Best Udemy Alternatives : Top Online E-Learning websites like Udemy

You would agree with me that Udemy is an excellent platform for learning. It is one of the renowned education sites for acquiring knowledge and learning new practical skills. This website has a value to offer everybody as it comes with over 55,000 courses. It also provides a fantastic platform for people who are interested in creating courses.

However, there are some features that Udemy does not provide. These include; lack of certification for courses, absence of an option for peer-learning and so on. The absence of these features raises desire in people to find out other similar online learning alternatives.

Thus, if you are looking for the best Udemy alternatives, then you are in the right place. Do take your time to read through this review to know about some excellent Udemy alternatives.

What are the Factors in choosing an Udemy Alternative

When choosing for alternatives to Udemy, there are some vital factors to consider. These factors are to ensure that you pick a choice that will satisfy your needs. These factors include:


You must consider what you need an Udemy alternative for, that is, what purpose you desire the online platform to serve.

Generally, Udemy serves as an online platform to learn different courses. It also serves as a market place, that is, a ready-made platform for people who sell eLearning courses. This feature of Udemy makes it one of the best platforms for edupreneurs.

The ability of Udemy to serve the two purposes above makes it essential for you to determine what you will need an online platform like Udemy for. This is necessary because some sites like Udemy do not offer these two purposes. Most serve as an online learning centre without being a marketplace for edupreneurs.

Therefore, you need to carefully read through what an Udemy alternative will offer before choosing one. Doing this will help to ensure that the alternative meets your needs and ultimately ensures your satisfaction.


Some Udemy alternatives offer courses for free, while some require you to make some form of payment to access their courses. The mode of payment for some online learning platforms is per course, while for some, you have to make a monthly/yearly subscription to get access to course materials.

Moreover, some learning sites offer you a free trial to enable you to get a feel of what you will be paying for in later times.

As a result of the need to pay to access courses on most sites, it is necessary to consider how much you are willing to pay before going ahead to sign up for a course on an online learning platform.

Deciding to pay for a course can be quite confusing. However, checking through the reviews of the course, that is, people’s experiences with the course can help you decide if the course is worth paying for or not.

Also, understanding what you stand to get at the completion of the paid course can help in your decision-making process. The offering of physical validation of your work as well as the offering of a certificate of completion is good reasons to pay for a course.


It is vital to get a great Udemy alternative that offers quality courses, as your time and money are valuable.

The instructors must be experts in their field to ensure the quality of the platform, and they should know how to teach, that is, possessing the ability to pass knowledge in its simplest form. This feature enables beginners as well as professionals in a particular field to learn as fast as possible using the lessons provided by the platform.

Also, there should be an avenue to ask questions and interact with the instructor, as learning is social. This feature helps to hasten your learning.

Another thing that helps to improve the quality of an online learning platform is the offering recognized certifications at the completion of their courses.

Ultimately, online learning sites that will effectively serve as an alternative to Udemy must prioritize student satisfaction.



Coursera is one of the leading online learning platforms that at the same time, it serves as one of the great alternatives to Udemy. This platform gives you access to learn using online courses that are taught by professors of some of the world’s top educational institutes like Yale, Stanford, Harvard and many more.


  • Enables you to audit courses for free
  • The courses offered on this platform comes with video subtitles in over 30 languages. These languages include English, Spanish, French and so on.
  • Offers extensive courses
  • More structured
  • Offers accredited certifications that help to boost your resume


  • Not readily available as its courses run on set dates
  • You need to pay to take full courses

This platform offers over 2700 courses, above 4 degrees and over 250 specializations which are open to all and sundry. With this platform, you can learn a skill within 4-6 weeks, and at completion, you get a shareable electronic certificate. Also, you can earn an accredited masters degree on Coursera by studying for 1-3 years.

The subjects offered on Coursera include social sciences, personal development, computer programming,  language learning, business and marketing courses. Other topics are life sciences, humanities, the theory of music and technology. Each of these courses is very interactive as they feature quizzes, projects and pre-recorded videos. These added exercises allow for better understanding as well enable you to learn as fast as possible.

Also, Coursera offers advanced courses for enterprises which allows employers to upgrade the skills of their employees and maximize the overall Return on Investment (ROI).

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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is another Udemy alternative that uses a subscription pricing model other than charging individually for courses. This website offers business and  marketing courses. The high-grade courses of this platform are most suitable for professionals who are looking to gain additional knowledge and skills to upgrade their professionalism.


  • Comes with different range of content
  • High-quality courses
  • Low monthly price
  • Courses are available in about 7 major languages
  • Field experts teach courses
  • It is highly accessible and so, easy to use
  • Comes with amazing features


  • Does not offer accredited certification
  • Its learning approach is kind of passive

LinkedIn Learning offers over 15,000 courses which are taught by experts. These courses are accessible either on your computer or phone; at the completion of the course, you get a certificate. Also, some quizzes and exercises help to test your knowledge of the things you are learning.

This site is a subsidiary to LinkedIn. Therefore, having an account with LinkedIn enables you to receive personalized course recommendations for the topics LinkedIn Learning thinks are relevant to you. You get these recommendations based on your skills, current job as well as what related professionals are learning.

This platform also offers some topics that are not business-related; this includes graphic design, photography and software development. If your motive for taking online courses is to improve your employability and job performance, then you should take a careful look at this platform.



Skillshare is an excellent alternative to Udemy for you if you like to learn skills by taking a hands-on approach. This website focuses more on creative and craft-based topics; thus, if your interest is in that line, you need to give this platform a try.


  • Uses the action-based approach thus, it is interactive
  • Offers high-quality courses
  • Ability to access courses offline
  • The platform is easy to navigate, that is, it is user-friendly


  • Many of the excellent online courses on this website are paid
  • Courses are not accredited
  • Some courses are too concise

This platform offers you limitless access to over 26,000 classes in different categories such as entrepreneurship, business, writing, design, illustration, photo and film. On this platform, you get the privilege of being taught by people who are experts in their fields. The professional instructors who take courses on Skillshare help to guarantee that the courses are of high-quality.

Also, more emphasis is paid on the action-based study instead of focusing on lectures delivery alone. Thus, while learning a particular subject, you will get assignments; doing these assignments help you better understand the subject. Learning on Skillshare is highly interactive; this is because you can connect with other students in the Community section of each course.

Apart from the learning aspect of Skillshare, it comes with a novel system which allows edupreneurs to add their courses to a Premium pool, and then get direct payment based on the number of minutes of the courses that students have watched. This system is suitable for sellers of courses as they are paid for making content that engages students. It is also favourable for students because it offers them a diverse range of subject areas at a low monthly price.



Treehouse is an online technology education for people who wants to start or advance their skills in game development, mobile development, web design and so on. This website has experienced teachers who provide online courses for people who desire to learn to code.


  • Courses are clear and detailed
  • Affordable
  • Courses are well structured that you get to learn at your own pace
  • Allows you to interact with teachers and other students
  • Exposes you to practical learning coupled with real-life projects


  • Most of the courses are suitable for beginners
  • More focus is on mobile and web development and not on other components of programming

Treehouse has over 50,000 students with over 278 workshops and 300 courses on 23 subjects. Most courses offered on this platform are technology and programming-based. You get to learn coding topics like Javascript, Android development, PHP, iOS development and Ruby on Rails.

Courses on this website come with video lectures, quizzes and projects. The videos offer a theoretical aspect of the subject you are taking while projects provide you with the practical orientation. The testing and validation of your knowledge of the subject are ascertained through the quizzes. The combination of these activities helps you to get a complete and in-depth understanding of a topic.



Are you looking for a technology learning platform that comes with a large number of courses that allows you to pick the course of your choice to build your skills? If this is your need, then PluralSight is a platform you should check out.


  • Content is of excellent quality
  • Provides a subscription model for payment
  • comes with a fantastic interface and user experience
  • suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Offers a Certificate of Completion


  • Some of its courses are outdated
  • You do not get a hands-on experience for what you have learnt
  • Huge focus on technology, that is, courses are not so diversified

PluralSight offer over 7000 courses which cover a wide range of topics such as manufacturing and design, IT administration, data professional, business profession and so on. These online courses come with varying difficulty levels and so if you are not sure of which course will be suitable for you, the platform helps you to choose the course that is most suitable for you.

Authors the courses on PluralSight are experts in their fields and also fantastic teachers. These instructors are great communicators; they also possess enthusiasm and passion for imparting knowledge in their students. Also, the reward of the author is based on the number of vies of their courses; this gives them the incentive and extra motivation to put up excellent quality content on the platform.

Moreover, the discussion boards, which are community-based forums, serve as an avenue to ask questions, give feedback as well as participate in a discussion on course topics. Thus, you get to clarify doubt and share opinions.



Udacity is an innovative online education platform that provides high-quality courses that are put together in partnership with Google, AT&T, and Facebook. Its partnership with these leading Silicon Valley firms makes its courses to be accepted and recognized by large corporates. Thus, if you are looking for a site that offers online courses that will develop your skills, then you should consider Udercity.


  • Courses are self-paced and easy to understand
  • Real-world case studies are used to teach concepts
  • Offer high-quality courses which are updated regularly
  • Its design is simple


  • No interaction with the instructor
  • Quite expensive
  • No option to audit nano-degrees courses

Udacity offers courses that are geared towards particular careers such as IT and computer science. The range of the courses provided by this platform includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analysis, web and mobile development, and machine learning.

It also offers free courses as well as paid course series like nano degree courses, that gives you access to an entire course in small sessions. Nano degree course provided by Udacity is a form of learning which requires you to make a monthly payment and thereby allow you to study a particular subject for like 6 to 12 months. At the completion of the course, you then get a Certificate of Completion.

Another unique form of learning that Udacity offers is Nanodegree Plus. This unique form of learning is one that guarantees a job for students on successful completion of the desired course.

Moreover, this platform is an excellent marketplace for edupreneurs as it takes care of the marketing aspect of offering your courses to its wide user base. Although the platform gets paid for sales, you get a fixed price for content development and also get to share revenue with the platform based on the number of students that enrolled in your course.



EDX is a great alternative to Udemy because it comes with high-quality courses that come with Certificates of Completion that are endorsed by top educational institutions. This platform offers courses that cover a wide range of subjects from medicine to behavioural psychology to meteorology.


  • Allows for interaction with the instructor and other students
  • Courses are available in diverse languages like English, Spanish, French and so on
  • Offer a wide range of courses
  • Gives certifications for some courses
  • It is an active learning platform


  • Availability of courses is low sometimes because they are self-paced
  • Quite difficult to navigate the forums

EDX provides over 1600 online courses from top institutions like Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, Berkeley, Cornel and so on. These courses come in various subjects like Communication, Biology, Education, Medicine, Art, Food and Nutrition, Data and Design and a host of others.

You can as well enroll for Professional Certificate courses, Online Master’s Degree and MicroMasters program. Paid members of this platform are allowed to interact with other students; you also get to receive feedback on your assignments from the professor taking you the course.

Taking courses on this platform helps to improve your job performance and employability.

Master class

Master class

Master class is an online learning platform that offers a smaller number of courses. It is an excellent alternative to Udemy because its instructors are people who are experts in their fields. This platform is, therefore, anyone who wants to learn from the best.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Courses are fun and professionally-produced
  • Comes with clear and brief materials
  • Videos are of high quality


  • Videos are not downloadable
  • Not very suitable for people looking to learn hardcore courses

Master class is an excellent platform for improving your hobbies such as cooking,creative writing,  tennis playing, chess-playing, screenwriting. The courses on this platform are thought world-class experts and celebrities such as screenwriting by Aaron Sorkin, tennis by Serena Williams. The instructors are not just good in their fields but also do well to share their knowledge and passion.

With the payment of an annual fee, you get unlimited access to as many courses as you want for a whole calendar year. These courses do come with short, but many lessons; this nature of the courses enable you to assimilate the information in bits while getting in-depth learning.

The courses focus on creatives like writers, musicians, painters and so, helps to build soft skills.



Are you looking for an online platform where you can learn various skills that are related to coding and technology? If yes, then you should check out Codecademy. This platform offers you ways to improve your existing programs.

It also adopts a gamified approach just like Udemy; this feature helps to ensure that you develop competitive zeal which enables you to understand concepts faster and at the same time have fun while learning.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Requires no setup
  • Provides certification-based courses
  • Its courses range from basic skill improvement to professional-level programming
  • The community forums it comes with enable you to discuss concepts with other learners


  • Does not teach ways to apply programming language’s syntax
  • Absence of lessons on the theory of programming which is the harder part of programming

Codecademy provides courses in diverse programming languages such as Python, PHP and Ruby. There are also classes on Web development and Data Science on this platform. Its courses are beginner-friendly because they come with bit-sized information which enables beginners to finish the task given in a short time and then move to the next one.

This paid platform comes with additional features such as access to forums, other students, and certification at the end of the course. With this platform, you can be sure of a trustworthy learning experience as the US Government supports it. The experts involved in the operation of this platform put in place a system to teach users to analyze data and also create websites.


All the online learning platforms reviewed above are a great alternative to Udemy. However, Coursera stands out amongst its contemporaries. It is an outstanding platform for learning because it provides e-learning courses that are taught by world-class professionals.

Moreover, the peer-graded projects offered in many classes on Coursera helps to increase your learning as a result of your interaction with other students.

Due to the comprehensive courses offered by Coursera, it is a perfect Udemy alternative for you if you desire to have an in-depth knowledge of a topic. Also, it is an ideal choice for you if you are looking to enhance your CV or resume; this is because of the accreditation or certificate you get at the completion of a course.

Without a doubt, Coursera is an excellent Udemy alternative that offers extraordinary value.

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