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8 free and paid best handwriting analysis courses, classes, training with Certifications

Graphology is the study of handwriting to determine someone’s traits and personality.  Graphology is referred to as a blend of science and art. It is a science because it would require accurate measuring and calculation of the movement of the written forms, which are; the spacing, slants and angles, and structure. The pressure is also observed in magnification and with precision. It is an art because you have to keep in mind the context in which the writing occurs.

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8 free and paid best anxiety management courses, classes, training with Certifications

Living a healthier and happier life is what every human being wants, but unfortunately, life is unpredictable and can make us feel completely overwhelmed by the things we go through. As a result of this, we move through life without understanding our actions and believing that we are powerless to effect a change in this aspect of life.

However, it is important to note that we are capable of shifting and managing our behaviors and how we should feel. All that is required is the right tools and practices to help build awareness of what’s happening in the head.

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10 Best free and paid online emotional intelligence courses, classes, training with certificates.

At certain points in our lives, we make rash decisions due to our emotions getting better. Resentment can make us do things we later regret doing; fear can oppress our decision making and passion can obscure our judgment.

Over time, being emotional has been described as a foolish and ardent scourge of rationality and reason. Emotions are basic to our ability to function. Often, our emotions spur us to act. They also mold the foundation of our felt sense of morality.

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