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Are you thinking about stepping your photography up a notch into videography? Or maybe you need filming skills for your career path? Then, you should consider completing an online videography course.

Interestingly, the best videography courses online are available at takeaway prices. And at the same time, they are fully laden with applicable techniques for video coverage and content creation.

In this guide, you will learn what to look for in an online videography course. With a touch on the best online videography courses, I have selected that might interest you.

How to Choose the Best Videography Courses Online

Learning videography online is a fun experience because you see the works of experienced and accomplished professionals. And, more importantly, the process of creating masterpieces.

To get the best of learning experiences and get imparted with relevant knowledge, you need to select the course you sign up for carefully. Here are a few pointers to give away the best of online videography courses.

Course Outline

Your first contact with an online course is the course title and description. And these play an important part in creating an impression of what to expect. Going through a course outline and lesson details, you would have the basic idea behind the module.

For videography courses, you need to pay attention to the description of the course. The requirements, lesson titles, and brief description helps prepare your mind for the course learning.


The lineup for a course is as important as what is to be communicated. When you have the right idea but passed through the wrong channel, the students might suffer and not be able to gain maximal understanding.

Before opting for a course, you need to check the tutor’s profile. You might even go as far as checking his work out there. Truth, they probably can’t teach more than they have showcased. This means well-established instructors in the videography industry just might be the best of tutors.

Rating and Reviews

Another eye-catching feature of online courses is the rating and review dropped by previous learners. This is about the only gauge you can weigh a course on.

Courses with high ratings can be trusted to an extent to deliver quality instructional guides, especially for courses with a massive student base. A good rating goes a long way to express satisfaction in what the body of work offers.

Difficulty Level

The technicality of the course you are opting for should commiserate with your videography skill level. This is why courses are rated as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. This is to ensure students can follow what is being taught and also get imparted needed knowledge as expected.


Last, you should know beforehand if you would be getting certified for any online course you want to take before coming on-board. This is usually a rookie mistake of many students online.

Suppose you are not after the certification, but the knowledge, good for you. However, if you need validation for your professional career, you should check for its availability and credibility. Anyways, it is generally advisable to get certification from online courses.

Table of Contents

6 best videography courses online 2022

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

This videography course hosted on Skillshare is focused on editing and bringing out masterpiece video content. This is an important part of filmmaking and video content creation.

Hosted by vastly experienced YouTuber and filmmaker, Jordy Vandeput, who is a top-rated online instructor. His company Cinecom specializes in creating working online courses on video making.

This particular course on video editing starts with Adobe Premiere Pro basics; editing, arranging, working in multiple layers, and more. It then slowly graduates into advanced edits using the toolbox, video/audio effects, custom graphics, texts, among many editing tools.

The 19-lesson course is designed for beginners and newbies to familiarize themselves with the tool. Over 57,000 students have learned from this module. And a whopping 99% had their expectations met. This tells you the quality of information to expect from this full package.

Although this course is not certified, you will be filled with all you need to get you started on your professional filmmaking journey. This course is particularly useful for YouTubers and Filmmakers, and you get to deliver content exactly as you want.

2-Udemy: The Complete Video Production Bootcamp

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp

Whatever your reason might be for wanting to learn videography, this is a best seller course to serve you as you want. Are you a YouTuber, Photographer, Content Creator, Filmmaker, Artist, Vlogger, or Blogger? This course is the complete tool to get you running on your career path.

Over 150,000 students once like you, looking to make a headstart in videography has gone through this module. The larger part of those was satisfied with the delivery, giving the massive 4.4-star rating averaging about 6,500 students.

The Bootcamp is a long course hosted by Video School Online Inc.with three of their most experienced tutors. Phil Ebiner is a top-rated instructor with eight years of experience practicing and teaching videography, photography, design, online business, and marketing.

Another vast anchor for this amazing package is Sam Shimizu-Jones. He is a highly motivated and skillful cinematography and photographer, well known for his focus on human connections. On the course also is well-experienced cinematography William Carnahan. He brings his wealth of experience in setting up a videography business to the table.

With this amazing lineup, The Complete Video Production Bootcamp comprises 75 lectures divided into 15 sections. The 9-hour ride will guide you from a rookie videographer to a knowledgeable professional.

The course covers aspects like; storytelling, shooting in DSLR and mirrorless mode, aerial videography, professional lighting techniques, microphone use for crisp audio capture, video editing, quality assurance, social media optimization, and many more.

All you need to learn from an online videography course is packed in this awesome course. Rest assured, you are getting more than you will pay for.

3-Udemy: Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator

Udemy Complete Filmmaker Guide Become An Incredible Video Creator

Third on my list of videography courses online is a vast course hosted on Udemy. This course has seen over 43,000 students go through its modules. Amazing right? Absolutely!

Rated best-seller, the Complete Filmmaker Guide touches on all you need to learn as one new to video creation. With a rating of 4.4 from over 3,000 past students, this course sure delivers on all promises.

Julian Melanson, a 7-year experienced filmmaker, does a great job teaching basic and advanced videography techniques. All you need to get you started on your journey to professional video making.

The course outline covers lens studies, sound carriage, lighting, cinematography, and video editing. The course is divided into four modules; understanding pre-production, creative & personal skill development, secrets of production, and mastering post-production.

The four modules are further distributed across 17 sections. The instructor took his time to break the lessons into enjoyable bits and pieces. A total of 115 lectures makes up the 5-hour learning experience.

In learning video creation, this course takes you through personal development and self-discovery first. It then slowly glides into production principles applicable beyond the confines of video making. It then peaks into conceptualization and content creation.

Using what you have to get what you want is the core of “Becoming an Incredible Video Creator.” The only things you need for taking this course are a camera, video editing software, and a mind willing to explore its creativity.

This beginner-level class would propel you from ground zero to professionally certified videographer. If you have the zeal and passion for pursuing videography and filmmaking, this is a perfect one to launch you into your dream.

4-Creativelive: Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking

Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking

This fundamentals class is not as basic as it sounds. It features a vast compilation of instructional videos for the complete DSLR filmmaker. Hosted online on Creativelive, this course offers nothing shy of quality.

Instructed by former professional photographer Victor Ha, this course gives a practical detail of how to use DSLR equipment in filmmaking. As most persons are familiar with photography, Victor takes a relatable approach to help learners transition from photography to video capturing.

The course starts with how to explore the video-capturing features for DSLR and goes into creating high-quality film projects. There is also a discussion on selecting the right gear and software for putting out a professional job.

With over 42,000 students have enrolled in this course, the course retains an impressive 93% positive review rating. The course is delivered in 39 lessons with four accompanying materials. This spans through 14 hours of intuitive learning.

Again, a DSLR camera is needed for the best learning process going through this course. Getting other recommended equipment in the course of the lessons would also help your learning. And in the end, the certification would back up every knowledge garnered from the class.

5-Udemy: DSLR Video Production - Start Shooting Better Video Today

DSLR Video Production - Start Shooting Better Video Today

Here is another course also run by the Video School Online Inc. However, facilitated only by Phil Ebinar. This course is a complete beginner’s guide to a successful career in videography.

The module focuses on digital single-lens reflex camera usage. The outline goes through techniques for taking better shots on DSLR devices, the best manual settings to use for video coverage and audio sounding, complimentary lighting patterns, video editing, and other advanced DSLR tips.

Phil, who has devoted his career to teaching students online, has a detailed outline for this video production course. With over 27,000 students who have benefitted from his knowledge, this course excels with a rating of 4.5 averaged from about 1,200 reviews.

This module introduces videographers into the freelancing world of digital coverage, with a complete guideline on seizing opportunities and maximizing profit. Alongside this, it goes through peculiar challenges as a start-up filmmaker.

The course is segmented into 11 lessons with a total of 83 lectures. Running for about 4 hours, the outline is filled with applicable tips, and practice helps. All you need to go through this program properly is a DSLR camera to help you practice.

This excellent online learning package is all you need to get you past the beginning stage of your videography career. And apart from the knowledge you get, you also get certified after the program.

6-Video Production Classes (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

Video Production Classes (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform optimized for job creation and professional profiling. The site allows you to sell yourself and put out your portfolio, but there is also a section for personal development; LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning, also called Lynda, is stacked with amazing courses and instructional guides on diverse skills. Videography is not left out of the many offers. Various instructors have helped build a massive library of online classes that can easily make you the master of your chosen field.

For video production, there are over 135 courses available for exploration. Comprising over 4,900 videos and learning guides. These courses range from popular top-rated choices to less advanced and concise options.

This also means a wide array of professionals are lined up to impart their knowledge to willing students. From the menu board, you can view the outline for any course of choice. The number of students enrolled, the instructor’s profile, and previous reviews are helpful in choice, of course.

Notably, the courses come with a readable transcript for the instructional videos. Getting access to Lynda gives you unlimited access to all the resources available on the platform. This is a form of comparative advantage that allows subscribers to explore different course levels at their own pace.

And more important, Lynda video production courses also come with certification upon completion. This is the ultimate for your professional journey into video content creation. You can learn video coverage, get certified, and continue to learn editing and production, and still get certified. It’s usually an interesting ride gathering all the available knowledge.


From the discussion so far, we’ve seen the important features of an A-grade videography course. And we’ve applied this knowledge to evaluate a few options available online.

This leaves us with one unique choice, which checks all boxes to table an irresistible offer. The Skillshare: Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners is a best-seller course with an incredible course outline. The rating and reviews of this course attest to its excellence. Sure it won’t be a bad investment into your videography career.

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