Best Online Reiki Training Courses 2021 : Top Energy Healing Classes

Reiki is a form of energy healing used for several therapeutic conditions. This practice dates back to ancient Japan as far back as the mid-1800s.

This practice has ever since been adopted by many and is being used in healing, therapy, and self-discovery. And as a result, many people are flocking to learn the procedure to this aspect of pseudo-medicine.

To learn Reiki, students are to receive a significant energy transfer from their masters. This is referred to as attunement. This process has been the primary barrier to the spread of this art. However, recently Reiki practitioners have found that distance attunements work just as beautiful.

Hence, online Reiki courses have received an increasingly higher demand. And subsequently, there are more tutors out there.

What does it take to learn Reiki online? And which courses have tabled the best offers?; these are some questions answered in this exciting read.

Choosing the Best Online Reiki Courses

Online classes for Reiki have been developed to the best suite for specific needs in enthusiasts. Certain factors should affect the choice of Reiki online course.

Some of these factors determine your eligibility for the course in general. While others talk about how well the course can better your practice of Reiki.


Reiki can be practised at three different levels. We have Levels I, II, and at the Master’s level. The three levels differ right from the performance level to the attunement performance.

Different courses on the performance of energy healing have been optimized over the years. With Level 1 Reiki, you can perform necessary therapeutic measures on yourself, on pets, and to help other people calm themselves.

Level II Reiki builds on the knowledge from the previous level. This applies to the use of Reiki for self-discovery and other intricate psychotherapeutic processes.

Master-level Reiki allows practitioners to bring other people into the art. You can learn to perform attunements for learners of your practice. This level helps you master all available techniques for Usui Reiki pseudoscience arts.


This has to do with the focus of the Reiki healing class. From the different forms of Reiki available, specialization is to focus on one part of the practice.

Standard online Reiki courses focus on traditional Reiki, crystal Reiki, and Animal Reiki. These methods have been proven over time for their effectiveness. Online courses often pick a lane to exploit in any of these Reiki types.

Another factor that determines how well a course focuses on any form of Reiki practice is the experience of the tutor. When the teacher is more focused on animal therapy Reiki, such a course would hardly be applicable for individual pseudo therapy.


The certificate of completion awarded to students after an online Reiki course is tied to the level of practice being taught.

Certificates are essential for practising Reiki as a business. This is the reason why licenses are issued. Not that the document can replace the importance of attunement, but rather as a seal of having learned the principles of Reiki and energy healing.

To verify that a certificate of completion is issued for any online Reiki course, it is expedient to check with the instructor before joining in. In either case, a license is only there to bolster the attunement and other crucial performances during training.

Table of Contents

7 best online reiki courses

Reiki Level I, II and Master/Teacher Program

Many Reiki enthusiasts have had a challenge with getting attunements due to barriers in the distance. Others have issues finding well-versed masters to usher them in. An online Reiki course such as this eliminates such uncertainties.

The Reiki multilevel program on Udemy is structured to take you from enthusiast to master upon completion. This course is about the most comprehensive module for beginners.

Instructor, Lisa Powers, is a passionate tutor and experienced Reiki practitioner. She has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Education, which are exceptional qualifications as a teacher. And to top her educational background, she has a Reiki master certificate alongside her attunement.

This course is rated Bestseller with a rating of 4.7. And notably, this incredible rating is from a massive student base numbering over 131,000. With a module such as this, you can be sure to get the quality of one-on-one attunements despite the distance.

A primary focus of this program is the traditional Usui Reiki methods. The lessons also discuss using Reiki for personal healing and growth and touching on the history and evolution of its practice. Then, knowledge on channelling the body energy systems, different methods for practising Reiki, connecting with guiding forces, are also communicated in detail.

In a little over 6 hours, this course takes you on a journey into the depths of Reiki. Though, you would need more time practice and master the skills. The revelations in this module are, however, more than enough to set you on course.

Course highlights:

  • 42 downloadable resources to make attunement more relatable
  • Three Reiki certifications awarded for each stage
  • Experienced instructor with a handful of tips for mastery

2-Udemy: Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification - Energy Healing

Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification - Energy Healing

The different levels of Reiki practice come with their attunements each. Subsequently, practising at these levels have different capabilities and responsibilities. A combination of all the levels is what this course offers.

Once you start with the course, you would go through all the levels of training up to the master level. The module takes you on a cruise through the intricate procedures of performing Reiki energy healing. With its application spanning from family, friends, clients, to even pets.

This course has been marked quality with a rating of 4.7 from the close to 55,000 students enrolled. It comes with a comprehensive 89-lecture series spread across 17 sections. All of which can be completed within 3 hours and some minutes.

“Energy healing” as this module is tagged delves into the roots of Reiki therapy. When there is an understanding of energy channelling and other principles affecting Reiki practice, effectiveness becomes easier.

On the one hand, this course is nicely poised to give you the required distant attunements. And on the other hand, you also learn to perform attunements for students of your own. And thus the spread of positive Reiki energy around our communities.

Teacher Melissa Crowhurst has been a Reiki master teacher since 2014. She has taught thousands of students to practice the art of energy healing. And also trained several to set up standard Reiki businesses in the same fashion.

Course highlights:

  • Downloadable resources for easy reference during practice
  • High-quality delivery of instructional materials
  • Master Reiki certification available

3-Udemy: Reiki and Colour Therapy

Reiki and Colour Therapy

Reiki and Colour Therapy are two in-vogue alternate treatment techniques that are being explored more in recent times. Be it for personal use or to better the well being of another; these are skills worth learning.

This course was created by two of the savviest Reiki master teachers, Lisa Powers and Libby Seery. Their combined effort brings life into the learning of these delicate practices. Lisa, who is the director of the International Reiki organization, focuses on the energy healing arts.

While Libby, founder of Renaissance Life Therapies, delves into the therapeutic aspects of both psychotherapy options. The distinct delivery of these issues of focus has led many into unexplored levels of self-discovery and creativity.

This class exploits deeper realms of Reiki and color therapy. Applicable for cognitive enhancement, mental techniques for better intuition, optimizing one’s aura, and many self-healing procedures. They also discuss unique principles like Jungian theory and their application to psychotherapy.

In general, this module is an intelligent model of the pseudoscience healing arts. The course is delivered in 2 hours, 41 minutes spanning 47 lectures. All these came together to form this 4.5-star-rated bestseller course.

Course highlights:

  • Compressed lectures of less than 3 hours
  • Available resources for download to boost learning
  • Beginner level module
  • Two-fold reiki certification issued upon completion

4-Udemy: Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Master/Teacher Training

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Master/Teacher Training

If you have a basic knowledge of Reiki before and you are looking to top it off, here is a perfect course for you. Not only is it designated “Highest rated”, but it is also designed for comprehensive training of Reiki Masters alone.

This course has seen over 2,200 students registered and still maintains a high rating of 4.7. With the focus on advanced master Reiki practice, the student demography is a bit backed up. Nevertheless, the module delivers a more expansive view of advanced energy healing techniques.

An essential part of Reiki is the attunement. Apart from the certification that comes with the levels, the performance is more related to the attunement you get. This is one training that the master course focuses on. You get a distance attunement and you are taught proper ways to perform for other people.

Another crucial aspect of Reiki master training is psychic procedures. This is in a bid to rid yourself and others of bad energy. This is a step ahead of regular energy therapy and mental healing methods. This is a focus of the Usui/Tibetan Reiki system.

Instructor Aimee Phlegar expertly delivers this course. Her approach to seemingly sophisticated alternate medicine techniques betters the understanding of students. And the overall presentation makes the whole process more relatable.

With proper knowledge of Levels I & II Reiki, you can blaze through this 36-lecture class in less than 2 hours. Coupled with useful tips and methodology from Aimee’s 25 years of experience as a drugless therapy practitioner.

Course highlights:

  • About 40 resources for personal study
  • Brief and concise delivery of outline
  • Master Reiki certification

5-Udemy: Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification

Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification

Are you looking to explore something different from the Traditional Reiki methods? This Reiki course teaches on using Crystal Reiki up to the master level.

This course explores the intricacies of crystal healing. The processes here tap into the energy resource of crystals. Also, the course exploits the factors affecting the use of these energy sources for healing and general therapy.

Learn to exploit the different structures of crystals and associated metaphysical properties. From the module, you get to know which crystal forms give off the proper energy for any therapeutic procedure performed. Also, the color of crystals is a focal point of discussion.

This type of Reiki is somewhat unexploited compared to conventional methods. Hence, learning this would give you an edge in the alternative medicine world. About 32,000 students have opted for this exciting field yet, and a majority of them satisfied giving an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Also crucial to the training process is the special attunement for practising crystal Reiki. And instructor Lisa Powers once again does justice to the distance energy transfer. She also guides students on making choices of gems, location, and methodology for practice.

Though it is required that you have a familiarity with traditional Reiki, it is not a stepping stone to learn crystal Reiki. All you need is the ability and basic knowledge of healing using energy from the universe. Hence, it’s advisable to have your Reiki Levels I & II.

A compilation of 38 lectures covers all seven sections of this course. Within the 2 hours of lecture, you learn the history, principles and application of crystal Reiki therapeutic procedures. And in the end, you are certified as a master crystal Reiki practitioner.

Course highlights:

  • In-lecture assignments and practice helps for better understanding
  • Experienced instructor both as alternative therapist and tutor
  • Available downloadable resources to revisit

6-Rob Fellows Reiki: Reiki for Stress

Rob Fellows Reiki: Reiki for Stress

Rob Fellows is a world-renowned Reiki practitioner. He has particular experience in Reiki practice for animal therapy. He has done the deal for several clients, and now, he teaches students his techniques through this online course.

The “Home Study Course” is a compilation of courses for Reiki students to get accustomed with beginner level Reiki and use the attunements for their personal growth. Many of which are also applicable for your favourite pets.

Majority of Rob Fellow courses are Reiki Level 1, and a few others are Level 2. The manual and course outline for each of these courses focuses on a specific form of Reiki. This is in a bid to optimize student’s productivity.

And as a personal advantage, you get one-to-one coaching with Rob during the lectures. This is to compliment the distance attunement performed. The delivery of the coursework is easy to understand, which makes the courses quite spectacular.

Popular courses offered on this platform include Reiki for Dogs, for Dog groomers, for Cats, for Horses, for Stress, and others.

Course highlights:

  • Each course comes with two certificates awarded
  • Expansive modules for a Level I Reiki training

7-Reiki Courses by Lisa Powers

Reiki Courses by Lisa Powers

Lisa Powers, an established alternative therapist and deep Reiki instructor, computes all her courses and lists them for learning on her website. This comprises Reiki courses of all levels and for diverse applications.

Lisa has mastered the art of harnessing the universe’s energy to live a full life. She has ever since been given to making the rest of the world embrace the simplicity of Reiki practice.

As a well-experienced instructor, the courses on this site are properly organized and structured to absorb both new learners and practising students. Depending on your needs, you can get a course suit for you.

Courses offered on the site start from the regular Levels I & II, and Masters Reiki. This then progresses into more specific classes like Crystal Reiki and Animal Reiki. This allows students to be able to specialize in their areas of interest.

Another advantage of taking your Reiki attunement here is the mentorship-like guidance that Lisa provides students here till they can practice the art on their own.

Course highlights:

  • Three courses available for free
  • Self-paced classes
  • All levels of attunements can be received


On a final note, Reiki is a fast-growing alternate medicine procedure that is being accepted rapidly as a potent healing technique. How well the practice is done is what determines the result you command from the system. And how well your method performs is also dependent on how well you have learned the art.

Having considered some of the online avenues for learning Reiki, it is easy to know which courses offer the best outline courses for students. The course, Reiki Levels I, II and Master training program created by Lisa Powers on Udemy, tables the best offer. Taken by one of the best Reiki practitioners worldwide, this course covers every aspect for learning Reiki until master level.

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