9 Best Online Classes for Self Defense. Online Self-Defense Trainings for Women, men ad kids.

In the world we live in today, every man, woman, and young ones would fare better being able to defend themselves. You never can tell when such a skill would come in handy.

Training in high-energy martial arts and self-defense techniques gives you physical fitness and combat preparedness. The good news is that there’s a suitable training best suited for all levels of learners.

Our job here is to point you in the right direction in learning how to defend yourself. Check out our list of the best online self-defense classes.

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9 Best Online Self Defense Classes and Courses 2022

Advanced Close Combat Training Scientific Self Defense

To master self-defense, you need to learn from the best. Learning from the best alone won’t do it all. You all need to put in the work and practice as much as you can. The Advanced Close Combat Training on Udemy helps her students to master the art of close combat given that they practice the teachings.


  • A wide variety of combat techniques covered
  • World renowned instructor with quality years of field training
  • Modules are very detailed with practical approach to master every lesson
  • Lifetime access for ease of revision during self-practice


  • Some of the techniques taught are advanced for beginners to grasp
  • Practicing most of the moves requires a partner

The scientific self defense class is an advanced training that covers the majority of physical and mental combat techniques. Going through the modules covers numerous approaches to master the art of using combat as a defense or on the attack.

Close Combat is not so commonly taught at a detailed level such as this. Hence, it takes commitment to the training and several practice sessions to master a lot of the moves. The crux of the module is a training on how to hit with the most pressure and force regardless of size and speed.

The course instructor, Chris Pizzo, is a military combat expert and also a second degree black belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master. That goes to prove that you’re in good hands following through on this course. In the lessons, he takes a very personal approach that helps students learn the fundamentals and build on it from there.

Course highlights:

  • Top rating of 4.5 out of 5
  • Two sections of training covering 23 modules
  • 3 hours of on-demand video
  • Certificate of completion available
  • Top-rated instructor

2. Skillshare: Martial Arts Workout Routines | Daily Training & Exercise

Martial Arts Workout Routines Daily Training & Exercise

Martial arts is a very effective form of combat that not only allows you to defend yourself, but also helps maintain control of the mind and body. Mastering a combat skill like this gives you an edge in close combat. Thankfully, this skill share course does justice to that.


  • The training is split into multiple work out sessions making it easy to cover
  • Instructor approach is friendly and conversational
  • Covers various martial arts disciplines
  • Moves are well explained and can be easily practiced


  • Not directly focused on combat training
  • Training doesn’t go in-depth into any of the disciplines

With this course, you get to master control of your body to achieve good flexibility. Flexibility is key in martial arts practice. Hence, the essence of laying such a foundation for the class. The training also takes students through a series of beat practices to develop body stamina and power.

Each workout routine lasts about 10 minutes. You can trust that those minutes are intense and highly effective as required. The lessons are also well structured to go from slow and easy to hard and fast. This way beginners get carried along easily.

Each module touches on the defensive pose and the striking technique. This gives you a well rounded self defense training. Some of the disciplines treated in this online course include Kung Fu, QiGong, Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, among many others.

The course is instructed by Jason Gandy. A skilled Martial Artists who majors in training learners to master the ancient arts and stay fit. He takes a practical approach to teaching which makes the course more lovable.

Course highlights:

  • Daily workout assignments
  • Over 89% approval from students
  • Two hours of video training
  • Lifetime access for better practice

3. ProTrainings: Self Defense Classes

Online Practical Self Defense

The ProTrainings’ Self Defense Class is definitely one of the best online self-defense classes. It’s a training that focuses on how to defend oneself against attacks. With specific attention paid to differences in gender, body size, and personalities.


  • Professional training setting
  • Detailed course modules
  • Practical guide for applying techniques
  • Well experienced instructors


  • Relatively expensive
  • Lessons are too basic for advanced combat

Self-defense class by ProTrainings is an online course structured to help anyone master simple but effective techniques to shield oneself against attacks. The course is all inclusive and can be applied by anyone who devotes time to practice the lessons.

Learn how to properly use a pepper spray to deter an attacker. Also, how to practice special moves with no training partner. The instructor goes very practical to demonstrate how to best apply the lessons in real life situations.

Course highlights:

  • Five modules plus bonus sections
  • Over 1 hour of in-demand video
  • Subtitles added to videos
  • Support for students
  • Weekly video refresher

4. Udemy: Learn Military Close Combat Training | Captain Chris Pizzo

Learn Military Close Combat Training Captain Chris Pizzo

Here’s another masterpiece from the expert combat trainer, Chris Pizzo. This time he teaches hand-to-hand self-defense strategies. Proven to be effective against all forms of attack. Allows you to stay in control of situations.


  • Quick hits and tricks that can be easily mastered
  • Focus on how to apply moves in real life
  • Excellent video quality and scenery


  • Too technical for beginners

Getting the techniques right is very important for effective self defense. The goal is to be able to utilize moves learnt in certain situations where the need arises. This is the approach of Chris Pizzo in this course. He tries to bring some complicated techniques to a level that it can be used by anyone. Of course, practice is required.

This course goes through targeting as a tactic in combat. How you hit, where to hit, when to hit; are some of the techniques learnt in specifics. It also touches on special moves like the forward drive, the irish whip, the shoulder smash, the ranger choke, and some other sleek moves. Students of this course have particularly enjoyed the practice sessions displayed in the lectures. They make the course much more relatable.

Course highlights:

  • Best seller rated
  • Excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5
  • 2 hours, 30 minutes of video training
  • Certificate of completion
  • Additional materials included

5. Self Defense Training Online (Self-Defense College)

How Real People Like You Eliminate Real Threats

The aim of the Self Defense Training course from the Self Defense College is to bring applicable methods for stopping attackers dead in their tracks to civilians. This is a drive for putting out the police academy for civilians and home study kits available on this website.


  • More than one instructor treating specific sections
  • Numerous modules on proven defense moves
  • Target lectures for specific real life situations
  • Available CD ROM for offline use
  • Access to live training facility


  • The course is fairly expensive

This self-defense course takes you from a fearful indoor person to a bold confident person. It doesn’t take too long. Just consistent practice and attention to detail. Many students of this training program have attested to the efficiency of the tips and guidelines provided by the instructors.

The self-defense course is for everyone. It covers strategies for kids to use, for young adults, for women, and for men alike. One thing students have also commended about this module is that it doesn’t sugarcoat any scenario. You get to be prepared for real life scenarios where there are no rule books in place.

Course highlights:

  • Complete training course
  • Three bonus video series
  • Certification available
  • Delivery of DVD and CD training
  • Online quizzes included

6. Skillshare: Street Fighting for Self-Defense

Street Fighting For Self Defense

Street fighting for self-defense is one of the best online self-defense classes. The skillshare course is a short compilation of quick life hacks for stopping an attack and protecting yourself and your loved ones.


  • Easy to blaze through course
  • Direct practical teaching approach
  • Style meant for all levels of students


  • No in-depth knowledge passed
  • Requires some experience to master moves

Learning to defend yourself against an attacker is no easy task. You need to be prepared for any move. And also aware that life isn’t always fair to play by the rules. Neil Mars, the course instructor makes sure to capitalize on these two points.

The basics of this course is targeted at defending against strong attackers. Handle simple defense weapons like a pocket knife or pepper spray. How to control emotions and de-escalate situations.

He also talks on popular moves that help build agility and body stamina. Get to learn martial arts, a bit of kickboxing, and some weapon usage tricks.

Course highlights:

  • One hour of video training
  • Five lessons with assignments
  • Over 800 students with satisfactory remarks

7. Udemy: The Complete Course For Krav Maga. (Practitioner 1-5 Level)

The Complete Course For Krav Maga. (practitioner 1 5 Level)

Krav Maga is one of the ancient techniques monks use to protect themselves and also stop attackers. It’s a power discipline of the martial arts which when mastered can easily make you a defense wall.


  • Detailed explanation of Krav Maga techniques
  • Touch on other basic self defense moves
  • Well experienced instructor


  • Too many techniques discussed can lead to overloading of information
  • Training is slowly conducted in general

This course is a very detailed online self defense class that delivers all there is to become an expert in Krav Maga. Of course, that’s not a small feat. You need to be devoted to learning and months of practice to completely learn all there is in this course.

Either ways, the few skills students are able to master from this course goes a long way to help them in self-defense. In the modules, you will learn how to kick, punch, choke, bear hugs, ground attacks, sparring, handling knife threats and attacks, and a host of other Krav Maga applications.

Panos Zacharios, designed this course to train warriors and not worriers. He has learnt and mastered Krav Maga since 2006. And started out teaching the defense skill to thousands of people in camps and now in online platforms since 2007.

Course highlights:

  • Excellent rating of 4.6
  • 7 hours+ of on-demand video
  • Additional materials added
  • Certification available upon completion

8. Gracie University: Combatives Beginner Program

Gracie University

The Gracie University Combatives Beginner Program is a Jiu-Jitsu program offered online to teach self defense. This is just one of the courses available in the university. And it is versatile in what it teaches.


  • Well detailed course
  • Practical guide to applying techniques
  • Access to physical training facility
  • Earn belts for each progress made


  • Takes long to complete training
  • Not self-paced. Uses a calendar.

This course contains several modules and bonus sections alike. Ranging from self-defense to Grabs, Choke holds, bear hugs, and mount escapes. These techniques will not only teach you how to defend yourself against attacks but also help you keep fit.

With this course, you can be sure of an all-round approach to self-defense. The modules cover both the physical and psychological aspects of combat. Learn what to do when an attacker suddenly comes at you. You also learn the best security measures to put in place in your home, workplace, and for your personal protection.

Course highlights:

  • Focus on important 36 techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • 23 lessons each for one hour
  • Rank belts given
  • Certification available

9. She Warrior Women's Self Defense: The Complete Beginner Training

She Warrior Self Defense The Complete Beginner Training

She Warrior Self Defense is a women’s self-defense course taught by a woman, Jenn Cassetta. She puts proper perspective to self-defense as a woman. With special treatment for dangerous situations that women need to learn to protect themselves from dangerous attackers.


  • Focus on mental and physical drilling
  • Discussion around women-peculiar threat situations
  • Preventive measures to stay out of danger
  • Access to the instructor


  • Only focuses on women training

Among the several techniques covered in this class are simple techniques to disarm an attacker with a weapon (be it a knife or an hand-held gun), how best to react during a sudden attack, the best areas to hit in the body to make an attacker fall flat, the super charge technique for producing more force when you strike, and several other amazing close combat best practices.

Course highlights:

  • 24 lessons and 3 bonus modules included
  • Video and pdf training materials
  • Self-defense and attacking training
  • Certification upon completion


Now that you’ve learnt the possibility of learning proper self defense, you should be ready to make a choice of which training would give you the best result. While training for self defense online can be hectic, it is much more doable with the right class.

The Udemy Advanced Close Combat Training – Scientific Self Defense is a great pick on this list. The training is for all persons and is very practical in its approach. The course stands out as the best on our list.

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