10 Best Online Songwriting Courses 2022 : Learn All about Sonwriting with These Online Courses.

Many people believe skills like songwriting come naturally as a talent to only a few people. While that may be true, some people are talented in making good music. That doesn’t invalidate the process of learning and honing the skills required to write excellent songs.

If you ask the professionals, you would eventually realize that the pros put in the work before they come up with masterpieces too. That points to the fact that you can always learn and master the techniques used in writing songs as well.

Want to learn how the pros do their magic in songwriting? Here is a list of the best online songwriting courses taught by professionals.

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10 Best Online Songwriting Classes 2022

Alicia Keys Teaches Songwriting And Producing

MasterClass offered some real master class by bringing Alicia to teach all she knows on how to write songs and produce good music. The iconic singer breaks down the process of making songs into simple relatable steps. She doesn’t just treat the course like a regular teaching class but the length to make the lessons relatable by using her personal experiences as analogies.

Her track record also validates that what she teaches actually works. Alicia has a whopping 15t Grammy Awards under her belt. And also a record 40 million album sales worldwide. Her songs are well built lyrically. If you’re a fan of her music, I’m sure you can testify to this.

The classes were recorded in her studio. This makes the lessons quite practical and hands-on. If you would make the most from this course, it is advisable to learn and implement. If you can go the length of getting a studio to yourself; it would better your learning experience.

The course outline contains 19 modules all in video lessons. This covers everything from making regular beats to fine tuning your sound, there’s discussion on finding your own music, how to exploit your inner self in writing songs, using music as a tool to communicate, and much more. The length of the course is 3 hours and 22 minutes – that’s long but really enjoyable and filled with useful knowledge.

Course highlights:

  • The course includes practical sessions
  • Over 3 hours of video lessons
  • Certificate of completion

2. Coursera: The Singer/Songwriter Specialization

The Singer Songwriter Specialization

As our number two entry on the best online songwriting courses is a specialization from Coursera. What is a specialization? This is beyond an ordinary online course, a specialization is a combination of more than one courses that form part of the whole. What this means is that you get to learn from different experts each talking on their specific subjects.

The songwriter specialization on Coursera goes beyond on person talking generally about music and writing songs. It’s literally a form of music school where students learn from individual teachers what they have practiced over time. No generalization, just specificity.

The specialization has got a combined 4.7 star rating from the 4 courses it comprises. That’s one high rating if you ask me. This course specialization has seen over 14,000 students enrolled and well over 3,700 of these gave the good ratings. The focus of the course is to help students turn emotions and ideas into beautiful songs.

Course highlights:

  • Comprises four individual courses
  • Special certificate issued upon completion

3. Udemy: The Basics of Pro Songwriting – Tom Worth

The Basics Of Pro Songwriting

Basics of Pro Songwriting is an online course worthy of mention on this list for its ingenuity and authenticity. Tom Worth really goes over and above to deliver an excellent outline that practically approaches the art of professional songwriting.

This course is found on Udemy with over 8,000 students enrolled in the course so far. From over 1,500 of these students, the course still maintains an average rating of 4.7 which speaks volumes of its reliability.

Here are the areas the course covers; the basics of commercial songwriting, knowing song structure, melody, and lyrics writing. He also talks on rhyming and phrasing. The concluding part of the module focuses on common mistakes songwriters make and how to avoid them.

Tom Worth has been a Pro Songwriting coach for close to 15 years. His online course is an offshoot of his successful run as a songwriter and coach. That’s one of the perks of going through this course, the passion he teaches with is quite contagious.

How long does it take to go through the course outline for this online class? I’ll tell you, it’s a minimum of 6 hours. Why this long? The simple answer is that the course is extensive. Not only does the instructor cover every area of writing songs professionally, he also painstakingly analyzes real life scenarios to help drive the point home the more.

Course highlights:

  • It comprises 5 sections and 33 lectures
  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • Lifetime access and certificate included

4. Coursera: Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

Songwriting Writing The Lyrics

Pat Pattison is a professor of Liberal Arts and Science. He has a unique teaching method that helps students see song writing beyond the superficial. When you can define and identify your point of view in a song, you find it easier to relate with words. This ideology helps bring to life the main idea of any song, even those you didn’t write.

In the course, you also get to learn the art of choosing words without compromising the integrity of the song. Using line lengths, syllable stressing, line counting, then mixing it all in good melody. With other discussion including phrasing and how to use it in blending songs, evoking emotions with songs, and lastly, assonance and consonance rhymes.

Pat really brings his A-game in this course. If you pay close attention, you just might have a standard song before finishing the module just by doing the examples and practices. Little wonder this course boasts an incredible 4.8 rating of 5.

Course highlights:

  • Self-paced and flexible deadlines
  • Extensive lessons span about 17 hours
  • Shareable certificate upon completion

5. Udemy: SONGWRITING SIMPLIFIED: Music Theory, Melody & Creativity

Songwriting Simplified Music Theory, Melody & Creativity

Songwriting Simplified is an online music course that teaches how to become a complete musician. Majorly, this course focuses on teaching songwriting for piano and guitar players. So, you can expect to learn how to blend in beats and melodies.

So far, over 7,000 students have enrolled for the course on Udemy. From the past student reviews, it is clear this course delivers on its promises. With a rating of 4.7 of 5, this course covers the basics of songwriting, which is a good way for beginners to start their journey into music.

As a requirement for this course, students need to have a guitar or piano in their immediate reach. Not just having it, but also being able to play a few basic notes on it. As the instructor demonstrates, students also get to implement.

The course instructor, Steve Glazer, is a guitarist himself. He spent a good part of his music career as a signed artist to an Indie label in Austin, Texas. This gave him the platform to have performed at many occasions around the US.

Course highlights:

  • About 38 downloadable resources included
  • Extensive course
  • 5 hours of video lessons
  • Certificate of completion included

6. MasterClass: St. Vincent Teaches Creativity and Songwriting

St Vincent Teaches Creativity And Songwriting

Annie Clark, who goes by the stage name St. Vincent, is a popular singer and songwriter who has made a name for herself in the music scene as a top-rated solo rock artist. Her style of singing is one that highlights good lyrics which sync with her guitar tunes.

In 16 lessons, St Vincent created a MasterClass that walks her students through the individual processes involved in writing songs, making melodious tunes, and blending them to produce quality music. No one does it better when it comes to bringing in emotions into song lyrics. And that’s why this particular course catches the eye of students.

The whole module takes about 2 hours and 18 minutes to complete. In the course outline, Annie treats the topics progressively. Starting from the basics of song analysis, phrasing in lyrics writing, melody creation, blending with instruments with a focus on the guitar, among many other points covered in the course.

Course highlights:

  • Experienced instructor
  • Course includes 16 modules
  • Over 2 hours of video lessons

7. Udemy: Songwriting 101- Composition, Lyrics + Music Production

Songwriting 101 Composition, Lyrics + Music Production

Songwriting 101 is a massive course created by Digital Music Masters, an online music production company. Like the title says, this course goes through the fundamentals of making a song; from composition to synergy to mixing and mastering. If you are looking to go into songwriting and music production, then this is a practical guide to starting out.

The two instructors used by the music production company in this course are Tomas George and Peter Darling. Both of these guys are exceptional at what they do, and trust me, they covered their respective topics well in this course. Tomas teaches the music production part while Peter goes into the details of songwriting.

Songwriting 101 is available on Udemy. The course is a bestseller online course with a rating of 4.6 from 5. Over 3,500 students have passed through the course module and the feedback is largely positive. This course is an excellent training ground for people looking to groom their passion for music into a professional level.

Course highlights:

  • Over 8 hours of video lessons
  • Six downloadable resources included
  • Certificate of completion

8. Udemy: Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs

Song Science 1 How Pros Use 6 Chords To Write Hit Songs

Have you ever wondered how the pros do this music thing almost effortlessly? It’s mostly because they have mastered the art of songwriting. This is what Rob discusses in his Song Science course on Udemy. He gives a practical guide that pro songwriters use to come up with good melody and lyrics to follow.

The focus of this course is on the use of chord progressions. As a songwriter, when you’re used to some tunes, it can serve as a block to your creativity. Learning to explore more tunes opens the door to creativity. This approach is shown with practical examples and case studies to help students grasp the concept in the course.

Course instructor, Rob from Musicians Inspired, talks largely around how to explore the art of songwriting and making music freely. The course is short lasting only about an hour of video lessons. This course is designed to help musicians see the trick to master songwriting.

Course highlights:

  • 56 minutes of video lessons with One article attached
  • Certificate of completion included

9. CreativeLive: Robert Lang Studios Songwriting Class

Robert Lang Studios Songwriting Class

CreativeLive is a platform where many creative courses are taught. The Robert Lang Studios Songwriting Class is about the richest module covering songwriting you will find on the site. The course features two instructors, Rocky Votolato and Kris Orlowski, both of whom are top music producers.

This course has taught well over 4,200 students to write lyrics to songs and find melodies to go with the lyrics. The course is done in 6 video lessons. Each covering a significant aspect of making professional music.

The highlight of the course is the part which covers the seven elements of successful songwriting. Here, you get a practical guide that would get your writing good lyrics along with excellent ideas for melodious tunes to blend them with.

Course highlights:

  • Lessons last for about 2 hours
  • Instructed by two veteran music productions
  • Lifetime access and certificate included

10. Lynda: Songwriting Techniques with Chords

Songwriting Techniques With Chords

In two hours and with six modules, Julian Velard teaches how to write songs that resonate deeply with the artist within you. His focus is on using chords and alternating chords to stay dynamic in songwriting and music production.

What exactly do you get to learn from the courses included here? For one, how to write songs from scratch, using songwriting tools and techniques, syncing with instruments, basics of playing guitar chords and scales, genre writing, breathing and vocal techniques, how to record and edit music in production, and many other topics I can’t cover here.

As a basic knowledge, students learn music theory from this course first. This serves as a background knowledge to help better flow of creativity. During the course, the instructor guides students to write a song that resonates with them. When students can achieve this, then songwriting becomes less daunting. You own the skill that way.

Course highlights:

  • Five topic outlines treated
  • 2 hours of video lessons
  • Rated for intermediate level musicians


Songwriting becomes less of a challenge when you learn the techniques of professionals. Who better to teach how it’s done than veteran singer and songwriter, Alicia Keys. She has had quite the successful singing career. And there’s a lot she has to offer when it comes to teaching how to make good songs. Her master class easily stands out on this list.

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