Training and Education – What is the difference?

Education and training are two words that are often used interchangeably over the years. Even though they are two similar words, they have different meanings.

Training means the act of attributing a unique skill or behavior to a person. Training takes place in organizations; to employees at the operational level. Unlike education, this is a way of systematic learning. It takes place in an institutional setting that creates a sense of judgment and reasoning in employees. Education is offered to all employees. Regardless of their level or grades on the corporate ladder.

The rate of using these two words interchangeably is ever on the increase. If care is not taken, the difference between education and training can become blurry with time. Although they are closely related, they are different in nature and orientation.

An employee that has gone through training in an establishment is said to have gone through education. Hence there is no training without education.

The basis for comparing education and training includes; the meaning, what is it? What it entails, their perspective, their terms, whether long or short, their objectives, what teaches, and so.

Are you interested in knowing more about the difference between education and training? Then do well to read through this article. This article helps review the differences between the two concepts to allow you to understand them better.

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Difference between Education and Training

The two concepts are pretty different from each other. While in education, a person learns concepts, facts, and theories, in training, a person knows how to apply those facts, ideas, and theories. Before we go into differentiating Education and Training, let’s look at the meaning of these two words.

What is education?

Education is the process of giving out knowledge, attitudes, skills, values, beliefs, or habits from one person or group to another. Education involves studying, teaching and training.

In education, the skills, attitudes, beliefs, values, and habits transferred to you would help you achieve success in life. It would also give a competitive advantage over those who do not have access to much education.

Understandably, suppose you are in a competition and are looking forward to getting ahead of your competitors. The key to getting more education. In that case, this is true as education improves your skills if you are already operating in a specific field of study.

It also serves as a suitable means of getting to know something even if you do not have an idea about it before.

Education helps to enhance your literacy skills, basic arithmetic skills, and ability to think deeply. Also, with education, learning a new thing is always fun.

Education helps to shape your personality, skills, character, and knowledge. The main aim of education would be to increase your physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development.

When education is compared to other activities, it remains noteworthy. because it would help address personal issues, responsibilities, motivations, and social roles. It is in opposition with training in that training on the other side focuses mainly on knowledge transfer. Education is essentially a theoretical approach to acquiring knowledge.

Education is a lifelong process. Most educational learning is done via real books rather than textbooks, and the learner is urged to think and write about what he is reading. Education focuses more on building lifelong independent thinkers. Whereas training focuses on skills sought after by employers.

Education is undergone to increase your knowledge and develop your intellect. Although a highly educated person tends to get employment more often, education is not solely based on getting a job. Education is usually paid for by the individual and obtained before work.

Getting educated would need you to receive education at universities or schools. it occurs over some time, for instance, semesters or even years. Traditionally, education is mainly confined to the classroom.

Although nowadays, new methods of experimental learning that offer practical knowledge. Especially about the things are now being considered and worked upon.

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What is training

In simple terms, training is nothing but learning by doing. Training is a well-organized exercise. Targeted towards developing specific skills and knowledge of the workforce. Training is a prevalent concept for people who work in organizations.

It is a familiar concept used by the human resource department of an organization. Training helps to improve the performance and productivity. It also enhances competency of the existing and potential employees through learning. Organizations towards achieving specific goals constantly target training.

Training would help to impact job-related skills in the employees. For example; employees of an organization to help them work effectively and efficiently.

Depending on the contract with your employers, training can be paid or unpaid, on the job or off the job, part-time or full-time. At the end of each exercise, employers provide quizzes to detect if they have learned something during the training. Below are some of the common types of training;

  • Orientation training.
  • Apprenticeship training.
  • Internship training.
  • Vestibule training.
  • Sensitivity training.
  • Job rotation.
  • Laboratory training.

In broader terms, training can be considered as a practical. That is a form of acquiring knowledge through experience. Training is essential to pass knowledge as people take things better by being shown rather than being told only.

Main differences between Education and Training

  • Training teaches about specific tasks, whereas education teaches general duty.
  • Training involves applying skills, whereas education involves theoretical application.
  • The nature of training is job-oriented, while that of education is career-oriented.
  • Training is a process of increasing skills and knowledge to an employee for better performance. Education is the process of developing people’s mental faculties to grab certain concepts in their field of study.
  • Training pedagogy is job experience, while that of education is classroom experience.
  • At the end of the training, the person is awarded a certificate or license, whereas education is awarded the degree or graduate certificate.
  • Training is easier to learn, unlike education.
  • Training prepares an individual for the current job. Whereas education prepares a person for the future career.
  • Training is done on a short-term basis, while education is undergone long-term.
  • Training is dependent on academic knowledge, whereas education is independent.
  • Training is meant for one person, while education is intended for many people.
  • Training instructions are vocational institutions, while education takes place in educational institutions.
  • The aim of the training is to improve performance and productivity. While education is to develop a sense of reasoning and judgment.
  • The scope of training is narrower compared to broader education.


Although both concepts are very similar, having a better understanding of what they stand for is essential. As reviewed above, the significant difference between education and training is clear.  That is training involves imparting knowledge and skills to help improve performance.

The case is different for education as it helps develop people’s mental faculties in specific fields of study. Education is a structured way of thinking. It often takes place in a formal institution or having a teacher as a source.

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