9 Best Online Qigong Classes. Learn qigong online with these Qigong Training online courses.

Qigong pronounced “chi gong” is an ancient Asian form of yoga. It literally means “energy work”. It is different from Tai chi because it involves more than just physical body movements.

Qigong involves the practice of cultivating life energy using various techniques to promote energy healing, self-awareness, increase longevity and prevent diseases.

QiGong involves the movement of the body, breathing, and meditation to train mind and body and awaken your soul. In these online courses listed below, you will learn the techniques to make mind and body healthy, to create balance and tranquility within, and to get your mind and body in optimum condition.

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9 Best Online Qigong Classes 2022

Extensive Qigong Movement, Breathing And Meditation Course

Gain more clarity, physical health, strength, and focus on your life by tapping into the power of your life energy (Qi).


  • Lifetime access to the course
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • The instructor is the best-selling qiGong course creator with a 4.7 of 5.0 instructor rating
  • The course is a best seller


  • The videos aren’t the best quality.
  • No external resource for reference

This course is an extensive QiGong program that will teach you breathing techniques, movements, and meditations that will help you live a more focused calm life. After taking this QiGong online course on udemy, you will feel more relaxed, energetic, and focused by understanding and exploring the inner strength you never knew you had.

The beauty of this course is that anyone can do it. The only requirement is for you to have life energy (Qi) in you. Michael Bijker the course instructor and creator is an experienced best-selling QiGong, meditation, and breath-work online course creator.

He has over 8 best-selling online courses and has traveled around the world gaining more knowledge to help many understand their real nature and essence.

This course will be highly invaluable to you if you desire to harness the powers of the body and mind.

Course highlights:

  • Over 44,000 students enrolled
  • 4.8 of 5-star rating
  • 10.5 hours on-demand video
  • 13 articles
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

2. Udemy: Sounds True Presents: QiGong Master Key with Robert

Sounds True Presents Qigong Master Key With Robert Peng

Sounds True Present helps you to deepen your capacity to love, and teaches you the secrets to wisdom and vitality through the practice of QiGong.


  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Certificate on completion
  • Full lifetime access
  • The instructor is a renowned QiGong master and Teacher
  • Access on Tv and Mobile


  • No downloadable or printable documentation
  • Some sessions are very short

QiGong master key online course is for you if you desire to be guided by an experienced master teacher in the practice of QiGong or you desire to live a more focused, mindful, and stress-free life.

In this online course you will learn, both the fundamental and advanced qigong movements, become aware of the three crucial Dantians energy points in your body, and incorporate the meditation and exercise routines of qigong into your schedule.

Robert Peng the instructor of this online qigong course is an internationally renowned qigong master. He has used the qigong practice to help countless people regain their health and vitality all over the world. This course is definitely for you if you long to feel better and more comfortable in your skin.

Course highlights:

  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • Over 2,500 students enrolled
  • 4.8 of 5-star rating

3. Yogalap: Ocean of Energy - Online QiGong and meditation course

Ocean Of Energy Online Qigong & Meditation

Ocean of Energy online course will help you deepen your understanding of meditation, breathwork, and knowledge about QiGong.


  • Self-paced
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Free trial session on the first topic
  • Flexible payment plan


  • High priceToo advanced for beginners

This online course created by Michael Bijker covers various techniques of mindfulness, meditation, and qigong movements.

As a student of this course, you will be awakened to your true nature and full potential.
You will learn postures and movements in qigong, qigong theory, and various techniques in breathing and meditation

Course highlights:

  • 22 Qigong training videos
  • 9.5 hours of on-demand videos
  • 4.7 of 5-star rating

4. Udemy: Learn Advanced Qigong to give you instant power and strength.

Learn Advanced Qigong To Give You Instant Power & Strength

Grow your stamina awareness and strength through the qigong system of Zhan Zhuang standing posture taught in this course by Peter Caughey


  • 4.7 of 5-star rating
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Certificate on completion
  • Lifetime access


  • Audio isis not be clear enough

Peter Caughey the course instructor is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and a Qigong teacher with over 25 years of experience. He will guide you in bringing positive changes to your life by introducing you to advance qigong exercises.

The course will also help you to create more power, vitality, and energy in your body, it will give you a greater sense of purpose and help you understand the medical application of each exercise.

Course highlights:

  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • 18 downloadable resources
  • 2 Qigong practice tests
  • Access on mobile and TV

5. Holden QiGong: Self-Paced Online QiGong Teacher Certification Program

Self Paced Online Qi Gong Teacher Certification Program

The Holden Qi Gong Teachers’ certification program is a self-paced instructor training course curated by veteran Qi Gong Lee Holden. The program is scheduled into sixteen modules shared into weeks of training and practice. Even though the course is self-paced, as titled, you would spend anything around six months to complete the training.


  • Self-paced instructional course to train Qi Gong masters
  • Accredited teaching certificate to be awarded
  • Guide on how to set up a Qi Gong expert business
  • Vastly experienced instructor
  • Access to community help and senior instructor aid


  • The course is high-priced
  • Not for mere enthusiasts, designed for training professionals

Mastering a skill like Qi Gong takes several weeks of practice and that can be tiresome. That’s why it’s quite handy what Lee has made possible in 16 weeks. Coupled with the several bonus materials which border on mastering the different techniques delivers just the perfect Qi Gong learning experience.

To become a Qi Gong teacher requires some dedication from your end. To help motivate students, Lee Holden has created a system that allows students to meet with senior instructors to better practice and hone their art. Completing the modules is sure to change the way you approach the techniques for your own practice of the ancient art.

Course highlights:

  • Over 70 hours of instructional materials
  • Lifetime access to the masterclass library
  • Access to Lee Holden monthly live call
  • Continuous access to bi-monthly masterclasses

6. Long White Qigong Academy: Online Courses

Long White Qigong Academy

Long White Qigong Academy is a one-stop online shop for all things Qigong. The focus of the establishment is to teach the art, its benefits, and best practices to as many as care for such. And they do so by organizing retreats, workshops, and training. Today, we talk about their available online courses.


  • Flexible learning options
  • Free courses and materials available
  • Access to instructors
  • Opportunity to attend live events


  • Certificate courses are high-priced
  • Long modules can take long to complete

Long White Qigong Academy offers a variety of courses that have been carefully curated by expert minds. Spanning across different areas of Qigong practices and application. The majority of the courses were instructed by John Munro who is the lead trainer at the academy.

On the academy page, only two of the four available courses are paid. The rest are free including a community for any student from any of the courses to receive support and share their problems. The introductory course to the program is free to all. And there are also courses you can get without spending much. All of these can serve as a test to help you judge if the teaching style of the instructor would benefit before you pay for the major courses.

Course highlights:

  • Self-paced courses
  • Lifetime access
  • Support and community
  • Certification program available

7. Udemy: Qi Gong for Beginners: Practical Beginners Guide To Qi

Qi Gong For Beginners Practical Beginners Guide To Qi Gong

If you’re a total newbie to Qi Gong or any of the Chinese alternative therapeutic techniques for that matter, then this course would be a great fit. It simply introduces the fundamentals of the qi gong practice and how much students stand to gain from practice and developing themselves in the art.


  • Great to get acquainted with Qi Gong best practices
  • Lessons are short and easily relatable
  • Well experienced instructor


  • Content too shallow
  • Course only covers basics of Qi Gong

Qi Gong for Beginners is a Udemy course that can be likened to a beginner’s guide to learning all about how to master body control and stay healthy using proven alternative methods. The setting of the course is in a natural habitat to help students connect with the naturalness of the practices.

This course is instructed by Qi Master, Sonia Bruce. She shares her experience using the techniques of Qi Gong both as a professional alternative therapist and also for her personal health. This helps students relate well with the various elements and common points of various Qi Gong styles.

Course highlights:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Downloadable pdf resources
  • 37 minutes of in-demand videos
  • Overall rating of 4.1

8. Energy Arts: Energy Gates Qigong ONLINE TRAINING

Energy Gates Qigong

Energy Arts has a reputation for putting out quality body mastery courses and the Energy Gates QiGong class is no exception. Course instructor, Bruce Frantzis, is a proven Qi Gong master who has mastered the fundamental practices and also developed several unique poses and moves to produce more results for students.


  • Live training rife with practice sessions, theoretical, and practical demonstrations
  • Sessions address every part of the body
  • Added audio guide explains in details the steps to master each process involved
  • Complete package available at subsidized fee


  • Course modules are long and can take long to complete
  • It doesn’t come with any certification

The Energy Gates Qi Gong online course comprises two main packs and two bonus packs. The first section contains video training recorded from a live session. Then, the second pack is an audio practice guide for students to better perfect the art of Qi Gong while observing sessions on their own.

The main course details six main movements vital to the concept of the therapeutic practice. The six movements include the standing pose, the cloud hands, the three swing moves, and the Taoist spine stretch. All of these moves have their roots in the ancient Chunese practice of monks. And they are as effective as they come when it comes to keeping the body fit and healthy.

Course highlights:

  • Two main courses plus two bonus sections
  • Video and audio materials included
  • Access to a Facebook support group

9. Udemy: Qi Gong: 30-Day Challenge with Lee Holden

Qi Gong 30 Day Challenge With Lee Holden. 30 Short Workouts

YMAA Publication Center hosts Qi Gong Master, Lee Holden, to work students through a 30-day routine. The schedule and setup of this online Qi Gong course is one to revolutionize your body fitness and help you stay healthy.


  • 30 days of lectures on Qi Gong
  • Routines are short but effective
  • Great for stress relief
  • Accumulative effect of the daily practices makes this more effective
  • Focus is on self-discipline, controlling Qi, and achieving healthy state of life


  • The course takes long to complete

This course is still quite new on the block but don’t mistake that for incompetence. So far, students have applauded the approach of the course publisher and the routine master to deliver the whole concept in a very relatable fashion.

The main selling point here are the short lessons that are to be taken daily for the 30 days of the challenge. This helps to achieve the main aim of Qi Gong without just being all about learning new moves. And the good thing is that following the course means you can easily make a habit of a healthy routine. One of the main challenges of following online courses that teach routines.

Lee Holden really brings his wealth of experience to help students of this course practice Qi Gong like the masters do it. For context, Lee holds a doctorate in Chinese medicine from the Santa Cruz Chi Institute. In 32 lectures that cover the basic techniques, easy ways to practice, and practical sessions, Lee delivers an absolute masterpiece.

Course highlights:

  • Excellent rating of 4.7 of 5
  • 3 hours, 45 minutes of video training
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion


Qigong is a skill that when practiced can bring more clarity into your life and help you live a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Interested in mastering the art of Qigong? I would recommend the Yogalap: Ocean of Energy – Online QiGong and meditation course. This particular qigong online course is well detailed and covers every necessary area for mastering and practicing the art of Qigong.

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