Benefits of becoming a nail technician and what is the Job Outlook for a nail technician?

As humans, we show concern about how good we look. Being good-looking is not limited to the face, hair, or the clothes we put on. The nails are also a part of the body that can enhance body beauty. Some manicures and pedicures required in taking care of the nails includes; trimming, filing, smoothing etc.

These actions can be very tedious and often delicate since it sometimes involves using sharp objects. Hence there is a need to look for trained professionals in this field to help with that. An individual that specializes in the treatment of nails is a Nail technician.

Microblading artists make small cuts on the brow using a razor and then fill them in using tattoo-grade ink. The blade for this process is a specialized tool used by microblading artists. It usually has tiny fine-point needles that set pigment under the client’s skin. This tool helps to give microblade artists accurate control over every stroke.

The body gets to break down the ink for microblading over time. Thus, the ink is semi-permanent. This property makes it necessary for clients to undertake microblading from time to time.

Nowadays, microblading has gained popularity around the world. It is now a standard option at permanent makeup boutiques. Thus, being a skillful microblading artist can serve to generate decent incomes.

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What is a Nail technician and What are a nail technician’s Duties and Responsibilities?

A nail technician is a specialist skilled in grooming and improving the appearance of a person’s toenails and fingernails. Nail technicians offer services such as pedicures, manicures, cuticle grooming etc.

Other services a nail technician may include callus removal, application of nail polish to nails, and nail extensions. Nail technicians work in fitness centers, Spa, beauty salons, and so on. They undertake consultation services to check for any deformities, skin problems, or nail diseases before commencing treatment.

Nail technicians also counsel their clients on ways to take care of their nails and hands.

Below are some of the major tasks performed by nail technicians:

  • Nail technicians work to build a good relationship with their clients. This enables them to keep their clients and also maintain a full schedule.
  • They are responsible for providing their clients with quality customer services.
  • A nail technician safeguards customer experience and communicates with management team members. In case an incident or accident happens.
  • A good nail technician should document treatment notes and maintain the client’s card when appropriate.
  • They always show a well-groomed and professional appearance every time.
  • A nail technician educates clients on the product benefits and ingredients applicable to their nail care.
  • Nail technicians carry out basic pedicure and manicure services to their clients.
  • They are responsible for actualizing Spa sales goals by offering services and selling the right products to their clients.
  • Having a full understanding and use of the universal precautionary tips when providing their services. This involves the assessment of contraindications before commencing any treatment on their clients.
  • A nail technician ensures cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitary of all tools and equipment used daily.
  • They attend to clients’ inquiries or questions.
  • Follows established guidelines in providing nail care services and works to satisfy clients’ expectations. Especially nail polish application, massage, exfoliation, and grooming.
  • Nail technicians attend professional training and scheduled meetings.
  • They maintain proper inventory and make a timely reminder of the products needed to the Spa director or supervisor.
  • Nail technicians should be time conscious. They should begin and end all treatments within the allocated time frame. They also recommend a product for self-care or home use.
  • Nail technicians maintain and update their knowledge of nail treatment for both feet and hands. Having full knowledge of all Spa services offered is important.
  • Promoting other services offered by the salon or Spa by giving details to clients about other services offered.
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What is the Job Outlook for a nail technician?

According to research, nail technician jobs are likely to increase by 19% within the next decade. A nail technician usually works in a nail spa or salon. This job would need you to sit down most of the time. Nail technicians also offer mobile services as they may be required to travel to their client’s location.

Usually, nail technicians work full-time, but some may have variable work schedules and work part-time. Schedules or working hours vary for different establishments. For example, a salon that offers full service might need a nail technician to work 8 hours per day. This is different from a boutique hair salon, which may need fewer working hours part-time.

It is very common for self-employed nail technicians to have longer working days, especially evenings and weekends. This is because those times are the busiest for nail technicians. The projected increase in nail technician jobs within the next ten years shows demand for novel nail services.

The new nail services responsible for the increase in demand include; mobile pedicures and manicures, which are done outside the salon, and mini sessions, which are quick manicure services offered at low cost.

More so, because nail care is considered a low-cost service, the demand will continue to increase as it can be affordable by all income levels. The job prospect for a nail technician should be good as there are a growing number of nail salons. Also, there could be many job openings resulting from workers who leave the occupation every year.

Benefits of becoming a nail technician

Becoming a nail technician offers you a lot of benefits. This job is well suited for those who have a passion for beauty. Below are some of the benefits of choosing nail technician as a career;

  • Good job security: being a nail technician offers you job stability. Research by Bureau of labor statistics (BLS) shows that nail technician is likely to grow by 19% in the next ten years. This fact means your skills will always be needed as a Nail technician in the coming years.

  • Career mobility: the variety of interesting things to learn in this industry helps you keep developing your skills and moving up in this field. With a committed desire to learn, you can meet any skills you want in this field.

  • Flexible working hours: nail technicians enjoy the freedom to set comfortable times when they would like to work for their clients. This offers the opportunity to engage in other life commitments.
  • Opportunity to express yourself through Art: if you are a beauty enthusiast and have a great passion for creativity, this job offers you the platform to display your skills.


There is an earnest desire among a growing number of men and women to lead a healthy lifestyle through grooming and wellness. This has made the nail technician job an in-demand job. Pursuing a career in this field would give you no cause for regrets as it is packed with many benefits. If you are interested in taking an online course, click here.

Also, due to its low-cost luxury service rendering, a nail technician can be sure of always getting busy as their services are affordable by all income levels.

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