18 hobbies that are great for students.

Student life can be busy and stressful, from trying to keep up with lectures to keeping up with extra-curricular activities. Also, there is the mental preparedness necessary for engaging in assignments, tasks, projects, and the likes. Taking a break from all this can be achieved through hobbies for students.

Hobbies, by definition, are things you enjoy doing in your free time. Some individuals have multiple hobbies. And sometimes hobbies have grown to become sources of income for people.

In this article, I will be discussing 18 hobbies that are great for students.

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Hobbies Associated with Arts

Art is a great way to express feelings, bottled-up emotions, or imaginations. After having a long day, especially one that is a routine like that in the colleges, you want to free up the mind. Art is an excellent way to do so.

Art has a broad platform for expression, and you can choose anyone for expressing yourself. For example, abstract art is a kind of painting that emphasizes expression with the brush on canvas. Arts can also be in the form of sculpting, drawing, dancing, singing, and so many other ways of freeing up the mind.

Some of the more popular art hobbies that you will enjoy doing are

1. Dancing

 Not everyone knows how to dance, but learning it can be fun. There is freedom in moving your body in rhythm (or not) with a beat. Dancing can also be a form of expressing oneself and relieving the body and mind of stress.

Dancing can help improve flexibility, body coordination, stamina, and focus. The beautiful thing about dancing is that there are a lot of options to explore. You can even combine different kinds of dances. Learning to dance is one of the easiest things to get on the internet these days.

2. Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting is another fantastic hobby. Both are widely adopted as hobbies and a great way of freeing up the mind. The act of painting and or drawing helps build confidence. It’s a matter of practicing well enough and getting better at it. On the other hand, you get to relax while doing something you now love.

3. Music

Singing and playing musical instruments fall into the art category. Music can be lovely and inspiring. We tend to attach emotions to music. Music sometimes serves as a laxative and helps us rest our heads. Listening to good music can inspire people to take it up as a hobby.

Music is also a form of art therapy that helps improve memorization. With music, you can zone out of the present and imagine a world of sounds you listen to.

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4. Writing

From writing in diaries to writing journals to novels and non-fiction, writing can be a hobby to undertake. Do you incline to jot down what is in your mind? Then writing is the right hobby for you. Writing is also a form of creativity. Just imagine the creativity that went into good fictional stories like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

Another advantage of writing is you get to put on record whatever you want. The human brain tends to compress unnecessary information and only leaves us with what we wish to daily. Writing can bring back feelings and memories you once thought forgotten. I love writing, and it’s a way of freeing my mind.

5. Reading

This is closely linked to writing. Of course, we read what has been written. Reading as a hobby is a matter of interest in the topic or subject being discussed. It can be academic or non-academics.

There is a high chance you might be tired from reading for exams or tests. But the moment a topic or subject piques your interest, you start reading again. Reading broadens one’s mind because you will come across different people’s thoughts on the subject matter. This, in effect, gives you the edge when discussing this same topic with your friends or lecturers.

6. Podcasts

I love this one. Podcasts are for people that want to express their minds through talking. Uninterrupted. Podcasts can be entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

Some people are maybe shy; some people don’t like arguments, while some just think a topic is not talked about enough. Podcasts can come in handy in any of these situations.

7. Cloth Making/Designer

Have you ever wondered how some unique fashion styles originated? I know I do. Fashion designing may just be what you have a knack for, from Knitting to embroidery to inscriptions on clothes.  Your imaginations can only limit you. Of course, you can be getting some extra bucks for your ideas.

Female Fashion Designer Working Studio Sitting Desk (1)

Hobbies Associated With Exercises and Sports

Exercises and sports are a great way of relaxing and at the same time keep fit. There is a wide variety of exercises and sports that will be impossible for me to mention in this write-up. And every one of them can help you relax your mind or take your mind off your studies for a little while at least. I will be discussing some sports or exercises that you can take up as a hobby.

8. Swimming

Widely regarded as the best form of exercise because you get to cool off as you work your body. As with all sports, it helps improve concentration, keeps you mentally and physically fit.

You can learn to swim at any age. Just be sure you don’t have a phobia for water. It is better if you already know how to swim, although learning to swim can be immense fun. You can always learn new strokes and some other times try to break your record for pace.

9. Walking/Jogging

This is a fantastic way to take your mind off things. You get to see the environment, relax and also keep fit. Walking and jogging is an elementary form of exercising. You don’t need the technicality most sports require to pick them as a hobby. As the case might be, walking or jogging helps inject fresh air and with it new perspectives towards things. I know I get to think well while taking a stroll.

10. Hiking and Camping

The exact technical requirement is walking, but in this case, you get to move outside of your immediate environment (the school/college premises). Hiking can be done alone or in groups, but it is better in groups. Hiking can help improve endurance, stamina, and focus. You will be amazed at how refreshed you will be when you are ready to study again.

While Hiking is about moving outdoors and sometimes in the woods, camping involves you sleeping outdoors under a tent. It can also be a great stress reliever because you get to talk with people late into the night. There are usually campfires in which people sit around and sometimes share amusing stories among themselves.

Man Hiking Forest (1)

11. Yoga

A popular form of exercise that helps partakers achieve exceptional levels of body flexibility. Yoga is also known to help relieve stress. Yoga is made for all body types and body build if you wonder, “Can I start it with this my body?” There are different ability levels in yoga. All you need to do is to choose which group you are comfortable with.

People have testified to the kind of calm they experience after completing their yoga exercises. Yoga might just be what you need if you are constantly stressed out from studying. In addition to this are the stamina, endurance, and focus levels you will be able to unlock from practicing.

12. Pilates

a method of exercising that focuses on strengthening the body core. The body core, in this case, being the abdominal muscles, low back, and hips. This core is believed to be the powerhouse for stability.

Pilates is an excellent hobby to undertake because it helps enhance focus, stamina, flexibility, endurance, and control over your body. Like yoga, Pilates also has different difficulty levels, and you can simply join at a comfortable level. Pilate lessons are also available online.

13. Gymnastics

Gymnastics can be an excellent hobby for you if you are ready to put in the necessary work. Gymnastics is not only about those amazing somersaults we often see on television. It can be as essential as tumbling on the floor.

Gymnastics can help hone body control, improve focus, endurance and it also helps keep the body fit. It’s also a fantastic way of relaxing and keeping school stress away.

Hobbies Associated With Technology

If you are more interested in technologies and computers, then this section is for you. There are countless hobbies to explore in this section too. We will be checking out hobbies like gaming, web design, graphic designs, and some more. Let’s dive right into it.

14. Gaming

This is a great way to pass this time. Although there are a lot of games and many are not even computer-based, we are focused on computer-based games. And Yes! Non-computer-based games are excellent and can be chosen as a hobby too.

Computer-based games are a great way of relieving stress. There are thousands of gaming options to engage in. Computer games can help improve hand-eye coordination, focus, and resilience. There are also phone games and console games that help achieve the same purpose as computer games.

Gaming can be done alone or in groups, depending on the mood of the individual. And with the advancement of technology, better quality of sounds and visuals make games more engaging than before. Also, some non-computer-based games are being adapted to computers, e.g., Scrabble.

15. Web Designing

Have you ever wondered who the people were that built unique websites like amazon and the likes? This is the handiwork of web designers. They create an excellent interface for site users to use the platform easily.

You might be thinking web designing is way advanced for a hobby, and you may be correct. There is no harm in trying, though. It’s something that has now been made easy with different tutorials that are available online. And you also get better with practice. You can even get to the level of coding.

With almost everything being driven by technology and programmers, you might just find yourself on a fantastic career path through a hobby.

Website Designer Creates Sketch Application (1)

16. Graphic Designs

Graphic designing is the act of intelligently combining different shapes to make a logo, picture, designs, and other concepts from imagination. Graphic designs need good imagination and creativity.

Engaging in graphic designs can help unlock untapped creativity potentials. They usually make those unique designs and logos you see. There are both free and paid courses for graphic design classes. It’s a matter of practicing, and you can be an excellent graphic designer in no time.

17. Music Production

This is another technology-based hobby that is good for music enthusiasts. Music production combines different sounds in harmony to make music or beat, as the case may be. Do you have a rhythm in your head that you want to express? Music production can help achieve that.

You can start your music production hobby with a good app on your phone or PC. There are tips on how to go about the basic tasks – depending on the app you are using. You can even start by emulating beats or rhythms you have listened to before, and before you know it, you are good at it.


Hobbies are what you enjoy doing in your free time. They are supposed to be fun and, in a way, relieve us from the day’s stress. For students, hobbies are meant to distract us temporarily from the stress of studying. Hobbies can, however, become a money-making avenue.

All in all, hobbies are valuable to building character and skills to help study enjoyable school.

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