Common Problems Faced by Students in ELearning

Since the world has been thrown into a compulsory house arrest due to the covid-19 pandemic, eLearning has been the bedrock of education. eLearning ensured students did not miss out totally on learning. Now that the world is more focused on eLearning, common problems faced by students in eLearning are now a topic of discussion. I will be mentioning some of the problems in this article.

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The Impact of eLearning

The effects eLearning has over the world’s educational system. eLearning did not start with the pandemic; it has been here long before. But the pandemic made it a go-to avenue of education for students, teachers, and schools.

eLearning provided an alternative to learning traditionally. Some of the advantages of eLearning over the traditional way of teaching are

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Remote learning
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptation of different learning methods.

The advantages are more, but students still face problems using the eLearning mode of education.

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Problems Faced by Students in eLearning

Finding the Right Platform

Before starting a course online, individuals are faced with the issue of finding the right platform to learn. One of the undoings of the internet is that just about anybody can post anything. This applies to online learning platforms too.

Many platforms promise to educate individuals on different subjects and then completely ignore the issue or scratch the subject’s surface. This dilemma is always there for students in eLearning. Getting the right platform then becomes more challenging than it looks.

There is the issue of finding the right platform for the proper budget too. Sometimes, a good platform might just be over the budget of the student. This means students have to look for a good platform that aligns with their budget.

One of the best solutions to this dilemma is to list what you want to learn from a course or platform. This will narrow down your search. The other is to search the reviews of the course or platform sincerely. 


Although getting the right platform is the first hurdle to be crossed. This problem of motivation is as significant as the first. If not more. In our daily lives, we have had to find inspiration from things and people around us.

Getting motivated to study is a bit different and harder to get through. We all know taking lessons can be tedious, and reluctance to take the lessons can set in. So students need to be extra motivated to take online classes compared to going to lectures with their peers.

I have seen examples where students register for a course and don’t attend a single lecture for over a year. Lack of motivation is a big challenge that only the student can be able to surmount. It can be more accessible, though, if the student gets external help.

A solution to this is to engage with other students of the same course. Try joining and be active in an online community. It helps dispels lethargy when it comes to learning.

Staying Updated with Technology

Different generations are learning. And each generation’s exposure to technology is different. Every day, new technologies are being introduced to aid education. Keeping up with these advances in technology can be daunting.

Different eLearning platforms have their interface, and navigating them can be challenging. Teaching students with the technology they are not accustomed to can be a problem too. These issues usually result in negative feedback from the students because they are not getting what is being taught.

A way to tackle this problem is by giving enough time for students to get acquainted with the delivery tools. Students, too, should regularly update themselves on educational technology trends.

Gadget Shortages and Connectivity Issues

Switching from the traditional teaching model to eLearning might have been difficult for some people because of the preparation involved. Apart from the mental preparedness needed, one must be prepared for the classes with gadgets such as computers and a good Wi-Fi connection.

Some of the apps necessary for these online classes don’t run on old computers. There are files that some specifications of computers might find hard opening. These can pose a serious challenge because the student will be missing out on vital lessons. Imagine using an operating system that has been out of fashion for a while.

Connectivity is also a major concern. The kind of internet connection online classes need has to be the best connection around. I don’t imagine any student enjoys watching videos that glitch. Then, of course, there also is the occasional blackout or one emergency or the other that can affect online lessons.

A solution to these challenges is for teachers to give out downloadable files for lessons. It will encourage offline learning in case a student misses the class.

Online Courses for hearing impaired students

Hearing-impaired students can find it challenging to adapt to eLearning. Traditional classes do provide the option of interpreters. This is something that is not common with online learning. If you think eLearning is challenging, you should think again. Imagine having to go through picking the right platform and still missing out on a lot of learning.

The simple solution to this is the provision of readable materials for the students. Another way is by subtitling or transcribing the videos being used as course materials.

Data Privacy

This also can be a problem for students in eLearning. Students are required to register for courses with either their emails or social media profiles at some point in time. The data collected from these registrations can be used for purposes other than educational purposes. And in reality, there is little that anyone can do about it.

A solution to this is to make sure eLearning platforms strictly adhere to data privacy rules and guidelines. Students are also to watch out for platforms that have no or inadequate data privacy policy.


The challenges students in eLearning face are many, but they are small compared to the endless opportunities eLearning provides. Education as we know it is being transformed, and eLearning is at the forefront. Therefore, it is only normal to embrace these changes.

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