What is a lash artist? And how much money can you make as an eyelash extension artist?

The human eyelash is a part of the face that can enhance one’s beauty, especially when blessed with long lashes. Unfortunately, not everybody is endowed with naturally long eyelashes; hence beauty professionals find a way to help build up this feature by using artificial eyelash extension. Some individuals make this a career, and they are called lash artists.

Pursuing a career as a lash artist could be very rewarding because the beauty industry is fast expanding and evolving. As a lash artist, you can choose to be self-employed, which means you will be able to manage your own business, which offers you flexibility or choose to be a lash artist for a beauty salon. Being a self-employed lash artist offers you the opportunity to fully control your life as you can make decisions that would be suitable for you.

If you are passionate about hair and makeup and have a keen interest in making people look good and pretty, then becoming a lash artist could be the best decision you could be making. Although becoming a lash artist is not a career you can go into without inputting the proper hard work required, having the right training and qualification.

Are you considering pursuing a career as a lash artist, and you do not know how to go about it? Worry, know more as this article reviews how you can become a lash artist while answering the frequently asked questions about this job.

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Who is a lash artist?

Right before we dive into other topics on this rewarding career, let’s take a look at who a lash artist is;

A lash artist is a trained individual who works to apply for artificial lash extensions on people who would love to have fuller and longer eyelashes. They can work for themselves or work under a beauty salon.

How much money can I make as a lash artist?

Probably you are curious about the amount of money you can make as a lash artist; below is the breakdown of everything about how much money a lash artist makes and potential ways of increasing it;

The honest answer to how much money a lash artist makes is that “it depends.”  Because some lash artists might choose to be self-employed and some others choose to work under a beauty salon, a lash artist’s income would vary greatly. For lash artists who work five days a week while attending to at least three clients per day would amount to an income range of 75,000 – 150,000 dollars per annum.

Although due to some reasons, this estimated income might be affected. Some of the reasons why there might be inconsistency in the income include;

  • Your location: most lash artists who live and work in big cities charge greater money than lash artists in remote areas or small towns.
  • Your beauty studio: the type of studio you use is very instrumental to the amount you earn as a lash artist. Studios designed to offer a luxurious experience for their clients would earn more than those designed to offer normal affordable services. More so, if you are the owner of the studio, you would earn more than when you are working under a bigger business.
  • Your experience level matters: your experience level affects how much you can earn as a lash artist as more experienced artists tend to charge more than those with little experience.
  • Your type of client: when you work for students, you are likable to earn little from your services compared to when you work for clients that call you for home services, for example, stay-at-home clients, where you tend to charge more.

In cases where you are not comfortable with how much you earn, below are some tips to help you with that;

  • Please make an effort to increase the price of your service; when you increase your price, it will increase your income.
  • Make sure your service offerings are up to date; Make a serious effort to increase your lash artist skills.
  • Introduce optional add-ons to your service; include extra services like lip mask or hydrating under eye gel pads to your services.
  • You can offer retail product sales in addition to your services.
  • Make the environment of your lash studio more luxurious.
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How long does it take to start making money as a lash artist?

To start earning money as a lash artist, you first have to be certified. Being a certified lash artist would require you to have an esthetician, cosmetology, or a medical license. Having a cosmetology license would allow you to work on skin, nails, and hair, while having an esthetician license allows you to work on the skin only.

You will also have to complete an eyelash training program to allow you to do eyelash extensions as a chosen career path. Usually, training programs for becoming a lash artist last for about 1-3 days. After going through the training program, you should work in a lash studio, salon, or boutique to gain working experience. Taking as many clients as you can help you gain experience. You can also make the effort of sharing your business cards with clients about the services you offer at the salon.

After passing through the above stages; then you are ready to start your own business. At first, you can practice with friends and also offer first-time bargains or monthly deals. You can decide to work from home or open your salon. Also, make an effort to hand out your business cards and flyers.

Can I do lashes from home?

Yes, you can do lashes from home. Although carrying out your services at home might be a convenient act, it means you would be breaking the law by doing so, as the law is against that.


Becoming a lash artist would be a worthwhile job if you would consider doing it. The career comes with many benefits ranging from a high-income level to flexibility of work as you can easily choose to be self-employed or work under a business. If you have a flair or keen desire to beautify people, this is the right career path.

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