11 Best Online Speed Reading Courses. Learn how to read better and faster with these courses.

Reading is an invaluable skill that leads to a knowledgeable, balanced, and better life. Reading helps us to generate ideas, improve our vocabularies, reduce stress in our lives, influence our career opportunities and help us develop good analytical skills.

Although most people are aware of the immense benefit of reading, only a few make the effort to learn advanced techniques. No matter your reading techniques, reading impacts you positively. However, speed reading has a greater impact on your learning, analytical, and retention capabilities.

These days there is a lot to accomplish with limited time, hence picking a speed reading skill is of immense advantage as it will afford you to learn more, and save time for other life endeavors.

Believe it or not, speed reading skill is the superpower you need right now, and in this article, is a list of the best speed reading courses you can get online.

What is Speed Reading?

Speed reading as the name implies is a phenomenon where words, sentences, and phrases on a page are absorbed all at once saving you more time and allowing you to absorb more information within a short period of time.

The amount of vital information clamoring for our attention by the day is on the increase putting us under undue pressure to assimilate this information quickly.

The average speed read of an individual is 250 words per minute (wpm). But this speed read rate can be doubled and even tripled when speed reading is mastered.

Speed Reading Techniques

Subvocalization is what all speed reading techniques have in common. Subvocalization is the ability to avoid hearing and pronouncing every word in your head as you read. Instead of vocalizing every word, you skim through a group of words and lines. This is because you have the capacity to understand words faster than you can say them.

There are basically three major technique for increasing your reading speed and there are;

  • Pointer method

Pointer method sometimes called hand pacing is pioneered by Evelyn Nielsen, this method requires sweeping your finger along the lines to be read.

  • Tracker and pacer method

This is an upgraded method to the pointer method. It involves using a pen to track or underline as you read. While reading, your eyes are above the tip of the pen to increase your focus and pace at which words are absorbed.

  • Scanning method

Scanning requires you taking a quick glance down the page you are reading with your eyes. As you move your eyes quickly down, you identify key words, sentences and ideas. This helps to expand your vision peripherally as you won’t read every word but focus on the important ideas.

Can speed reading be self-taught?

No one was born with the ability to read effectively at great speed, comprehend and retain more information. It is a skill that can be learned. Reading usually starts at the age of six and at eight most parents and schools no longer care about developing the reading capabilities of a child.

Technology has made it easy to learn almost anything online. The most profound and easiest way to increase your comprehension and reading speed is by taking an online speed reading course and practicing what is being taught on a regular basis.

However, finding and enrolling in a good online speed reading course suitable for you is vital to learning speed reading.

Effectiveness of speed reading courses

Taking an online speed reading course that is suited for you can effectively transform your learning capabilities. It can double, triple and even increase your reading speed exponentially without reducing your retention rate. Hence, online speed reading courses are very effective and efficient.

However, the techniques taught must be put to practice on a regular basis so as to ensure adequate retention and comprehension when reading. Although some online courses fail to teach how to retain information when speed reading, other online courses effectively teach these techniques.

Research shows that at age 12 most people complete their reading training and their reading speed at this point is below 200 words per minute. This is way below the optimal reading speed and the only solution is to increase reading efficiency by developing reading skills.

This is why you need to enroll in the best speed-reading online courses. Below is a list of carefully selected and reviewed online speed reading courses you can enroll in.

Table of Contents

11 Best Online Speed Reading Courses 2022

Super Reading

Achieve more in your personal and career life by learning anything faster with Jim Kwik’s tested and proven approach to super reading


  • Lifetime access to the super reading student community
  • Course taught by world renowned instructor
  • Suitable for all readers
  • Group coaching calls with Jim Kwik
  • Course endorsed by the likes of Brian Tracy, Bill Gates, Richard Brandson and Elon Musk


  • The course is pricier compared to other online speed reading courses

The super reading program is an online speed reading course that is trusted by business elites. It is created by Jim Kwik, a celebrity instructor who has helped improve the lives and careers of different people around the world. He is one of the leading experts in speed reading, memory retention, accelerated learning and brain performance.

This super reading course will help you reposition your brain for easy and fast assimilation of information, improve your reading techniques and comprehension. At the end of this online course, you would have tripled your reading speed without any decline in comprehension and retention

The curriculum of this online course is well articulated to activate and accelerate your learning potentials.

Course highlights:

  • 8.5 hours of training video
  • Over 175,000 students enrolled
  • 21 days online program available on all smart devices
  • Flexible payment plan
  • Monthly mentoring session with Vishen Lakhiani

2. Udemy: 10X Superhuman learning: Speed reading & Memory Booster

10x Superhuman Learning Speed Reading & Memory Booster

Speed reading and memory booster course is an all-inclusive productivity online course which will increase your speed reading, give you a solid memory and help you maximize your learning skills.


  • Detailed examples and practical exercises
  • Course is highly rated
  • All additional resource are free and downloadable
  • Course is well structured for easy comprehension


  • Course too broad
  • Some modules were repeated

This online speed reading course is a highly rated course that is designed by the world renowned productivity coach Silviu Marisk.

This course will teach you how to improve your memory, acquire new improved note taking techniques and improve your reading speed. Another benefit of taking this course is that you won’t only learn about speed reading but you will learn human productivity in general.

This course is great for you if you desire to stop procrastinating as it is an all-inclusive course on productivity, self-development and human psychology

Course highlights:

  • Over 8 hours on demand video
  • 4.6 of 5 star rating
  • Over 55,000 students enrolled
  • Full lifetime access
  • Free bonus resource on productivity

3. Rev it up reading course: online speed reading course

Now's The Time To Get Up To Speed With What You Read!

Learn to read faster, concentrate better, and understand more with simple techniques developed by renowned speed reading expert Abby Marks Beale


  • Free e-book authored by the instructor
  • Free speed reading test
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Course is self-paced
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • No lifetime access
  • Subscription has to be renewed

Rev it up reading course is best for you if you are a student and wish to absorb more information efficiently in a limited available time.

This 5 hours online course developed by Mrs Abby Marks Beale; a leading expert of speed reading in the USA will equip you with the right technique to take control of your reading, be more focused, understand and retain more of what you read either on paper or on screen.

The self-evaluation assessment and timed exercises will help you track your progress and make you more confident of your reading abilities.

Course highlights:

  • Interactive training modules
  • Direct access to instructor by mail
  • 24/7 on demand access to course through any smart device
  • Certificate of completion

4. Udemy: Become a super learner 2: learn speed reading and boost memory

Become A Superlearner® 2 Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory

This bestseller online speed reading course is one of udemy’s top selling courses of all time. It will help you develop super learning skills, and change your life.


  • Printable interactive worksheet
  • Videos are detailed with practical demonstrations
  • Instructor are renowned experts
  • Suitable for all
  • Course is subtitled in over 12 languages


  • Lots of theoretical information

This course is an upgraded and updated version of the first version which was a huge success by all standards on udemy. In this updated version, the instructors made key improvements and it can now be used by individuals with learning disabilities.

This course will help you learn how to triple your reading speed even if you are not a college graduate with a corresponding increase in your retention and comprehension levels. You will also learn techniques that will help you master the internalization of information and memorization.

The instructor of this course Jonathan Levi, Lev Goldentouch, Anna Goldentouch and Leslie Benavides are all renowned instructors and leading experts in speed reading and personal development.

This course is your best bet if you seek to increase your learning capabilities and change your life.

Course highlights:

  • 1.5 hours additional video content from other reliable sources
  • 5 hours of improved on demand videos
  • Over 175,000 students enrolled
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • 4.5 of 5 star rating

5. Skillshare: Speed Reading Mastery

Speed Reading Mastery Double Your Reading Speed In 7 Days

Ever thought of learning a new skill or reading the unread books on your bookshelf? Speed reading mastery course by Jordan harry will help you double your reading speed with great comprehension, retention and focus within the shortest time possible.


  • Active and supportive online community
  • Unlimited access to all class
  • Lessons can be accessed offline
  • Suitable for all levels
  • One year money back guarantee


  • The course is very short considering the pedigree of the instructor.

This short speed reading course by Jordan Harry is all you need if you desire to increase your reading speed and comprehend more within the shortest time possible.

In this easy-to-follow course, you will learn to instantly double your reading speed, effective methods for note-taking, and efficient advanced scanning methods.

Jordan Harry uses a very interesting, innovative, and fun method to teach this speed reading course. Either you are a beginner or looking for advanced techniques to increase your reading speed in a short time this course is what you need.

Course highlights:

  • Lifetime access to updates
  • 32 short lessons
  • Over 3700 students enrolled
  • Hands-on class project
  • Certification on completion

6. Linkedin Learning: Learning speed reading

Learning Speed Reading (2014)

Explore proven techniques that will enhance your comprehension skill and give you a better understanding of how your memory works with Paul Nowak the founder and CEO of Irisreading.com


  • The course is suitable for beginners
  • Downloadable resources and it can be accessed offline
  • Transcript is available for each class
  • Free one month trial


  • The course is too short

This short online speed reading course by Paul Nowak is suitable to all especially beginners who wish to increase their reading speed and rate of comprehension.

The course is taught in a very professional way, with short and concise information which have a great impact on the students. Paul Nowak, the instructor of the course, holds workshops on memory improvement and speed reading to organizations such as Google, NASA and other fortune 500 companies.

This course will help you to absorb information very fast without losing focus or retention. The final class in this online course will unveil to you advanced techniques for reading different types of media, technical material, articles and ebooks.

Course highlights:

  • Certificate on completion
  • Interactive learning
  • Over 56,000 students enrolled

7. Iris Reading: Speed reading and memory courses

Speed Reading & Memory Courses

Iris reading is a leading and trusted provider of memory and speed reading training worldwide. Iris reading focuses on three main pillars; speed, comprehension and retention.


  • Private sessions can be scheduled
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Free mini speed reading class


  • You have to purchase two separate courses for the best result.

The Iris online speed reading course is created with everyone in mind. The course is beautifully crafted into three separate courses for easy access and comprehension of speed reading techniques and memory retention skills.

The first course is basically for students who want to master the art of learning fast with advanced reading techniques. It also focuses on the difference which exists between reading from paper and a digital device. The second course however is for reading experts who seek to learn more advanced techniques for improving and increasing their reading skill. The students are taught the skill of visualization and information absorption.

Iris speed reading and memory course is a comprehensive course and great for all interested in improving their reading skills.

Course highlights:

  • Live workshops
  • Discount on all courses
  • Self-Paced with easy to comprehend videos
  • Certificate on completion

8. The 7-speed reading course: online speed reading course

You'll Read 3x Faster With Full Comprehension. Or, We'll Give You A Full Refund And $50 On Top!

Enjoy a step-by-step training from leading experts in speed reading. This self-improvement and educational course will triple your learning abilities in two weeks.


  • Step-by-step guide from leading experts in speed reading
  • Guaranteed result
  • Interesting and easy to comprehend course
  • Available as an app on windows and Ios devices


  • More of theory than practicals

The 7 speed reading online course is specially designed by leading experts in the field of speed reading and personal development to provide an easy to comprehend technique for improving the speed at which individuals learn.

The course instructors apply several strategies to help you improve your learning skill in an effective and efficient way. After completing this online course you will be equipped with life hacks to become a super-learning machine.

Course highlights:

  • 6 hours video of exclusive training
  • Access to over 20,000 e-book library
  • Access to 5 members of the family at no additional cost
  • One year money back guarantee

9. Udemy: The definitive course on speed reading. All techniques + hacks

The Definitive Course On Speed Reading. All Techniques+hacks

Acquire techniques that won’t just increase your reading speed but make you a super reader with the capacity to consume and absorb information faster in a limited time.


  • Full lifetime access
  • Accessible on all smart devices
  • Practical and helpful exercises to aid comprehension
  • Very engaging videos


  • Course might be too basic for advanced learners

This course is a compilation of best speed reading techniques used by celebrities, guinness world record holders and top universities in the world

This course will teach you the exact techniques being used by top universities to speed through massive amounts of information. It will also show you how you can take advantage of the latest technology and make yourself a super reader. The course is structured in an easy to understand curriculum for everyone to take advantage of.

The instructor of this online speed reading course is Matt Wong, a super multi-tasker who is addicted to learning. He has taught over 10,0000 students and helped them become better and fast learners.

Reading at an increased speed with less effort and great results is your experience after taking this course.

Course highlights:

  • 4.5 of 5 star rating
  • Over 7000 students enrolled
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • Access to 7 articles on speed reading
  • Access to downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion

10. Skillshare: Read Better Faster

Read Better Faster Triple Your Speed Reading In Just 7 Days

Bid slow reading farewell by learning best strategies to increase your reading speed in a more fulfilling, fun and faster way.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Detailed practical exercises for good comprehension
  • The Course is taught in an entertaining and friendly manner
  • Unlimited access to every class
  • A creative online community for support


The articulation of the instructor is poor

Increase your reading speed in 7 days without any boring practices or breaking your focus with this online course on skillshare. Imagine what you can achieve when you assimilate more information within a short time and still retain this information for a long time.

This course is specially designed in an entertaining way for beginners to learn the techniques that will improve their reading capacity and help them avoid common mistakes fast readers make.

The goal of the instructor is to help you increase your reading speed to about 1,000 words per minute and place you in the 1% elite readers in the world.

The course is divided into three modules; the first is the introductory sessions, the second will unveil the techniques to skyrocket your reading speed while the third will help you master the strategies for good comprehension, retention and focus.

Whatever your profession, this course is perfect for you if you desire to improve your life and learn anything 3 times faster.

Course highlights:

  • Over 6,000 students enrolled
  • Offline classes with skillshare’s app
  • 2 hours on demand quality videos
  • Well experienced instructor

11. Legentas: Online speed reading course:

Learn To Read 2x As Effectively!

Legentas increases your reading speed by focusing on eye training. It helps increase your visual span to capture more words by training your eyes.


  • Free three training trial session
  • Available in 7 different languages
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Interactive sessions with the instructor
  • Unlimited access to additional resource even after finishing the course


  • The course is large and takes long time to complete
  • Separate versions for schools, companies and lecturers

This online speed reading course on legentas was designed by a team of leading experts and top professionals to help students double their reading speed by focusing on their visual span.

The classes are presented as exercises to promote comprehension and increase learning potentials. The feedback feature after every class makes it more interactive and impactful

This online speed reading course will teach you good reading habits, how to concentrate and read more words at one time, how to expand your view through good eye movements, and provide you with the modern way to read and increase your speed of learning anything effectively.

Course highlights:

  • Immediate feedback after each class
  • Excellent external resources
  • Speed reading rate test
  • Complete e-book on speed reading
  • Certificate of completion


Taking one of these online speed reading courses will help you increase your learning capacity and develop an efficient reading skill.

Super reading course by Jim kwik is the best online speed reading course you can enroll in to master the speed reading skill and comprehend more information within a short time. This is because Jim is the best at what he does and the course is well structured with relevant information and techniques to improve your learning capabilities.

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