8 Best Free and Paid Online Psychotherapy Courses.

Since the dawn of creation, man has sought to understand his origin and purpose. And the realization that his purpose is inextricably tied to other humans around him also spurs him to understand them.

Psychotherapy bestows man with the ability to diagnose the mental-related problems of his species. So, if you’re passionate about understanding yourself and those around you, here’s a list of the best online psychotherapy courses you can take.

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8 Best Free and Paid Online Psychotherapy Courses 2022

Existential Therapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling

Existential Therapy revolves around the concept of self-fulfillment and actualization. Here’s a course that teaches individuals on purpose discovery in the pursuit of happiness.


  • Comprehensive and detailed
  • Relatively cheap
  • Abundant external resources
  • Certificate upon completion


  • Expert level course
  • Impersonal PowerPoint presentation

Folks looking to understand the requirements of purposeful living for themselves and others will find the existential psychotherapy course beneficial. Students and professionals in the field of psychology and psychotherapy will learn how to draw upon ancient philosophical wisdom from the likes of Nietzsche and Kierkegaard to navigate the complex web of human emotions and motivations.

The course will equip you with the capacity to assist others in stopping self-delusion and in uncovering the reasons behind destructive behaviors.

Furthermore, you’ll receive training on robust theories and concepts that cut across the fields of psychology and psychotherapy which will confer upon you a profound understanding of human thought formation and execution.

The course curriculum which is chock full with videos, texts and a printable workbook is split into 21 lecture sessions over eighteen hours.

Adam Godwin with an MA in philosophy from the University of Reading in the UK is the course tutor. His qualifications not only centers on psychology and philosophy but clinical hypnosis and meditation.

Godwin’s course on existential psychotherapy also has an Udemy bestseller badge and 4.6 rating with over a thousand graduates making it one of the most valuable courses on the platform.

Course highlights:

  • 21 lecture sessions
  • Over 18 hours of lectures
  • Workbook inclusive

2. Coursera: Psychological First Aid

Psychological First Aid

The Psychological First Aid course offered on Coursera by Johns Hopkins University encompasses all the necessary procedures to help people deal with mental trauma, most especially, shortly after a horrible occurrence.


  • Well-structured presentation
  • Short, straightforward videos
  • Stress de-escalating tools
  • Self-care materials available
  • Accessible to all students


  • Non-internationally recognized certificate

Accidents and unpleasant experiences are unfortunate events that could happen to anyone. Victims may go through gruesome circumstances that could alter their lives forever. But what’s worse than mental and physical trauma is a person’s inability to heal and move on, hence their everyday reliving of those gruesome moments.

In the Psychological First Aid Course, students will discover how to utilize one of the best helpful processes in tackling fresh trauma called the RAPID model. The RAPID model, short for Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition will equip you with the ability to listen, converse with and relieve victims of trauma-related stress.

The course is a 6-hour online class that spans five weeks. The instructor, Dr. George Every is a world-renowned expert in psychological crisis intervention and a respected member of various psychological associations in the US.

Each week focuses on a single process in the RAPID model. Interestingly, attending the online class is free, however, only students who make payments will receive study materials and certificates of completion.

Since the Psychological First Aid course is offered on Coursera by Johns Hopkins University, it’s easy to see why it has a 4.8 rating with over 342,000 students enrolled.

Course highlights:

  • 4.8 rating
  • Knowledgeable course tutor
  • 6-hour duration
  • LinkedIn shareable certificate

3. Udemy: Introduction to Psychotherapy - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

Introduction To Psychotherapy Accredited Certificate

Introduction to psychotherapy is a rudimentary online class that teaches the careful observation and identification of mental plagues peculiar to humans.


  • Beginner level
  • Short completion time
  • Insightful entrepreneurial approach
  • IOATH authorization
  • Lifetime group support


  • Only available in English
  • Basic psychotherapy knowledge

Knowing the cause of a problem makes it half-solved. And that’s what Udemy’s course on existential psychotherapy and counseling is offering. Upon completion, students would have acquired the life-changing knowledge that allows them to unravel multiple disorders of the human mind through the simple act of probing and listening. The course promises to teach you how to navigate the complex emotion of not only individuals but groups of all ages and classes.

Perhaps the most beneficial feature of the online course is the free information on how students can begin their first therapy session and turn it into a sustainable source of livelihood.

Which brings us to the point where we mention the completion certificate’s authoritative backing by the International Association of Therapist (IAOTH). Meaning that course graduates require no additional certification to begin a career in psychotherapy.

The course is divided into six sections where enrollees would spend a total of two and half hours studying resources before taking a final test.

The course instructor, Elmira Strange, possesses deep knowledge in motivational psychology, psychotherapy, and entrepreneurship and has tutored over 1,200 students on Udemy.

Course highlights:

  • 1 study text
  • 5 offline accessible resources
  • 2½ hours of video content
  • 24/7 community support

4. Edx: Counselling and Psychotherapy Theory

Counseling And Psychotherapy Theory

Our third review focuses on a course from another popular online training platform, edx. In combination with brilliant minds from the Asian continent, edx is offering amateurs and experts the opportunity to sharpen their counseling skills.


  • Free registration
  • Self-paced learning
  • Up-to-date information from practicing instructions


  • Basic psychotherapy knowledge

As the name implies, the counseling and psychotherapy online class acquaints enrollees with the myriads of mental illnesses troubling the human race and provides adequate mechanisms to deal with such. Drawing from the rich Asian background of mindfulness and mental wellness, instructors HyungRyung Kim and ChangDai Kim from the Seoul National University, combine traditional remedies with modern psychotherapy theories to alleviate mental suffering.

No special requirements are needed for the course and its curriculum is structured with beginners in mind. Judging by its 9-week completion time with 5 hours of study every week, the course material promises to be in-depth and vast. Online enrollment is free but students can pay for a certificate that bears both instructors’ signatures and the university’s logo after the 9-week class. Graduates can then download the certificate and share it on social media platforms.

Course highlights:

  • 9-week online class
  • Downloadable certificate
  • Beginner level course

5. Udemy: Fully Accredited Professional Psychotherapy Diploma Course

Fully Accredited Professional Psychotherapy Diploma Course

In this course, Dr Karen .E. Wells, expatiates on the power of the conscious and unconscious mind and how people can take control of both.


  • Experienced tutor
  • Bonus resources
  • Self-care tools
  • Concise


  • High registration cost

Another bestselling psychotherapy course that’s garnering attention and students on Udemy is the psychotherapy diploma course. Here, students learn the basics of psychotherapy and the skills needed for an effective counseling session.

There are no special demands before registration and a surprising one hour is all that’s required for training completion.

However, what many reviewers highlight is how, despite the course’s brevity, it still captures the essentials of counseling and psychotherapy. Also, worth mentioning here is the certification that’s backed by CTAA—Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. Additionally, note that you can only receive a certificate of completion when you successfully pass the test after the lecture session.

Instructing in the psychotherapy diploma course is Dr. Karen, a reputable regression specialist with over 10 years of experience under her belt.

What sets this course apart is Karen’s exposition on the human brain, mind, and memory and how all three affect an individual’s behavior. Overall, more than 3,500 individuals have graduated from Dr. Karen’s online class giving it an incredible rating of 4.5.

Course highlights:

  • 1-hour course duration
  • Best selling course
  • Downloadable training manual
  • Certified by CTAA

6. Psychotherapy Networker: Healing Cultural Trauma with Internal Family Systems


The use of internal family systems in treating self-delusions and limiting beliefs has been around for a while. However, in recent times, IFS is yielding positive results in the psychotherapy field, hence its widespread application.


  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Concise 6-hour training
  • IFS approach to healing


  • High registration price
  • No certification

Healing Cultural Trauma with Internal Family Systems tackles the self-imposed problems of individuals by examining their cultural beliefs. That’s because culture plays a pivotal role in shaping a person’s mindset.

This course is a 6-hour module where students pursuing a career in psychotherapy and other related fields will learn the effects of class, gender, and race on the human psyche. At the end of the training, graduates will have a full understanding of how an individual’s thought patterns and decisions can affect the community for better or worse. Above all, if you opt for the training you’ll be furnished with soft skills such as listening and empathy that will increase the value of your services.

Course highlights:

  • Collaboration with other experts
  • Perpetual access to study resources
  • 24/7 community support

7. Holistic Psychotherapy: Treating the Whole Person

Holistic Psychotherapy

The holistic psychotherapy tutorial offered through Zur institute is a concerted effort of top minds in the psychology and psychotherapy fields. The course’s essence is to provide knowledge on the inextricable relationship between mind and body.


  • Multiple experienced tutors
  • Introductory level
  • Additional resources available


  • Non-accredited certificate
  • Audio presentation

If you’re looking for a beginner-level course that goes beyond the scope of psychotherapy and counseling into the realm of hypnotherapy and energy therapy, then consider what Zur institute offers. The goal is simple: know how to identify symptoms of troubling mental ailments, trace the root cause of such problems, and procure alternative solutions.

Dr. David Van Nuys, the course tutor, enriches the course content by soliciting inputs from four other experts. Each professional tackles one topic in the course outline in a podcast. The podcasts’ transcripts are available for download with lots of other external resources.

Course highlights:

  • 6-hour duration
  • Downloadable podcasts
  • Accessible on mobile

8. Alison: Psychotherapy Courses: Suicide, Violent Behavior, and Substance Abuse

Free Online Courses

Available on Alison is an online tutorial that attempts to show the relationship between mental illness, destructive behaviors, and drug abuse.


  • Free
  • Suicidal patient counseling
  • Withdrawal management


  • Not very detailed

Every day more people attempt suicide as an option to ease grief, regret, or depression. What’s scarier is the unimaginable number of folks that temporarily cure their anxiety and pain with hard drugs. And that’s where a course on suicide, violent behavior, and drug abuse comes in handy.

First, students will learn how to detect addictive patterns and how to provide support to patients during withdrawal. Second, those who enroll in the course will receive training on dealing with aggressive patients and treatment recommendations according to symptoms. Last, is the acquisition of knowledge on how to detect and cure suicidal thoughts in patients.

While this course doesn’t have an instructor, it’s still fascinating to see that nearly 58,000 people have enrolled. Written next to the number of enrollees is a course rating of 3.8.

Course highlights:

  • 57,968 students
  • 3.8 rating
  • Downloadable certificate


A firm grasp of psychotherapy gives you the ability to see beyond an individual’s behavior and understand their motivations. The best online psychotherapy course can equip you with that skill.

And from our review of the best online psychotherapy courses, the psychotherapy diploma course by Dr. Karen tops the list in many regards.

First, it’s a bestseller on Udemy with a higher than average 4.5 rating which is a reflection of the course’s incomparable value. Second, is how Dr. Karen takes a step further in explaining the relation between the brain, hormones, and the mind. Furthermore, she has taught over 3,500 students how to treat patients well, but more importantly, how to take care of themselves. And lastly, the completion certificate is fully authorized and graduates can begin counseling right after graduation.

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