Best Online Reflexology Courses 2022 : Learn how to become a Reflexologist

Reflexology is a type of massage in which different amounts of pressure are applied to the hands, ears, feet to promote healing. Reflexologists and massage therapists, therefore, perform a key role in maintaining their client’s wellness and health. The services of reflexologists give therapeutic and remedial results; apart from the relaxation they provide.

Considering the importance of benefits of Reflexology, it is essential people in this profession undertake competent massage therapist training. 

This review is therefore provided to inform you on the best online reflexology courses you can take to improve your performance as a reflexologist.

Best Online Reflexology Courses, what to look for.

There are some factors to consider when looking for an online course to join. These factors are essential because they help to choose a course that suits your need as well as valuable from which you will gain a lot of knowledge about your subject of interest. These factors include:


The first and foremost thing to consider when looking for an online course on Reflexology is your need. The needs of students vary according to their level. Thus, courses come with a focus on meeting a particular need and so serving a specific level.

Some courses emphasize the introductory parts of Reflexology while others dig deep into the more advanced aspects of Reflexology. Therefore, beginners should go for courses that focus on the basics and fundamental aspect of Reflexology. On the other hand, advanced level reflexologists should enrol for courses that offer content on more profound aspects of Reflexology.

Paying careful attention to the description and objectives of an online course will enable you to end up joining a class that will meet your needs.


These courses come at varying prices, so you must choose the one that is within your budget. Checking through people’s reviews and experience about a course help you to know if the course is worth your money or not.


Another essential thing to consider before joining an online course is the quality of the course. This factor is important to ensure that you get optimum value for your time and money.

Courses that are taught by professional and great teachers are usually are easy to understand and also come with great things to learn. Also, access to interact with the instructor and other students helps to ensure that you learn wide.

Table of Contents

7 best online Reflexology Courses

Centre Reflexology

The Reflexology Diploma Course is one of the great courses on Centre of Excellence which is suitable for individuals who desire to know how to treat clients using reflexology techniques.


  • Lessons are in-depth
  • A comprehensive and intensive course
  • Offers lifetime access
  • Allows for a study group


  • Too simple for some people

The Reflexology Diploma Course offers in-depth teaching on the various systems of the body, how they function, how they malfunction, and how to make them recover using reflexology. This course also covers reflexology, its practice, its aims and the people it works for.

In addition, from this course, you get access to video tutorials of Holistic Therapist undertaking a Reflexology Session; with this tutorial, you will understand essential techniques and typical session practice.

Course highlights:

  • 16 modules
  • 7 videos
  • Certificates of completion

2-Udemy: The Complete Foot Reflexology Self-Healing System

Udemy The Complete Foot Reflexology Self Healing System

Do you desire to learn about the complete foot reflexology self-care and self-healing system? If yes, then the Udemy course on the Complete Foot Reflexology Self-Healing System is an ideal and comprehensive course for you.


  • A comprehensive and informative course
  • Accessible on TV and mobile
  • Full lifetime access
  • Easy to follow and practical
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Complaints on the difficulty in hearing the videos
  • Unsuitable for the advanced level reflexologist

This course is a healing method that is based on the science and art of Foot Reflexology. In this course, you are introduced to self-care and self-healing way that you can adopt to be proactive in your health care. You learn how to apply the techniques of Reflexology and how they work through a step by step close up demonstrations. 

The instructor of this course is Dr Anya Hricko, a somatic psychologist, certified reflexologist and life coach with about 40 years teaching experience. Thus, learning from a great instructor as Dr Anya is an assurance that you will have a knowledge-filled and enjoyable learning experience.

Moreover, you are taught the history, theory and benefits of Reflexology and also how to perform reflexology techniques safely with the right body mechanics.  This course will make you proactive with your health using a system of healing that is without a negative side effect.

Course highlights:

  • A very high 4.6-star rating
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 2 downloadable resources plus 8 articles
  • Certificate of completion

3-Udemy: Fully Accredited Reflexology Diploma - Heal Via Your Feet

Udemy Fully Accredited Reflexology Diploma Heal Via Your Feet

Are you looking for a professional Diploma Course on natural healing to the body with Reflexology? If so, then the Udemy course, Fully Accredited Reflexology Diploma- Heal Via Your Feet is the perfect course for you.


  • Fully accredited by Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA)
  • Easy to follow lessons
  • Comes with a comprehensive and informative manual
  • Offers a full lifetime access
  • Accessible on TV and mobile
  • You get work through the modules of this course at your pace


  • Good videos but too short and so not well detailed

This course is put together to give you a unique insight into Reflexology and how it uses holistic means to enhance the healing of the body. This excellent course is taught by Dr Karen E Wells, a professional, experienced reflexologist and a great teacher.

As a Reflexologist, the tools you get in this course will be of help in starting up your Reflexology business. The topics covered in this course include Reflexology & healing, anatomy & biomechanics of the feet, techniques, foot disorders, among others. Over 5,000 students have enrolled for this course.

Course highlights:

  • High 4.4-star rating
  • An hour on-demand video on the techniques of Reflexology
  • A fully comprehensive training manual
  • Certificate of Completion

4-Udemy: Learn Advanced Reflexology and TCM for Health Practitioners

Udemy Learn Advanced Reflexology And Tcm For Health Practitioners

The Udemy course, Learn Advanced Reflexology and TCM for Health Practitioners is an advanced reflexology course for bodyworkers, massage therapists and health practitioners.


  • A systematic and detailed course
  • This course enhances your performance in reflexology healing massages.
  • Professional and clearly structured
  • Full lifetime access
  • Accessible on TV and mobile


  • Unsuitable for beginners who wants the basics of Reflexology

This advanced online reflexology course is offered by Peter Caughey, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). From this course, you learn how to conduct an advanced reflexology treatment and at the same time have a deeper understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Also, you are taught deeply on how to understand reflex point location; you also learn the Acupuncture Meridian locations and Theory. Moreover, during this class, you undertake practical lessons on reflexology massage techniques. You are taught how to detect the signs and symptoms of body dysfunction by reflexology palpitation.

This excellent course enables you to safely and confidently practise Reflexology Healing massage for professional or personal use.

Course highlights:

  • 3 ½ hours on-demand video
  • 1 article and 156 downloadable resources
  • High 4.7 star-rating
  • Suitable advanced course

5-Udemy: Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Certificate

Udemy Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Certificate

The Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Certificate is another online reflexology course taught by Mark Perren-Jones, an excellent massage course instructor. This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning the basic to advanced Thai Foot Reflexology Massage. 


  • A course that gives knowledge on the unique system of treating the feet, legs and ultimately the
  • whole body
  • Offers full lifetime access
  • Accessible on TV and mobile
  • A detailed and informative course


  • Complaints on the unengaging property of the course

You get an in-depth knowledge of how to give a Thai foot reflexology massage, and this allows you to start up your reflexology business. Also, your client base is sure to increase after taking this course, as the people offering Thai Foot Reflexology outside Thailand are few. 

Also, you are taught the energy lines and how to stimulate the specific reflexology points. The knowledge of advanced Thai reflexology massage techniques that you get from this course enables you to treat joint and muscular pain. The instructor guides you step by step through the course content from movements to mobilizations, techniques, energy lines and reflex points.

Course highlights:

  • High 4.6-star rating
  • 4 ½ hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles and 12 downloadable resources
  • Taught by an excellent instructor
  • Certificate of completion

6-Udemy: Fully Accredited Certification in Reflexology

Udemy Fully Accredited Certification In Reflexology

The Udemy course, Fully Accredited Certification in Reflexology, is ideal for beginners of Reflexology; this is because it comes with straightforward content, and the content is absent of medical jargon.


  • Full lifetime access
  • Accessible on TV and mobile
  • Suitable for beginner level reflexologist
  • An informative course
  • Clear explanation and proper documentation of lessons


  • Unsuitable for the advanced level reflexologist
  • Complaints on the poor quality of audio
  • Inadequate demonstrations

In this course, you learn how to plan and conduct a full reflexology treatment for common health conditions. You are also introduced to the legal, ethical and professional components of being a reflexologist and having a reflexology centre.

Moreover, you get knowledge of the human body, reflexology theory and concepts. The instructor teaches you how to identify and palpate anatomy concordant using effective and safe clinical practice. You also learn how to use a range of reflexology diagnostic and treatment skills to a professional and safe level for the treatment of common ailments. Over 1100 students have enrolled for this course.

With the content of this course, it is an excellent course for anyone interested in learning how to effectively use Reflexology for self and others.

Course highlights:

  • High 4.3-star rating
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • Each section comes with a quiz to review what the students learnt
  • 4 articles and 2 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion

7-Skillshare: Advanced Reflexology To Treat Health Conditions

Skillshare Advanced Reflexology To Treat Health Conditions

Do you desire to take your knowledge of reflexology massage to the next level? If yes, then the Skillshare course, Advanced Reflexology to Treat Health Conditions is the ideal for you.


  • Increases your knowledge and professionalism
  • You learn how to treat different health conditions
  • A detailed course


  • The basics of Reflexology is not taught

This course is taken by Mark Perren-Jones, a best-selling massage course instructor. The instructor takes you step by step from how to question your reflexology client when they come for your service, to how to treat them. Then you get to know the specific reflex zones and acupressure massage points to enhance your reflexology practice.

You are also taught how to enable your clients to stimulate their reflex zones and acupressure massage points to get better treatment outcomes. Other things you learn are how to treat headaches, insomnia, menstrual problems, respiratory problems, among other health conditions. About 20 students have enrolled for this course.

Course highlights:

  • Best suited for intermediate level reflexologists
  • Taught by a best-selling instructor
  • About 3 hours on-demand video


Out of all the online reflexology courses reviewed above, Centre of Excellence : Reflexology Diploma Course is the best. This course is excellent because it comes with videos on the techniques of Reflexology as well as a manual that is comprehensive and at the same time very informative. 

These tools make the course suitable for reflexologists who desire to start up a reflexology business. Also, make it people who want the knowledge of reflexology techniques for their personal use.   

Moreover, the course is taught by a professional; the content of the course is easy to follow and understand. This feature of the course makes it suitable for you whether you have prior knowledge of Reflexology or not.

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