Online Nail Technician Courses: Acrylic, Gel and Nail Art Lessons Online. Get a Certificate with these top nail courses.

Becoming a nail technician can be likened to acquiring a soft skill. You can learn the whole dynamics in weeks and become qualified to practice without leaving your home. Yes. It’s that straightforward to learn.

Online courses have made it possible to learn virtually anything from anywhere. All you need is the internet and a suitable device. The same goes for online nail art classes. After learning from the presentations, you simply have to replicate what you’ve seen.

How good of a nail technician you hope to become is largely dependent on where you learn the skill. How then do you choose from among the numerous courses online?

Here is a guide on what makes for an excellent online nail technician course. And I’ve selected some nail courses to help narrow down your decision making.

How to Choose the Best Online Nail Technician Courses

The internet is vast and filled with numerous offers. Many times, to choose which product or service to subscribe to can be overwhelming. This is mostly because we don’t know what to look out for in these items.

For an online nail technician course, it might seem like any course would do the trick. However, specific features make a telling difference between a top-rated course and a total waste of time.

Here are some points to keep an eye out for in nail artistry courses:

1. Online Reputation

Before signing up for any course online, you need to do your due diligence on the cousework’s delivery and quality.

It is easy to find reviews of courses online. Look up the course rating on the web. Student reviews, number of enrollments, and instructor profiles can give you an idea of what to expect from the course.

A good number of nail technician courses online have great reviews. Any rating above 4.0 should be good enough. To support the rating, look at the number of students that have taken the course, more students hint at quality work.

The tutor profile and rating also counts for a lot in the scheme delivery. The instructor(s) should be well versed in the nail art business. With a good number of practice years, experience they say is the best teacher.

2. Expertise Level

The level of technicality of a course tells who can go through it and fully understand. Not all courses are bad, but some end up being so due to technical delivery.

For some online courses, you need ample experience to flow with the teaching. Whereas, some treat the rudiments of a topic. Hence, before joining in for an online nail design tutorial, look out for the technicality of the course.

Depending on your expertise level, you can determine which course is best for you. Some online nail technician courses only touch basic techniques. As a beginner, that might suffice; however, it might be futile for someone already experienced.

3. Award of Completion

Another element to look out for in an online nail technician program is what you get upon completion.

Most people assume that all courses issue certificates upon completion, but that is not true. Some courses are only designed to impart knowledge for practice’s sake. If you are looking to become accredited at the end of the program, make sure to find out beforehand.

In like manner, you should find out how well rated the certificate awarded is rated. This majorly has to do with the credibility of the institution hosting the course.

4. Duration

Any online course has its appropriate duration for learning. The period of learning varies based on the course outline.

Some courses are delivered in instructional videos, while others are a mix of guides and tutorials. The estimated time for completion is only a minimum for going through the course. So, it’s okay to spend more time digesting the materials.

Be that as it may, it is quite possible to blaze through certain aspects you are familiar with. It all depends on how quickly you are willing to learn.

It would be a major advantage to consider the volume of the program before signing up. This would prepare your mind on what to expect as you go through. Make sure you factor in the time that would be spent on practicals, assessments, and projects.

5. Learning Flexibility

Flexibility encompasses how well you can bend the coursework into your everyday life. This goes especially for people with busy work schedules. You might need to set out time for the course weekly.

Some courses are already patterned to factor in a busy life. However, some courses can be demanding, which may take a toll on your normal work life. Hence, your work life is something you should consider with the coursework volume and duration.

Table of Contents

10 Online Nail Technician Courses

1. Centre of Excellence : Nail Technician Course

Nail Technician Giving Customer Manicure (1)

If you desire to learn the basics and advanced aspects of nail care, then the Nail Technician course is the right course for you to enroll in the Centre of Excellence platform.


  • Lessons come in a simple outline.
  • It comes with clear and well-organized instructions
  • Offers lifetime access
  • Provides access to study group


  • Basic for some people


On the Nail Technician course, you will gain knowledge on the intricacies of the nail unit, understand the nail conditions there are, and learn how to beautify the nails professionally.

This course covers topics like creating a successful nail technician business, avoiding skin allergies, applying nail wraps, paraffin wax treatments and pedicures, nail conditions, and many other insightful topics. With the topics covered in this course, you are sure to upgrade from being an amateur nail technician to being a professional one. Over 10,000 people are enrolled in this course.

Course highlights:

  • 10 modules
  • 3 videos
  • Duration: about 150 hours
  • Certificates of completion

New Skills Academy: Nail Artistry Certification

Another great place to learn nail artistry online is the New Skills Academy. The online center offers a certification class on nail art and design instructed by beauty experts.

A major focus of the course is to help students set up shop and run a successful business on a large scale. Classes on marketing, branding, client interaction, professionalism all culminate in the complete recipe for becoming a successful nail tech business owner.

Aside from the nitty-gritty of nail artistry, the course also touches on spa treatments, general manicure, pedicure, and skin maintenance; this is the whole package for establishing a booming salon.

In general, certificates from New Skills Academy have rated 4.9 stars – meaning they are comprehensive and impactful. The same goes for the Nail artistry course offered on the platform.

This course covers nail anatomy, nail hygiene, gel nails, salon management, among many others. The coursework is compacted into 25 modules, which takes about 25 hours to complete. You get a mix of instructional videos, illustrated materials, and assessment tools in the modules.

You don’t need any experience to take this course. It is designed for all student levels, and the lessons are plain; can be understood by virtually anybody. All you need is a working device, internet, and commitment to learning.

Course highlights:

• Highly Rated
• No experience needed

3. International Open Academy: Nail Technician

Nail Technician

If you have ever been fascinated by nail art or love painting nails, this course is for you. This course shares expert advice on becoming a professional nail technician and starting a flourishing career in this billion-dollar beauty industry.


  • 5-Easy to understand modules
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Hands-on training
  • Quick and practical exams to test your knowledge
  • Learn at your own pace


  • The course is too basic

There are many exciting and profitable careers available for nail technicians. This online nail technician course will equip you with the foundational skills required for a great result in the nail industry.

The course consists of five modules that will teach you all you need to know about the general care of hands, good manicure and pedicure procedures, nail art, and the application of shellac-styled nails.

At the end of this course, you will become a very confident and skilled nail technician, ready to thrive in all the challenging careers available for nail technicians.

Course highlights:

  • Over 11,586 students enrolled
  • 14-days money-back guarantee
  • 5-star rating
  • Certificate of completion

4. Udemy: The Complete Nail Art Tutorial - Step by Step Manicure Guide

The Complete Nail Art Tutorial - Step by Step Manicure Guide

Yet another amazing course on Udemy, the Step by Step manicure guide is a tutorial class on complete nail art. This is a valid course for both aspiring and experienced nail technicians.

This course is a popular class with over 1,300 students previously enrolled. The outline is suitable for all technician levels up to beginners. And has a lot of value stock up. If you are looking to freshly start on Nail Art, this is a course for you.

Put up by The Nail Art Academy, this online nail tech school is specially crafted by several experts. The value pack is put in 18 lessons running for 2 hours, 46 minutes. The outline focuses on UV gel designs, acrylic paints, and other nail polishes.

As requirements, students are to get working tools, including UV lamps, primer, topcoat, brushes, acrylic removers, and other nail furnishing equipment. The course details specific items to be used for the best results.

Overall, this lesson is standard, and quality assured. With a rating of 4.2 from numerous students, you can be sure to get the value you paid for. And upon completion, a certificate is awarded – a focal point to start your business as a licensed nail technician.

Course highlights:

• Course certificate awarded
• Very popular course

5. The Beauty Academy Online Nail Art Course

The Beauty Academy Online Nail Art Course

The beauty academy is an independent beauty training platform. They offer various online programs on body care, and the nail art course is one of them. You get a certificate from the academy when the course is completed.

The nail art course offered here is vast and in-depth. Before you sign up for the course, you sign up to the academy and create a login profile. On your dashboard is where you subscribe to this course.

This nail school goes through an in-depth outline for learning nail technical work. Laden with visual materials, audio, and articles as well, this nail art course is thorough on its subject matter. Ordinarily, the academy offers diploma-awarding programs, and the online course is just about an extension.

For completion of this course, you only need a good system or mobile device. The video tutorials and training manuals are well explanatory. For practice purposes, it is recommended you have a starter kit comprising basic design tools.

And you would be engaged with multiple-choice assessments often. The course also requires practical treatments that you would send to the tutors. One great feature of this course module is the one-on-one access to the instructors. This can serve as a means for proper guidance and business mentorship.

You should have some basic knowledge to flow well with this nail art course. Owing to the in-depth course outline, it might be a bit technical for novices. Nevertheless, this course can be taken regardless of the level of expertise.

Course highlights:

• Course certificate awarded
• One-on-one access to the instructors

6. Udemy: Create your own Nail Salon from Home

Create your own Nail Salon from Home

As the name of the course implies, “Create your own Nail Salon from home” is a quick course to set up your home nail salon. The materials are straight to the point and easy to understand.

This course has seen 195 students go through their modules. And they leave a satisfying 4.6 rating for the module. These have contributed to the Highest rated tag added to the course.

Created by experienced Beautician, Michelle Donaldson, this course takes you through a demonstration of UV polish application and removal techniques. It also features basic nail designs and insights into how to be creative and stylish in work delivery.

The module goes through 18 lessons wrapped up in 49 minutes of video and audio. The simplistic delivery is supported with downloadable materials and eight articles relevant to nail design.

On the plus side, Michelle also details the business aspects of running a home nail salon. The common mistakes, things to watch out for, and putting up a professional outlook.

To take this course, you need no prior experience. It serves its knowledge from the rudiments of manicure to complex nail works. Getting working nail technician tools like lamps, brushes, gel systems, and so on, would help your learning process.

There is no limit to the technicality of this course. Hence, any student level can take this course and gain additional knowledge. And at the end, you get your certificate of completion.

Course highlights:

• Highly Rated
• Best Seller
• Good for Beginners

7. Mirage Spa Education: Fully Qualified Nail Technician Course

Mirage Spa Education: Fully Qualified Nail Technician Course

Mirage Spa Education is a Canadian company that teaches beauty courses. They award a diploma upon completion. The courses are fully academic and vast. It is one to build you into an excellent and qualified nail technician.

The online nail technician course offered on the platform runs for 400 hours and can take you up to 12 months to complete. The course is detailed in classes, and a handful of assessments and examinations are conducted.

Overall, the topics covered are divided into six modules. Topics treated encompasses nail anatomy and physiology, body chemistry, nail product chemistry, nail design basics and technicality, professionalism, life skills, and many more impactful discussions.

And through the course, you would be taken through electric-fill nail techniques, acrylic nail art, UV gel nail art, spa manicure, and pedicure, massaging for the arm, hand, foot, and leg, among other beauty shop treatments.

This course is hefty in its coverage and as well in the pricing. This is why a boatload of financial assistance programs are associated with the diploma course. What you need to start this course is online access. Basic education of grade 10 is also required as a basis for the award of the diploma.

Course highlights:

• Diploma awarded upon completion
• Very In-depth course

8. Complete Nail Art Course With Gel Painting (Skillshare)

Complete Nail Art Course With Gel Painting (Skillshare)

Here is a detailed nail art course up for free on Skillshare. The complete nail art course is a fast selling course with great reviews. The course touches on several parts of nail design and gel painting.

The three-and-a-half-hour course module comprises 20 lessons detailing the rudiments of nail art. The course then delves into more advanced areas of gel paint. Even though the course is designed for beginners, the detail it goes into suffices for even experienced nail experts.

So far, 317 students have enrolled for this course, with an overall rating of 4.4. This gives you a hint on the credibility of this free course.

The instructor of the course, Gabriela Cismas, is well versed in the world of nail art. She is well-read with over fifteen diplomas and as well experienced. So, believe you me when I say you are in for a treat.

The requirements for this course are basic, brushes, paints, and gels. This is to allow you to practice in the project attached. Notably, the outline covers tool rudiments, gel painting, basic design techniques, and some complex designs also.

Although there is no certificate awarded after completion, this course is well worth the time. And majorly for beginners. If you don’t feel you should spend yet on developing your nail painting skills, here is the right place to scale up.

Course highlights:

• Good for Beginners
• Well experienced instructor

9. CoursesForSuccess: Nail Technician Online Certificate Course

CoursesForSuccess: Nail Technician Online Certificate Course

The CoursesForSuccess nail artistry program is a relatively comprehensive course. Much like other courses offered on the platform, the outline goes in-depth and teaches virtually everything you need to know as a nail technician.

Aspects like nail and skin health, effects of physical conditions on the nails and hands, wear and tear of nails, and the beautification of nails. This course is indeed a full pack.

The course outline includes ten modules with close to 25 courses available. These are intermittent with numerous assessments and evaluations. That is why the minimum learning time for this program is set at 150 hours. But I tell you, it is worthwhile.

With an excellent rating of 4.53, this course has been taken by hundreds of students, with 453 reviewers well-pleased on the average. The course of action in this program is easy to follow. It starts with elementary and graduates into more advanced techniques.

CoursesForSuccess’ Nail Technician course is made for enthusiasts without much knowledge of the field. The course, however, covers major areas for individuals with more experience. Especially the business orientation from the course would come in handy.

This program covers both nail art designs and general skincare. This adds a touch of professionalism and quality assurance to what you learn. You learn techniques like paraffin wax treatment, UV gel nails, acrylic nails, and very much every detail for a successful establishment practicing nail design.

All that is required to bag the certificate of completion for this course is a stable internet connection and a suitable device. And as you go on with the course, be ready to procure needed equipment for practice as directed by the instructors.

Course highlights:

• Course certificate awarded
• In-depth course

10. Full TAOND Nail Certificate Program

Full TAOND Nail Certificate Program

Another superb academy based in Canada. TAOND is on of the best nail tech schools online. They have produced numerous excellent nail experts over the years.
TAOND offers a certificate program for nail technicians. Taking students through weeks of comprehensive nail artistry training. You go through a series of lessons, practicals, and examinations.
This online nail course is distributed into 11 modules. The first five are theoretical, while the last six are practical. You get enough instructional materials over the coursework and relate directly with experienced instructors.
The TAOND nail artistry program focuses not only on creating amazing nail work but also on combining professional working knowledge to its curriculum. Various difficult scenarios for nail technicians are fully treated, so you are unfazed when you encounter one.
Notably, this online nail training does not require any background knowledge. You learn from scratch until you become an expert nail artist. The certificate awarded is highly recognized and qualifies you to work in Beauty places and create your own business.

Course highlights:

  • Certificate awarded upon completion
    No experience needed


In general, there are many standout online nail courses for learning nail artistry and design. However, selecting the best place to learn the skill is vital for your professionalism and work quality.

One course that fits for both new learners and advanced nail technicians is the Centre of Excellence Nail Technician Course. The program is flexible and with over 100 hours. And you get access to go back to the instructional materials when it’s time to implement.

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