Online Watercolor Classes

10 free and paid best Online Watercolor courses, classes, training with Certifications

10 free and paid best Online Watercolor courses, classes, training with Certifications

Trying out a work born of passion often is daunting. Most especially when you have failed upon previous attempts, painting can be one of these cases.

When we see alluring works of art, we are inspired to put the artist in us to use. However, not everyone is a born artist. But like every other skill, painting also can be learned.

Learning watercolor painting online might seem like a big step to take for newbies. Most people prefer a one-on-one type of lecture. However, the best online watercolor classes are well presented to simulate real-life teaching.

In many instances, watercolor painting only requires the desire to start on your part. Get enough motivation to start a class, and from there, instructional guides do the rest.

In this article, I discussed a few selected online watercolor classes. Read along to find the best online watercolor course to get you started on a magical artistic journey.

Best Online Watercolor Classes

Watercoloring, as it is well known, is a fine art that uses water-based paints for creative painting. Water as a coloring medium is uncharted territory for many artists. Still, this doesn’t mean watercoloring can’t be learned and mastered, provided you have the right platform.

Check these online classes out for a shot at learning from the guiding experienced hands.

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10 best online Watercolor classes

Creativelive: The Magic of Watercolor

The first course on this list is “The Magic of Watercolor.” This module is also hosted on Creativelive. With an impressive student count and in-depth instruction on the dynamics of watercolor.

This course has seen over 21,000 students gone through the learning curve. And an impressive 92% recommended the course module. The course is expansive and touches on all the individual points needed for a successful run painting with watercolor.

The course runs for almost 10 hours alongside other added content relevant to an artist’s professional life. The trail runs through color intricacies, paper choice, brush types, and other components necessary for a complete painting.

Expert painting trainer, Molly Murrah teach the module. With her wealth of experience in the watercolor field, she presents an enthusiastic approach to teaching the art of painting.

Course highlights:

  • Extensive and detailed lessons for close to 10 hours
  • Offline sync for videos
  • Comes with bonus lectures

2 - Udemy: BEGINNERS Watercolor. Get clear on the basics and just paint

Udemy: BEGINNERS Watercolor. Get clear on the basics and just paint

Watercoloring is an art that can be easily understood, given you are enthusiastic and get quality teaching. The foundational knowledge of watercolor painting is the most crucial factor in learning the art. You can quickly develop yourself once you get the basics right.

This online watercolor class focuses on teaching all that is foundationally involved in watercolor art. It starts with the principle of a color wash. This graduate into color layering and shading. All of these would enable you to create 3D illustrations.

Creating highlights and shadows is also treated in the class. To hasten the learning process, you can make available a black ink pen, 2B pencils, eraser, two jam jars to hold water, size 7 to 10 round paintbrush, watercolor paper (300g thick), some wax crayon, and a box of watercolor paints.

This course has a rating of 4.4 from over 2,000 students. And the total enrollment has reached 15,000. All this goes to prove the quality of this bestseller course. The certificate of completion also goes to back this up.

Teacher, Nicola Blakemore, takes her time to dice the watercolor basics in this module. The class is churned into 11 sections with a total of 56 lectures. The 4-hour journey would take you from a mere painting enthusiast to a creative painter.

Course highlights:

  • Four hours of instructional guide
  • Available articles and other resources
  • Can be accessed across multiple devices
  • Learn at your own pace

3 - Skillshare: Anyone Can Watercolor: The Basics for Creating Magical Pieces

Skillshare: Anyone Can Watercolor: The Basics for Creating Magical Pieces

Here is a top-rated watercolor online course on Skillshare. The Basics for Creating Watercolor Pieces is a tutorial class on the rudiments and techniques involved in watercolor painting.

This module is taught by Artist Yasmina – a talented instructor and rated Top teacher. She delivers an information-packed instructional guide. At the same time, it shows some of the best techniques that can improve an artist’s imagination.

The outline for this course treats the behavior of watercolor. This entails the different wash techniques, blending colors, layering colors, water-paint dynamics, and other relevant painting tips.

Some of the basic techniques displayed by Instructor Yasmina include salt technique, alcohol resist technique, white color merging, light to dark progression, among other beautiful handworks.

With over 26,000 students enrolled for this course, this class boasts an impressive 90% satisfaction. There are also over 250 projects showcasing remarkable trials from previous students. All these go to certify this course as impactful.

The class materials are packed into 12 lessons covered in 24 minutes. This leaves you with enough to go over the explanations and practice well. Any person can go through this beginner-level water coloring class and become a good artist in no time.

It would help your learning to get a brush and watercolor set. However, the instructor makes specific recommendations for materials to use in the course. All you need to get started on your journey as a watercolor painter is packed in this course.

Course highlights:

  • Packed instructional videos
  • Short course period of about 25 minutes
  • Applicable watercolor painting techniques

4 - Creativelive: Getting Started with Watercolor & Gouache Paints

Creativelive: Getting Started with Watercolor & Gouache Paints

Creativelive is another premium online course center with numerous top online courses on various subjects. This particular watercolor class is a high-quality class for painters. The quality and delivery of the level are exceptional.

Over 13,000 students have enrolled in the class and made their way into the artistic world. Watercolor painting is an art type that involves practice and learning specific techniques.

Mary Jane Begin creates this outline. She is a well-renowned illustrator and artist. With her years of experience as a tutor, the instructor develops a well-structured way to establish the course flow.

From the two and a half hours of schooling, this course presents watercolor techniques in a way relatable for beginners and watercolor artists of all levels. The insights into the intricacies of the painting are what make the module stand out the most.

From the previous student reviews, this course is recommended 100% the number of times. The course delivery, assignments, projects, and one-on-one tutor interaction also contribute to the satisfaction derived from the learning material.

Also, notably, the class touches on gouache painting, a water-related but more advanced form of art. This course is the complete deal for getting started and to keep exploring the world of watercolor painting.

Course highlights:

  • Packed class with illustrations for over 2 hours
  • Lifetime access to coursework
  • Explicit painting technique explored

5 - Skillshare: Watercolor in the Woods: A Beginner's Guide to Painting the Natural World

Watercolor in the Woods: A Beginner's Guide to Painting the Natural World

“Watercolor in the Woods” is a genre-specific watercolor painting class. It focuses on the natural world, painting alluring images inspired by the environment as we see it.

This class is poised to help nature lovers get their appreciation for nature expressed in artistic work. That is why this course is made for beginners. Helps novice painters harness their artistic qualities and produce beautiful works of art.

The instructor, Rosalie Haizlett, touches on how to get an excellent outdoor image as a reference. Then, how to make a sketch, and subsequently bringing the drawing to life.

This course has seen over 16,800 students registered, and about 236 projects turned in so far. The efficiency of the course is attested by the 95% vote of confidence from previous students. The course is widely suggested for beginners as it goes into foundational knowledge.

This beginner’s guide to painting the natural world is succinctly delivered within 41 minutes. The illustration and instructions from the class are apparent and easy to follow.

All that you need for adequate water coloring are mentioned in the class. What is left is for you to get out there into nature, take a shot, and unleash your creativity to replicate it.

Course highlights:

  • Get a grasp of nature painting
  • Well displayed instructional videos
  • Relatable painting samples

6 - Skillshare: Easy Doodling & Painting Fun! Create Gorgeous Botanical & Floral Illustrations in Watercolor & Ink

Easy Doodling & Painting Fun! Create Gorgeous Botanical & Floral Illustrations in Watercolor & Ink

Here is another masterpiece put together by Yasmina Creates. She focuses on creating plant illustrations, botanical, and floral in this course.

If you find plant life painting so alluring, here’s an avenue to learn how to create any stunning piece in your head. This class goes through the use of doodles and loose watercolor wash. You also get to learn handy tips accumulated from years of experience.

The course peaks with four different projects that the illustrator carries out. Here, you can practice along watching how it’s done. Before this section, you get to know the best painting equipment for the best work delivery. A total of 161 projects have been delivered so far in the class.

Although the course is marked for beginners, established artists also stand to gain from the tricks and hack Yasmina uses for her watercoloring. About 8,500 students have enrolled for this course. And more importantly, 96% of the class reviewers loved the course content.

Learning plant watercolor painting in this course is as fun as it gets. The teacher is engaging, and she provides a lot of helpful examples. In the end, the 33 minutes for going through the nine lessons in this module are the most insightful into the world of painting.

Course highlights:

  • Well illustrated class samples
  • Experienced instructor
  • Numerous class projects available

7 - Skillshare: Watercolor Workout: 14 Days of Drills to Advance Your Skills

Watercolor Workout: 14 Days of Drills to Advance Your Skills

Up next on my list of best online watercolor classes is the Watercolor Workout class. This course is designed to help you reach your goals as a painter with little stress.

Two things that count the most in learning art work are experience and teaching. Both these things are available in this course. The instructor is widely experienced in Abstract and figurative art. In comparison, the module is well detailed and in-depth.

Ideally, the course creator has designed this module to be taken within 14 days. However, the overall course duration is about 3 hours, comprising 19 lessons in total. This means you can make it several times and practice afterward until you master your skills.

Course creator, Jen Dixon, starts from the fundamentals of painting and graduates into more complex work like an abstract painting. She builds the module around the constant practice. If you would be taking this course, I’d suggest you devote two weeks to complete the material instructions.

You will learn basal skills like brush handling, best ways to make contact with various surfaces, and pattern making. All these serve as a stepping stone into more technical and specific painting skills.

Almost 8,000 artists and art enthusiasts have learned from this module. And a staggering 9 out of 10 found the discussion as expected or beyond expectation. And this course is rated for teaching water coloring to all student levels up to expert level.

Over 200 student projects have been submitted for this course. This serves as a source of motivation for new enrollees. You get something to guide you on your learning journey.

And in the end, though there is no certification, in particular, the knowledge to take away from this course is substantial. All you need to actively participate are mentioned during the sessions. So, be prepared to upgrade to what the pros use and get better results.

Course highlights:

  • Detailed course outline
  • Versatile teaching style
  • Several class projects as samples

8 - Udemy: Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting

Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting

To master watercoloring, you need a course that does not only focus on illustrations. You need to know the in-and-out of the painting type. This course is aimed to help students understand watercolor painting.

This course is rated a 4.7 of 5 based on a review of over 1,500 students. That is a fraction of the about 7,000 students enrolled in this masterpiece. This class delivers a higher level of understanding of the art of painting.

Created by a professional artist, Jill Poyerd, an award-winning painter. She deploys her experience from portrait painting to deliver a class fit for teaching all levels of painters.

The outline is delivered in 3+ hours, spanning 37 lectures. She takes her time to explain the basic principles of watercolor painting. This then culminates into an illustrative instructional material. In the end, you engage in a project to help evaluate your progress.

Some of the strong points discussed in this class include the reaction of water with paint, pigment property, surface texture for painting, understanding brush materials, and much more.

Course highlights:

  • Numerous downloadable resources including painting samples
  • Explicit class with over 3.5 hours on video
  • Award-winning instructor

9 - Udemy: Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - STUDIO BASICS

Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - STUDIO BASICS

This course from Heidi Willis focuses on plant art. Heidi is a natural history watercolor artist from Australia. Her track record of fantastic wildlife and botanical paintings has positioned her as a great tutor for this course.

This course goes through the materials and techniques needed to create realistic watercolor paintings. The module focuses on developing the artist’s perception of the environment. Then, he teaches how to deliver mental images convincingly.

As a budding painter, you need to build confidence through consistent practice. This is one thing to gain from following the instructions in this course. You also get to know which materials are best for your skill level and painting style.

The course is rated 4.4 of 5 and has seen about 11,500 students registered. The course is completed in 3 hours. The discussions are enjoyable, with live tips and tricks to help your journey to professionalism.

Course highlights:

  • 3-hour detailed teaching and illustrations
  • Available downloadable resources
  • Certificate available upon completion

10 - Learn to Paint Realistic Watercolors(Rebecca Rhodes)

Learn to Paint Realistic Watercolors(Rebecca Rhodes)

Rebecca Rhodes is a full-time artist with over 25 years of teaching experience in school art programs. Upon her retirement from teaching, she took on a new challenge to teach art to students online.

And over the years, the online school has developed a curriculum for teaching and certifying professional artists. They run several painting classes, among which is watercolor painting.

This class is designed for all levels of painters. From the novice looking to try something fun to the stuck professional artist hoping to broaden their horizon. There is something for everyone in the packed module.

The outline goes through the various techniques involved in watercolor painting—paint-water dynamic, surface texture choice, best brush types to use, and so on. And more so, there are practical illustrations and projects, including wildlife, pet drawings, and portraits.

To take a course on the online academy, you need to create a membership that gives you access to the platform’s library of relevant skills. You also get downloadable materials, reference pictures, and outline drawings.

There is also available a free course on watercoloring. You can take this as a prerequisite to give you a taste of the main course content. Overall, Rebecca Rhodes’s painting classes are well-structured, detailed, and engaging – the complete recipe for successfully learning watercoloring.

Course highlights:

  • Well versed tutor
  • Available free courses
  • Certification available


Still, scared to try your hands on watercoloring? Taking an online course might be the boost you need to get started. Being guided by the experienced hands of the instructor and motivated by previous student works.

An excellent choice to start with is the Molly Murrah’s Watercolor Magic hosted on Creativelive. The instructor is delicate in their delivery, and you would get carried along as much as you need.

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