Digital Education tools for teachers and students

The world is fast embracing technology in every aspect of life, and the education sector is not an exception. The traditional teaching method is fading away due to the era of technology we are in right now. This is because students of this age are very much acquainted with technology in almost their day-to-day activities. Due to this reason, it is of utmost importance that teachers should also make use of the available technologies to teach. One of these technologies is the use of digital education tools to teach their students.

Digital education refers to the use of technology or digital tools while teaching and learning. The use of digital tools in education is very beneficial. As it can help make quizzes, assessments, videos, and presentations. With the varieties of digital tools available in this era of modern technology, learning and teaching have become simple and mobile.

It is very easy for students to adapt to this teaching method as they are already used to digital tools.  Using digital tools in education helps to improve the comprehension level and engagement of students. It also spurs students’ curiosity and leads to better learning of what they are being taught. And leads to a better relationship and communication between teachers and their students.

If you a teacher and looking for top digital education tools to help improve your students’ learning. or a student seeking to improve their learning? Then take your time to go through this article.  It provides you with some of the popular digital education tools to help you choose the one that would be of great help to you.

Popular Digital Education Tools for teachers and students

 Though many digital education tools are available in the market, only a few of them are well known by teachers and students. Below are some of the popular digital education tools in the market;

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This digital education tool allows you to learn on the go. The Epathshala is a digital education tool initiated as one of the projects of the digital India campaign in November 2015. This digital tool keeps resources for researchers, students, teachers, educators, and parents. while making the resources available on several platforms like IOS, Androids, web, and Windows platforms.

On this digital education tool, students have the opportunity to gain access to the necessary materials. This might include; audio, video, textbooks, periodicals, and different other materials. Offline users can also download varieties of other non-printable and printable materials. This can be done without limits through Epathshala digital tool.

This digital education tool also allows its users to carry many books as their devices support. This feature is important as it would allow users to navigate, highlight, select, zoom, share, make notes, and pinch.

Google classroom

Google Classroom

The Google classroom is a digital education tool designed for schools to provide great features. Such as; mass distribution, drafting, and grading assignments in a paperless form. With this digital education tool, learning is made easy as it is streamlined to allow students and their teachers to share files.

The Google classroom allows students to air their views on lessons taught. And also deliver queries on the part they are uncomfortable with. The digital education tool likewise allows teachers to answer the queries given. And also the contribution of other students. The tool also gives teachers the opportunity to post-study materials for students. In cases where they want to give them take-home exercises.

Other features that come with using this digital education tool include; Gmail for communication, Google docs and Google Drive for assignment creation and distribution. Also it includes; Google sheets and slides for writing, and the Google calendar for scheduling.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

The khan academy is a non-profit organization created to design various online education tools. These tools enable learners to understand different lessons and concepts. The tool creates short videos and supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators.

This digital tool allows its users to learn everything on the platform for free. This tool delivers lessons to its users through interactive activities, videos, and challenges. With this tool, teachers can provide a supplement for teaching and at the same time gives extra work to students and also help them with hard content.



This digital education tool allows students to document what they perceive and learn at school by themselves. This feature makes it a user- friendly. With this digital tool, students can use drawing, text notes, links, photos, videos, and built-in seesaw audio recording.

These features help students make known the knowledge they have gained so far. And also help them explain how they were able to get answers to their questions. The tool helps to store students’ projects safely.

This tool also provides parents and guardians with the opportunity to access their wards’ work. It is made available on different devices like IOS devices, Chromebooks, Android devices, and computers.



This is a suitable digital education tool for educators and upper-class students. The Educreations is screencasting and interactive whiteboard digital tool. With this digital tool, you would teach any concept in an interactive digital environment. This feature allows you to teach and learn from anywhere in the world.

This digital education tool allows students to learn at their own pace. Likewise allows teachers to access each student individually by repeatedly playing their work.



This is a digital education tool that is suitable for students of all ages and teachers. The Glogster allows students to learn by visual content. Making it one of the best digital tools for the classroom. With this app, you would design multimedia posters by combining photos, videos, and text information.

Various designs or creations on Glogster are called glogs and are stored in a library known as Glogpedia. This digital education tool can become one of the most trusted tools for education. Because it contains over 40 thousand different blogs on different topics and subjects.



The adoption of technology in various aspects of life has been tremendous over the years, and the education sector is not left out. The use of digital education tools comes with many benefits. These benefits might include; improving the relationship between teachers and students.

Students in this modern era are well acquainted with technology. Hence settling well with the use of digital education tools would not be a problem. This serves as an advantage for schools to easily introduce digital education tools for learning and teaching.

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