Kajabi vs Kartra: Which Platform is Better, Kartra or Kajabi

Combining different tools for your business’ online campaigns can be tasking. And not only so, but it also costs a lot.

Imagine a tool that carries out all your tasks and reduces your marketing budget at the same time. Such are the online business tools Kajabi and Kartra.

With platforms such as these, you can get your sales funnel, digital product sales, lead generation, email marketing, and customer interaction, all in one place.

Sure both tools are great. However, which would give you your money’s worth for your business? Knowing what each offers and lacks would help answer that question.

Detailed hereafter is a comparison of the two tools.

Kajabi Overview


Kajabi is a complete marketing tool for businesses to set up an online base. The software company has been active since 2010. The product is all-encompassing and generally great for any online activity. Be that as it may, it also has its shortcomings.


  • Well developed funnel marketing structure called Pipeline
  • Excellent Automation for all online activities
  • It has an easy to use email marketing campaign structure
  • Great course creation section and membership set up
  • Allows for expansive material upload
  • All features are SEO oriented with adept title, description, and tags
  • A good number of templates uploaded to quickly get you going.


  • Templates often restrict the flexibility of tools to business needs
  • Leads and contact generation might be limited for large businesses

One of the first features Kajabi is known for is its user-friendliness. Anyone can make use of this tool and make gains. The menu is simply arranged, and the features are self-explanatory.

You can create a blog or web page for your business that hosts customers using this tool. The installed templates make the job easier. All you need is appropriate content to fill in the gaps. The features created are all very accessible through mobile devices.

The class creation and customer interaction can be found in the membership class. This allows you to host your online products or services and sell them to customers. This works in hand with every other lead generation path you can establish in Kajabi.

Kartra Review


Kartra, which was launched in 2018, had become a significant competitor for online business marketing. The tool is best suited for targeted campaigns and vast marketing schemes. It comes with virtually every instrument needed to keep your customers engaged.


  • Well-automated marketing plans tagged as “Campaigns.”
  • Allows import and sharing of previously established campaigns
  • Its Automation is top-notch and can be easily customized to fit
  • Advanced page and blog building with affiliate marketing options
  • Great presentation for online courses and online products
  • Excellent lead generation and conversion set up.


  • Material upload is limited based on plan capacity
  • Less optimized membership site creation
  • More technical to set up

With Kartra, you can be sure to get your funnel fully customized to your specifications. However, to do so, you need to go through the rigors of setting it all up. However, if you have someone who already has an actionable campaign, you can just import it.

On the plus side, Kartra is excellent for your email marketing and lead generation. The automation qualities of the tool allow for specific targeting and retargeting of numerous contact groups. You can do this based on customer behavior and patterns.

Kajabi vs Kartra: The Differences

Page builder

One of the primary tasks you would be particular about using digital software is to create your web page. Your webpage is your first contact with the online world.

Both Kajabi and Kartra have provided means to develop what best suits your online needs. With simple building options allowing you to drag content onto your site and drop in simple order.

Using these platforms means you don’t need to hire a second hand to build a webpage for your business. This means you are saving costs and, at the same time, getting results.

Kartra provides you with numerous templates and page samples up to 500 in number. These page patterns are made available for you to convert into an online base for your business smoothly.

Kartra sample builds vary in sophistication. They include different useful web page sections in various combinations to choose from. Including features like lead pages, checkout, sales section, offer pages, and many others.

The fantastic build Kartra makes available is well detailed to help you get a high-converting web page. The page build is well adapted to mobile devices and tablets, as well as system devices.

On your end of the page, you get the ease of control over your site. You can even make modifications to your mobile phone. This also sees the web page integrated with other Kartra tools like A/B split tests and analytics.

More or less like Kartra, Kajabi also makes available options for building your web page to represent your brand online. Kajabi goes more for the simple approach and quick service.

With Kajabi, you can create a one-page site to get work done quickly. Pages such as landing pages, lead generation pages, sales pages, and other functional options are available. This is an excellent idea for effective funnel creation.

To build a complete web presence is also easy on Kajabi. You navigate through the page builder to the theme editor for a complete makeover of your web page.

The page builder is all you need to customize your site pattern, URL, SEO adaptations, and general content. There are also templates available in this section but fewer than Kartra. However, Kajabi makes possible the option to code given to Pro users.

On the theme editor, you get to change the look of your site. You can customize pages, sections, font type, font size, color, and more. Here is also where you get to add social media links and set up for mobile responsiveness.

For page building, Kartra trumps Kajabi. Not that Kajabi won’t build an excellent working web page for you, but Kartra does a better job. And also, they make available more customization options.

As a page builder Kartra vs Kajabi, Katra is the winner

Funnels building

Creating an effective Sales Funnel or Pipeline is one of the core ideas for an online business. You must be able to keep tabs on anyone linked to your brand by any means.

Kajabi has an actionable funnel creation section called Pipelines. This feature makes available different patterns for creating working funnels. These are called blueprints.

The pipeline section on Kajabi is well designed with sales funnel models for virtually any type of campaign you favor. The beautiful part is you don’t have to stress on linking the different vital parts together. Kajabi does it all for you.

The Kajabi Pipeline section makes funnel creation much simpler and more effective. When you select any of the six Pipeline blueprints, you get an instructional video detailing how the funnel works and where to plug in.

One notable advantage a funnel builder gives is the Automation. Having a ready template for your campaign helps fast track your marketing plan. Each Kajabi blueprint details the needed pages, emails, and offers necessary for a running campaign.

From there, you can plug in your variables. Create your specific offer, customize email copies, both landing, and follow-up, and then structure the pages. You can also add or remove specific pages as you deem fit for your campaign.

As the funnel runs and you start to get results, you can easily monitor your campaign’s conversion rate. Kajabi presents each page’s performance on the Pipeline. You can then edit any page or restructure the funnel to help you generate more leads and convert better.

On the funnel marketing front, Kartra is sluggishly behind Kajabi. First off, there is no available pre-organized model for running sophisticated campaigns on Kartra. You have to put all the pieces together yourself.

You can build the individual pages, create the mails necessary, and set up Automation, but the visual funnel that links all these variables together is missing.

Hence, to use Kartra for your funnel marketing campaign, you need a level of expertise and familiarity with the channeling process.

On the one hand, Kartra makes the process more tedious and can be time-consuming. And on the other, the effectiveness of your model depends on the marketing skills of the builder. Most likely, this would lead to less effective funnel creation.

So, for funnel creation, the debate goes hands down in Kajabi’s favor. Although Kartra also makes available linking steps under its “Campaigns”, it is nothing compared to Kajabi’s Pipeline.

In funnels building Kartra vs Kajabi, Kajabi is the winner.

Leads generation

The aim of any business online is to get as many people interacting with their company. This can be in the form of an email subscription, page follows, or actual sales. Whichever way, your brand is getting known.

As crucial as paying customers are, so also are leads. As a business, your aim should be to get more buying customers. This is why converting leads to sales is essential.

One of the primary and crucial tasks of online business is generating leads. This is a task that must be handled with skill and precision. And these are the needs; online marketing software seeks to meet.

With Kartra, you get a whole section dedicated to leads. The Kartra Leads feature allows you to track interactions with leads. This works hand-in-hand with any campaign you run.

Leads give you an overview of consumer behavior. How your leads are converting, where they visit the most, which content is well useful, and other vital information for your funnel marketing.

The Kartra Leads design evaluates each lead’s interaction and scores them based on this. The customers that more often convert come up with higher ratings than others. This acts as a tag to group leads even from different channels needing similar engagement.

This gives you a sense of where to target. When you know which type of content converts the most for you, you can optimize other aspects of your funnel to convert better.

Using Automation, Kartra allows you to retarget specific leads to better position them for conversion. When a part of the campaign is not delivering well, another part is there to boost delivery.

This model makes the Kartra lead generation and ultimate conversion superior. The system is always built to retarget and prioritize every lead until there is conversion. Kartra leads are limited based on your plan. It starts from 2,500 leads for Starter to 50,000 leads for Platinum.

For Kajabi, lead generation is more of a contact optimization. This means you get to do the nitty-gritty of your lead distribution. Without a preset contact group, it might be challenging to utilize Kajabi for your lead generation.

Kajabi allows you to import contacts from other sources. Preferable to have your contact tags before keying into the lead system. The group of contacts you add is used in your funnel campaign.

What you get from Kajabi lead generation is the analytics. After placing your leads into the funnel, you get results of how they interact with the different content on your campaign.

Kajabi also manages your contact based on your plan. The range spans from 10,000 leads to 25,000 leads depending on your budget.

Overall, in any lead generation plan, tags are essential for specific targeting. Kartra offers a more accessible way out for this, making it the better option.

In Leads generation Kartra vs Kajabi, Kartra is the winner.

Email marketing and Automation

The beauty of using business marketing software is the ease of carrying out tasks. Automation is an integral part of business success in relating to its customers.

Email marketing on the plus side is about the best converting platform for converting leads. Email marketing works in tandem with Automation.

You don’t need to stress through responding to every client for every action they take. Your sales funnel does the work for you. This is why it is crucial to build a working pipeline network that targets every lead and keeps every contact.

Using an online business software gives you a user experience like any other email marketing tool. You can send one-time broadcasts, and you can target copies for specific contact groups, build sequences of response, and many others.

The divergence of Kartra in terms of Automation and email marketing majorly occurs in its tags and funnel applications.

Due to the lack of a predesigned funnel system, you have to set up the mailing sequence yourself. You get to use the “if and when” setting to automate mailing orders and target groups.

Also, the tags Kartra develops helps to better position your leads and contacts in specific mailing lists. Using the visual builder, you can develop a personalized funnel for your marketing campaign.

Similarly, Kajabi has a functional non-visual email marketing system designed to fit into the funnel blueprints. You can also make quick deliveries that do not go through the connected marketing schemes.

Notably, Kajabi allows for different Automations for different activities. You have to create different sequences for various campaigns. The email marketing strategy for your funnel is different from that of events and regular posts.

This diversity makes Kajabi an excellent option for carrying out diverse marketing strategies simultaneously. If you are looking to get several campaigns done using just one sequence pattern quickly, Kartra would be a better option.

In email marketing and Automation Kartra vs Kajabi, Kartra is the winner.


Using an online business platform is meant to save you the stress of using sophisticated tools. Having the ability to manage your marketing campaigns without much technical know-how is a significant plus.

For an enjoyable experience using any web presence tool, you need to be able to navigate quickly. This means the terms should be easy to comprehend, and the menu minimal.

The user interface of this software is what users interact with. A measure of usability is how easy and effective navigation through the features of the app is. Also, the ease of understanding what options are available and setting them up.

The Kajabi interface is well organized and simplified for any user to understand. This makes it stand out with regards to usability.

There are only four menu options wth specific options under each section. It is easy to navigate through these features and set up a relatable marketing campaign.

Also important is understanding how these features work. Kajabi allows you as a business owner to set up your whole online presence from scratch.

At every juncture are explanatory videos to better use the features. The help center is also loaded with relevant information to keep you going.

Now, Kartra seems to have too much on the table at the same time. You can think of Kartra as a tool most suitable for pro marketers. This does not mean newbies can’t use it, but it would take some getting used to.

To set up any feature on the platform, you need to go through a series of information loading. This process can be tedious sometimes. And many times, users find themselves just inputting values in some of the fields to allow them to finish the setup.

The main settings of Kartra have all of its primary tools. This means you get easy access to explore the platform. This is great for marketers who take their time to learn how the software works. But for busy business owners, it might seem a bit too muddled up.

In the end, Kartra is harder to use than Kajabi. However, you should note that to operate any of the two software, you need a working knowledge of marketing and how to engage potential customers.

In Usability Kartra vs Kajabi, Kajabi is the winner.

Online Courses and Membership sites

Membership sites and online course creation is a modern way of creating a community of continually interacting audiences with your business. It involves creating sections under the site where visitors can sign up and receive instructional guides from the site.

Creating a course online requires you have an effective plan of content to dish out. This can be in a bid to receive feedback from your customers, evaluate consumer response, pass certain information, or collect actionable data.

All-in platforms such as Kajabi and Kartra avail business owners the opportunity to create various course types.

In the post section of these platforms, there are options to add videos, images, files, and other useful materials that may be used as lesson material. The relevant posts and topics can be grouped under one tag to create a course module.

To access your created outline, you can place a restriction or require a form of subscription. This is where membership sites come into play. This feature allows you to dictate how and when a visitor can access certain materials.

On Kajabi, you can create a membership site using the offers tab. The process is fast and easy. It comes with some themes to select for presenting your materials online. Your files can be uploaded without any restrictions.

Also, the membership sites can be accessed from any device. Your digital product would sell better when it can get to consumers in their comfort zone.

For Kartra, the membership site is a bit more tedious and restricted. You get to create different tiers for the membership. This gives access to various online products. And you get to set the rate for each of these classes.

As the creator, you also get a restricted usage of the site based on your plan. For Starter, you can only create two membership sites. This increases based on your plan capacity. One right way to maximize this feature is to use Automation to get only converting clients to sign up for your courses.


On a final note, Kajabi and Kartra are both tremendous and useful tools. If you are looking to grab new customers and keep them engaged, Kartra might be your best bet. And if it’s your old contacts you want to keep coming back, Kajabi has got you covered.

Overall, for a business owner who wants excellent tool operation experience and customer engagement, Kajabi is the overall winner. It is a tool worth spending on.

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