IS FASHION Designing A GOOD CAREER? What are the following steps to become a fashion designer?

The fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It provides for a wide range of career options. You should pick up a career in the fashion industry if you are a creative person who loves style and design. This article covers how much a fashion designer earns if they get paid well if fashion designing is a good career and many more.


There is a wide range of salaries for fashion designers. Some fashion designers earn well, while others do not. A fashion designer earns $15.68 per hour on average. The mean of their salary is $74,410 per year and $6,200 per month. The salary of a fashion designer is usually dependent on the following factors:

  • Location: location is an important factor in determining the salary of a fashion designer. Most positions for fashion designers are in states like New York and California. Fashion designers may have to move to these states to improve their career prospects.
  • Experience: experience is another deciding factor. It refers to the number of times a fashion designer has been practicing. Early entry fashion designers usually in most cases earn lower than experienced fashion designers.
  • Industry: salaries for fashion designers are dependent on brands and industries. Most big industries pay their designers well as compared to small industries. Also the particular niche a fashion designer focuses on determines how much she would earn.
  • Educational Qualification: educated and licensed fashion designers to earn more than uneducated ones. A fashion designer should have a degree in fashion design or an equivalent to earn appropriately in the field.
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Fashion design is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding careers in the world. Fashion designing is a great career choice, the field is one of the most intriguing and satisfying career options of this generation, but you need to study the craft and the skills of fashion designing to succeed in fashion designing.

If you have a flair for creativity, impeccable personal style, and originality, then the captivating world of fashion designing is just right for you. The love for designing and creating clothes is not enough to be successful in the field as it is a highly competitive field. You need the right experience, training, guidance to become successful.  Learning fashion designing is easier than you can imagine with the right training.

The best part of choosing fashion designing as a career is that it is not restricted to only clothes, it also comprises accessories, shoes, handbags, and many more items that make an outfit look complete.

You can make a career in fashion designing by taking the following steps:

  • Training: training is important for a successful career in the fashion industry. Training exposes you to fashion design history and skills, clothing textiles, garment construction, fashion illustration, managing a fashion business, and many more. The deeper your understanding of the field, the better your chances of becoming a part of it. If you are unable to commit to formal educations, there are a lot of online courses to choose from.
  • Develop Your Skills: Dreams and interests are of no value without skills to implement them. Use your time to develop yourself for a successful career in the fashion industry by honing your skills to a more professional level.
  • Build Your Brand: you might not be a professional designer yet but you still need to act like one. This means that you have to build your fashion brand to be successful. Launch a website, put yourself out on social media, build an online presence, and make your voice heard.
  • Network Constantly: networking is also important for a successful career as a fashion designer. Getting a big break usually boils down to who you know rather than what you know. The kind of people you meet will be beneficial in the development of your career as a fashion designer. You need to make every effort to network constantly. Attend events, reach out to people and build strong lasting professional relationships.
  • Determine your Niche: as a fashion designer who wants to be successful in the field. You must have a niche; an area of specialization. Choose an area of expertise judiciously. Fashion designs involve many things and you cannot be all, thereby mastering any.
  • Creativity: creativity will set you apart in the fashion field. As a fashion designer, you must have the ability to think outside the box and pay attention to details to be successful.
  • Design a portfolio: for you to establish yourself as a fashion designer, you need to demonstrate your expertise and previous works by creating a captivating portfolio. A good portfolio allows you to show off a range of skill sets.
  • Trends: the fashion industry is a constantly evolving industry. So, a fashion designer should be up to date with current trends. You can be up to date with trends by reading journals and magazines.
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The majority of people all over the world share the dream, passion, and interest of picking a career in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, most of them cannot commit to full-time education or training. As a result, their dreams become shattered and their passion and interest go to waste.

Contrary to the belief of many, it is possible to learn fashion design from the comfort of your home and at your convenient time.


Fashion designing is a very rewarding career that can be acquired with or without a degree. If you are talented with the basic skills requirement and you are willing to work for hand, you can secure an entry position in the fashion industry, and there is a chance that you will be able to make it without a degree.

You can also train intensively for a year or more to acquire the skills. With training, you do not have to go to a university for a degree in fashion designing.

Fashion designers can also acquire skills by volunteering for fashion events and undergoing internships to learn practical skills.

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Fashion designing is a collaboration between art and science. As a fashion designer, your sole responsibility to present innovations and creativity in clothing and other related accessories.

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