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Mycology is a prominent part of biology which focuses on fungi. This unique academic discipline is important because some types of fungi have potential benefits to human health. Also, there are some types of fungi that have potential harm to humans. Thus, mycology, which is the study of fungi, is so important because it boosts the knowledge of people about the various properties of different types of fungi.

In case you are interested in this field, there are various mycology courses online to help you learn more about this intriguing subject area. In this article, you will get to know the excellent online mycology courses which you can enroll in to boost your knowledge of fungi.

What is Mycology?

Mycology is a field in biology which is involved in the study of fungi (a group that includes mushrooms and yeasts). This field explores the genetics, biochemical properties, taxonomy of fungi with their human use as a source of food, traditional medicine, tinder and entheogens, and their dangers such as infection or toxicity.

A mycologist is a biologist that specializes in mycology.

Medical mycology has to do with the study of fungi organisms that cause diseases in man. Mycology discipline branches into phytopathology, a field that studies plant diseases; these two fields are closely knitted. This property is because the majority of plant pathogens are fungi.

Benefits of Mycology

Some of the importance of the study of fungi is given below:

  • With mycology, there is further improvement in the use of fungi to break down pollutants and the most durable organic materials.
  • Mycological research has led to the development of some drugs such as statins, a cholesterol lowering-drug, and antibiotics like tetracycline, streptomycin and penicillin.
  • It has an important application in the wine, dairy and baking industries as well as in the manufacture of inks and dyes.

Careers in Mycology and Importance

The careers in mycology are:

  1. Mycotoxicology– this is the study of the toxins produced by mushrooms. Fungi produce varieties of chemicals that have toxic effects on organisms of all kinds. Of all the types of fungi, mushrooms are known to be the most toxic. Therefore, this field of study helps to detect the mushrooms that are toxic and the ones that are not. Thus, with this field, edible mushrooms are differentiated from the harmful ones.

Moreover, some compounds in some mushrooms have beneficial properties; this makes them suitable for use as medicine. Therefore, mycotoxicologists help develop new drugs using these compounds, so they tend to work in pharmaceutical companies.

  1. Phytopathology- involves the study of plant diseases, particularly those that affect crops. This discipline is very important for differentiating between harmful and beneficial fungi. At the same time, this field provides means of treating crops and preventing further infections while enabling the use of certain fungi as pesticides. These attributes are a result of fungi being a major pest of many crops, while some others play symbiotic roles and enable plants to extract water and nutrients from the soil.
  2. Ethnomycology: this is another interesting field in mycology that involves the study of the historical uses of fungi. Fungi have been used for food, medicine, hallucinogens and a host of other things in the past and in the present-day. Therefore, professionals in this field (ethnomycologists) help study these uses and inform frontline researchers and the general public on which fungi have known side effects and which are harmless.

Also, the diversity of fungi and the relatively disorganized history of fungi’s classification make it quite daunting and confusing to study their classes and uses as a layman. However, with ethnomycologists, the dense and helpful information about fungi provided by past cultures and societies is sorted to enhance the general public’s better understanding of these organisms.

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7 best online mycology courses 2022

Mycology Diploma Course

The Centre of Excellence: Mycology Diploma Course is a great course that offers you an in-depth introduction to the study of fungi.


  • A comprehensive and valuable course
  • Access to study group
  • It comes with clear instruction
  • It is easy to follow and understand
  • Offers lifetime access


  • Quite lengthy

The Centre of Excellence: Mycology Diploma Course introduces you to the fundamentals of mycology, its major subfields, and the key roles of mycologists and the relationship of mycology with other areas. You will learn about the main four divisions of fungi.

In this course, you will learn about the characteristics of microscopic fungi and the groups of macroscopic fungi. In this aspect of the course, explore the morphology, distribution, roles and symbiotic relationships of these groups of fungi with other organisms.

Moreover, you will get to know how both microscopic and macroscopic fungi reproduce and grow in nature, as well as the equipment and methods you can use to grow fungi in a laboratory. Over 300 people have enrolled for this course.

Course highlights:

  • A very high 4.8-star rating
  • Duration: about 150 hours
  • 10 modules
  • Suitable for all levels of learners
  • Taught by experts
  • Certificates of completion

2. MycoLogos: Mushroom Identification: Basics & Beyond

Mushroom Identification

The MycoLogos: Mushroom Identification: Basics & Beyond is an amazing course that provides you with the basic and advanced knowledge you need to identify mushrooms of various kinds.


  • Lessons are taught in a step-by-step format
  • Access to a community forum
  • Lessons are detailed and well explained
  • It is easy to follow and understand


  • Quite expensive

The instructor of the MycoLogos: Mushroom Identification: Basics & Beyond is Peter McCoy, a professional mycologist, an author and founder of MycoLogos, an online platform known for its provision of high-quality courses about fungi of all kinds.

This class offers in-depth lessons about the world of mushroom hunting. It offers you information about over 65 species of mushrooms. In all, this great class provides you with the knowledge and skills for a lifetime of discovery in this field.

Course highlights:

  • Course length: 7 weeks
  • Taught by an expert
  • Quizzes and assignments
  • Certificate of completion

3. Fungially: Medicinal Mushroom Online Class

Medicinal Mushroom Online Class

Do you desire to advance your understanding of the body and how you use mushrooms to support the body? If you answered this question in affirmation, you should check out the Fungially course, Medicinal Mushroom Online Class.


  • A detailed and clear course
  • Lessons are well organized and taught
  • It is easy to follow and understand


  • Quite expensive

The instructors of this great course are Dr Lindsay Chimileski, a naturopathic physician, Willie Crosby, an experienced instructor and other guest teachers. These instructors walk you through important topics like Materia Medica, psilocybe research, making mushroom preparations and growing medicinal mushrooms.

In this course, you will learn how to use mushrooms for skincare, immune system, cancer and Lyme while exploring how to use psychoactive fungi in a safe way. This course will help you to develop a confident relationship with these great fungi allies called mushrooms. With this course, you will be able to grow, create, forage, prepare and consume varieties of medicinal mushrooms as well as the medicinal mushroom products that you like.

Course highlights:

  • Course length: 6 weeks
  • Six 90 minute live lectures
  • Extra videos and resources
  • Taught by professionals


Everything's Connected

The FUNGAL ECOLOGY FROM THE SEA TO THE SKY is another great course from MycoLogos, the world’s first online and in-person mycology school. This course comes with detailed lessons on fungi.


  • It comes with clear instruction
  • Lessons are well structured and taught
  • A valuable and detailed course


  • An expensive course

MycoLogos: FUNGAL ECOLOGY FROM THE SEA TO THE SKY offers you a deeper understanding of the fungi world. From this course, you will know the vast roles of fungi in the world’s ecosystem and niches.

With the lessons in this course, you will be able to boost your knowledge of fungi and their relationship with the environment and other organisms.

Course highlights:

  • Course length: 14 weeks
  • Taught by an expert
  • Quizzes and assignments
  • Certificate of completion

5. Fungially: Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Online Class

Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Online Class

The Fungially: Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Online Class is a great course that will offer you the knowledge you need to start growing mushrooms like a professional.


  • Offers lifetime access to recordings
  • Lessons are well taught
  • A valuable and comprehensive course


  • Quite expensive

The Fungially: Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Online Class focuses on the fundamentals of mushroom cultivation and details on starting a commercial mushroom farm. The instructor of this course is Willie Crosby, an experienced instructor with a great passion for helping people discover the potential of using fungi to improve lives through food, medicine and social thought.

This course takes you through the methods you can adopt to successfully sell fresh mushrooms, products other than mushrooms and how to access and apply for grant money.

The knowledge you gain from this course will prevent you from the trials and screw ups of starting to grow mushrooms as a beginner, thus, enabling you to grow mushrooms and mycelium successfully. The lessons in this course make it a suitable class for both home-scale growers and small scale mushroom farmers.

Course highlights:

  • Six 90-minute lectures
  • Further videos and resources
  • One 30-minute private consultation with the instructor
  • Taught by an expert

6. Mushroom exam: Online Mushroom Identification Courses…

Suaranteed Mushroom Identification Courses.

Are you interested in picking mushrooms and do not know how to go about it? If yes, the Online Mushroom Identification Courses… on the Mushroom Exam platform is a suitable course for you.


  • An informative and valuable course
  • Lessons come in a step-by-step format
  • It comes with clear instruction
  • It is easy to follow and understand


  • Too basic for some learners

The Mushroom Exam: Online Mushroom Identification Courses… is an amazing course that teaches you the foundational knowledge you need to begin your journey on becoming a mycologist.

The courses under this comprehensive course are five and are categorized based on location. These are the United Kingdom Mushroom Identification Course, European Union Mushroom Identification Course, North America and Canada Mushroom Identification Course, Australian Mushroom Identification Course and Morel Mushroom Identification Course.

Each of these courses enables you to identify the mushrooms in a specific location. Enrolling on any or all of these courses will help broaden your knowledge of identifying mushrooms and boost your understanding of the beneficial and harmful ones.

Course highlights:

  • Varieties of videos, lectures and assignments
  • Taught by experts

7. Outschool: Mycology: The Kingdom of Fungi

Mycology The Kingdom Of Fungi

Are you looking for an online course that teaches about fungi and their unique biology? If yes, then Mycology: The Kingdom of Fungi on the Outschool platform will be a good fit for you.


  • An interactive, fun and valuable course
  • Lessons are well organized
  • It comes with clear instruction
  • It is easy to follow and understand


  • Too basic

Explore the fascinating field of mycology on the Outschool course, Mycology: The Kingdom of Fungi. The instructor of this course is Arwen Hubbard, a passionate teacher of space and environmental science. This instructor teaches you about fungal classification, evolution, physiology and evolution.

This course covers lessons about various types of fungi, from mushrooms to yeasts. Also, you will get to understand the different kinds of fungi, their roles in ecology, their relationship with other organisms, and their human uses.

Course highlights:

  • Course length: over 8 weeks
  • Videos, quizzes and assignments
  • Great for kids
  • Taught by an experienced teacher


The Centre of Excellence: Mycology Diploma Course is the best of the super amazing online mycology programs in this review. This amazing course teaches you the biology, biochemical properties and genetics of fungi. You will learn the interaction of fungi with humans and the means by which they contribute to health and result in diseases.

Also, this course informs you on the roles of fungi in diverse fields such as medicine, industry and environment. Furthermore, you will explore the recent advancements in mycology with fungi’s most relevant and practical applications.

In all, this excellent course helps you to gain an understanding of mycology and your role as a mycologist.

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