countless others.

In addition to the services above, they also specialize in hair treatments. Hair stylists are expected to be professionals that can be consulted as regards your hair. 

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Make-up Artist

Make-up Artists are professionals that improve the aesthetic impression of the skin (especially the face). Make-up artists can alter the look of a person so much that they change the perception at which others viewed them. In reality, make-up artists can only be limited by their imaginations.

Make-up artists can get to work with doctors to enhance the aesthetic image of an individual. There is the permanent make-up service that is offered to people in conjunction with Doctors to people that need them.

Make-up artists are expected to be able to advise and choose the best fit as regards making-up for their clients.  A make-up artist with a cosmetology license will have a wider field of practice to choose from. People will trust the judgment more on matters relating to applying make-up.

Nail Technicians

They are artists that work on our nails. It looks simple and easy but it’s not. They are professionals that are responsible for grooming the nails in a fashionable way. With more people focusing on their overall looks, manicurists\pedicurists now come in handy when it comes to aesthetics.

Apart from grooming the nails on our hands and toes, they can use synthetic nails to complement our nails. Also, part of their job is making sure the nails and the skin beneath them are squeaky clean. Nail technicians also advise their clients on the best nail product suitable for them and how to go about it. 

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Massage Therapist

These are professionals that help relax the body through the use of massage. Having a cosmetology license is an added advantage if you decide you want to be a massage therapist. Massage therapists also help relieve pain, stress, and sometimes hasten the healing of the body.

Massage therapists have a sensitive job because people will trust them to make them achieve a state of satisfaction. They are to identify the painful or the stressed part of their client’s body and relieve the pain or stress in the body tissues there.

They can apply ointment or lotions or oils to get the desired results. They can also use multiple parts of their body to help knead the muscles on their clients. Different massage modalities require different techniques from the therapist. The common ones are sports massage, deep-tissue massage and Swedish massage.

Massage therapists include the desired results of their clients when adopting the type of massage that will be perfect for them


With a cosmetology license and some extra training, one can be an esthetician. While cosmetology license can qualify you for a wider array of jobs, an esthetician focuses only on the beautification of the skin. 

Estheticians deal with the beautification of the skin through treatments. Although they can treat the skin and make it more esthetically pleasing, they are not dermatologists. They can work hand-in-hand with them though.

Being in the field of esthetics can qualify you to do tasks such as facials, waxing, and even make-ups. Advanced licensing in the field of esthetics can also qualify you to do advanced tasks like chemical resurfacing and microdermabrasion.


While Hair stylists mostly deal with the female gender, barbers are known to help style the men’s hair. They are trained to help cut, shave, or style the facial hair of a man/boy. They also perform duties such as hair dying, hair treatments and consultation services.

Lately, hair stylists can take on the job of a barber and vice versa. As long as you are a licensed cosmetologist and you have the required training, then sky is the limit as regards styling the facial hair of any person.

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Cosmetology Instructor

A licensed cosmetologist is the most qualified to be a cosmetology instructor. While this job can be taken on alongside working as a cosmetologist, it can be highly rewarding for an individual. With the increase in the demand for cosmetologists all over, there is also an increase in demand for the instructors to teach aspiring cosmetologists.

As a licensed cosmetology instructor, you get to work with various schools to impart your knowledge. Also, you get to speak at forums and seminars on related topics. A cosmetology instructor is expected to have some minimum years of experience working in the field. Some states also require a teaching credential or a college degree.  

Brand Artistic Director

With a cosmetology license, you can become a brand artistic director. Their job is to lead the fashion world through innovations in esthetics. They are at the front line when making decisions as regards enhancing the name of a brand or maybe a salon. They help make fashion or beauty statements which can be adopted by the world outside.


A cosmetology license can qualify an individual or at least be a stepping stone for any job in the esthetics industry. Really, individuals can only be limited by their interests. Having a cosmetology license is the first step in becoming a giant in the beautification industry.  

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