Top Educational Technology Trends in 2021.

The world is changing, and it is changing fast. As the decades of industrialization, decades of technological advancement are upon us, and it permeates every aspect of our lives, including education. Education and technology have always been a good mix, but with the covid-19 pandemic, giant strides have had to be made in the educational technology trends.

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Educational Technology

As the name implies, it can be referred to as technology to aid or ease education. For example, teachers have used projectors and e-books to convey information instead of the usual writing on the board. This improvement on marker-board teaching was a step in the educational technology trends.

Since then, there have been remarkable technologies have been invented. Some were solely for education, while some were adapted for teaching. The goal remains the same, though; ease of education.

The pandemic brought out and is bringing out the best in educational technology. With the world being forced into remote learning, educational technology has been immense in ensuring the quality of education is not reduced. I even make bold to say it is improving on ways of learning and teaching.

I will be discussing eight educational technology trends that are helping to reshape the future of learning.

Human-Computer Interaction

The ease at which humans interact with computers is foremost in the technological world. All we knew before was typing commands upon commands before computers could execute the most basic of functions. It is a different story these days as you can just send a command with the touch of your finger.

Human-computer interaction is essential to learning. As students and teachers alike can simply talk to their computers, and it executes their command. Easier ways of human-computer interaction like 3D projection are being adapted to ease education.


This is becoming quite the trend in education. More schools are adopting the online platform for delivering their lectures. Moreover, more and more subjects/courses are being taught online. eLearning has been here for a while, but the covid-19 pandemic increased the demand for it.

In a technologically advanced world, the need for people to learn remotely will continue to increase because they can get access anywhere they are on the planet. One of the critical advantages of eLearning is the choice it provides when it comes to the mode of learning. For example, you can either choose an e-book or an audiobook, or a graphical representation of the same lesson.

Blockchain Technology

This is a technology that has a limitless capacity to store information. This is very important in education because more and more data is being produced for consumption. It works on the principle that each new data adds a new block to an existing data blockchain. Also, the latest data will be evenly distributed across the blockchain, making access to the data decentralized.

The implication of this is that you can get authentic content when you want. However, there also is the regulation of the cost of eLearning. These are two of the significant challenges that students have faced in eLearning.

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Artificial Intelligence

For many people, seeing the word artificial intelligence brings Siri or Alexa to mind, which is correct. Now imagine adapting that artificial intelligence to education. The impact of this is endless. For the teachers, it makes disseminating lessons and keeping records of their students easier.

For students, you get to keep a tab on multiple lessons simultaneously. This is you can use just one-way artificial intelligence in education. As I mentioned earlier, the opportunities in using AI in education are endless.

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Online Engagement Tools

Feedback from students is as important as the teaching itself. This is one of the ways to monitor progress in students. While online learning is good, getting live feedback from students can help keep the teacher on track. This brings us to the online engagement tools.

Online tools such as Google suites and Kahoot have proven to be invaluable in monitoring feedback. Teachers can simply get live feedback from their students. In addition, assignments can be monitored and graded via these online engagement tools.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR. In simple terms, VR provides a view of a constructed reality, while AR provides an enhanced view of a real object. The introduction of these to education means that students interact with learning materials in more ways than one.

VR and AR are already being adopted in fields such as medicine and meteorology. Complex images that cannot be adequately represented in 2D drawings are better explained and explored using these fantastic tools. In addition, these tools help keep students motivated since they can better understand concepts.

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This is one of the best ideas in educational technology trends. We all know how boring learning can be, especially to the younger ones. Gaming is not dull, though, and infusing gaming with education brings gaming fun into education.

People get easily engaged in games. For one reason or the other, learning during these games does not seem to reduce the intensity of the engagement in the game. Also, the need to beat a high score might just be what you need to pass your exams.       

Social Media in Learning

As with gaming, social media also quickly engages people. Infusing social media into education has been a big step for educational technology. At one time or another, we have had to go on YouTube to get tutorials or information about a subject. This is how big an impact social media can have on education.

Chat rooms are being created for students of a particular subject to exchange ideas and interact with other students. Educational materials are also being exchanged on social media. Schools also adopt social media as a way of disseminating information efficiently.

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The world is evolving. Advances in technology are coming so fast, and it’s affecting the world around us, including learning. Educational technology trends have helped students keep up with the pace of these changes and are even helping to create a better learning experience.  

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