9 Best Online Mixing and Mastering Courses. Learn about music mixing with these courses.

The distinguishing factor between a melodious, rhythmic track is the perfection in which a mixer transitions tunes within a song.

Balancing Vocals, instruments’ sounds, and whatnot is a skill that’s important to create fantastic music.

Hence, have curated a list of the best online mixing and mastering courses that any newbie aiming to improve their music quality should enroll in.

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9 Best Online Mixing and Mastering Courses 2022

Master Class

The title above says it all. Welcome to an online course that centers on making dance music taught by one of the world’s leading DJs, Armin Van Buuren. So get your mixing sets ready as we explore the possibilities Armin’s course holds together.


  • A-list, celebrity tutor
  • Immersive visual modules
  • DIY pdfs and workbooks
  • Offline access
  • Audio convertible videos


  • No ratings
  • No lifetime access

Dance music is a popular genre, especially in today’s millennials’ era. It’ll come as no surprise that many youths in the music industry prioritize the need to sharpen their DJ and music producing skills.

Consequently, online platforms have partnered with dance music gurus like Armin to cater to the calls of budding, sound producers for a reliable learning source.

Armin, with a 41-million listenership base, teaches originality and frequency balance in his near 7-hour masterclass. The visuals are sharp and detailed with an immersive quality that gives the impression that Armin’s in the room giving exclusive training to learners.

MasterClass’s platform doesn’t feature a function for rating tutors, but it’s easy to see why there isn’t one. After all, all tutors on MasterClass are world-renowned celebrities who’ve excelled in their respective fields.

However, a closer look at Armin’s DJ course, shows that it demands at least an intermediate level of disc jockeying.

Course highlights:

  • 33 immersive HD videos
  • 5-hour class duration
  • Annual access to subsequent releases
  • Intermediate level
  • Access to multi-talented community

2. LinkedIn: Audio Mixing Master Class

Audio Mixing Master Class

When asked what the barest skill for mixing is, master mixers always say one thing, “the individual must first have an ear for sound.” And that’s what Bobby Owsinski is teaching on one of the world’s most reputable learning platforms, LinkedIn.


  • Experienced tutor
  • Broad-spectrum analysis
  • Short, easy-to-practice modules


  • No certification

Sound mixing has always been about harmonizing chords and tunes to create a nice smooth rhythm. But only folks whose ears can know which chords to pick and which are weak can concoct something pleasing.

This audio mixing and mastering class teaches everyone to develop the talent of distinguishing and instinctively blending and balancing sounds through listening.

And who better to take students on this sound-affinity journey but Bobby Owsinski, a writer of multiple books surrounding the art of music creation.

Bobby’s course is a combination of tricks and techniques meant to help students awaken their ‘third ear’ and draw upon its gifts to create a fine balance of chords and tunes.

The course is chock full with modules numbering over 100 that expatiate on everything between balancing EQs and producing ear-pleasing mixes.

So far, Bobby’s LinkedIn course has garnered over 113,000 views, a testament to its effectiveness.

Course highlights:

  • Over 100 modules
  • 5-hour duration

3. CreativeLive: Mixing Master Class

Mixing Master Class

Sound engineers and mixers who’ve understood the rudiments of mastering and mixing to a reasonable extent, and are now looking to up their game should see Joey Sturgis’s online class as a must-learn for career development.


  • Highly visualized content
  • Bonus videos inclusive
  • Renowned and competent tutor
  • Most popular tag


  • Intermediate level
  • No certification

If you know Joey Sturgis, you’ll know that he’s a world-class mixer and producer with sounds that have rocked the airwaves in the last decade and have found application in different commercials and movies.

So it’s not difficult to see the immense benefits of enrolling in Joey’s course. It’s an avenue to learn from one of the masters of mastering, a channel for countless rivers of novices to draw from a sea of experience.

In his course, Joey promises to teach the hidden strategies of combining and compressing EQ of drums, bass, and vocal effects that create a soothing rhythm for any occasion.

He also explains the dynamics of songs and how the use of automation can address frequency imbalance and improve a song’s dynamics. And on top of it all, he vows to show aspiring mixers his signature sound.

The class has a 97% satisfaction rate which translates to a 4.7 in a 5-star rating. What’s more, the rating above is an index of satisfaction from over 24 thousand students who have paid for Joey’s mastering course.

Course highlights:

  • 27 visual demonstration modules
  • 10-hour duration
  • Downloadable material
  • Mobile and desktop streaming compatibility
  • Direct access for future mentorship

4. Linkedin: Audio Mixing Bootcamp

Audio Mixing Bootcamp

Bobby Owsinski demonstrates his expertise yet again. In this online class, Bobby focuses and makes a complete dissection of what mixing entails and how enthusiasts can go from creating mediocre to powerful mixes.


  • Experienced teacher
  • Specialized video training
  • Short, and easy-to-practice modules


  • No certification

Audio Mixing Bootcamp is a specialized course for amateur mixers aiming to switch up their mixing game by several notches.

Bobby beams the light on every aspect of mixing in this course. Here, he starts from the basics of mixing, how to combine sounds in conjunction with EQ, and its application to instruments. He then expounds on the origin of reverbs, the understanding and utilization of reverbs together with the use of delays.

Finally, he dives into the world of modulations and how to apply modulation effects in making a masterful, harmonious mix.

The course is split into 15 modules with an average of three videos and audio clips in each module.  The course seems to be beneficial as almost 40,000 people have watched its content.

Course highlights:

  • 15 modules
  • Intermediate level

5. Udemy: The Complete Mixing Masterclass

The Complete Mixing Masterclass

Udemy as a go-to platform for students across the globe is featuring its bestseller course that contains virtually every topic on mixing. On Udemy’s page, right underneath the course’s title is a statement that promises all enrollees a secret weapon to enhance their mixing. An invitation to learn the tricks of the trade of an exclusive group.


  • Certificate of completion
  • Multiple platform compatibility
  • Lifetime community support
  • Quick instructor response


  • Singe genre sample
  • English only

Attached to the :Complete Mixing Masterclass’, is Udemy’s bestseller badge, a testament that this course will give every other mixing class a run for its money.

And since over 7,000 enrollees have bequeathed the course with a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, it’s safe to conclude that it’s worth every penny.

The course’s outline looks solid and upon closer inspection, it promises to teach something other internet courses don’t: how to mix on any audio platform.

Perhaps, teaching students techniques to mix on different audio platforms may be the stand-out feature that makes Udemy’s ‘Complete Mixing Masterclass’ unique.  Or maybe it’s the certification that’s fully authorized by an online music institution that distinguishes the course. Either way, it does appear to be an excellent choice for aspiring mixers.

Course highlights:

  • Downloadable resource
  • 7-hour learning duration
  • Offline materials
  • Mobile and Desktop streaming compatibility

6. Udemy: Mixing and Mastering Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Mixing & Mastering Electronic Dance Music (edm)

Another Udemy course that centers on fine-tuning sound is the ‘Mixing and Mastering’ EDM class. Its main focus is the use of different plugins to master all styles of EDM.


  • Multiple plug-in compatibility
  • Certificate of completion
  • Downloadable audio stems
  • Beginner-oriented


  • No DAW specialization

A course that understands the necessity of explaining rudimentary techniques yet, at the same time, marries advanced strategies of mixing to give a comprehensive and complete tutorial is what would-be professional DJs are looking for.

Everything and more is what eager learners will discover in Udemy’s class on mixing electronic dance music. The course comprises 49 lectures split into 7 sections that span almost 9 hours.

The course instructor draws from 5+ years’ of experience teaching over 5,700 students the intricacies of mixing.

Course highlights:

  • 7 sessions
  • 5-hour class duration
  • Mobile and desktop accessibility
  • Perpetual accessibility
  • Pdf available

7. Coursera: Mastering Techniques

Mastering Techniques

Coursera’s offering on mastering approaches tutoring from a distinct angle: a  DIY process with ready and steady feedback.


  • Certificate included
  • Community-stirring projects
  • Multi-talented tutors
  • Financial aid available


  • Advanced level course

Right off the bat, Coursera’s mastering class outline demonstrates why its contents would make a difference in the lives of would-be enrollees.  The course boasts of a community that prioritizes group projects where students experience inclusive training sessions with other individuals.

Each group then combines the tips learned during the training to mix and master a song that gets a series of reviews from the course’s community and tutors.

The course has not one, but three instructors who merge experiences across all fields of music to deliver value to students.

With such a combined force of brain-power, it’s easy to see the distinguishing quality of Coursera’s offering evident in the over 60% success rate of pupils who’ve gone on to pursue a career in mastering after the class.

Course highlights:

  • 4-week course
  • 10-hour video duration
  • Self-adjustable schedule
  • Quizzes and group projects
  • Social-media shareable certificate

8. Skillshare: Logic Pro X Mixing Course for Beat Makers- Module 1 "The Premixing Process"

Logic Pro X Mixing Course For Beat Makers Module 1 The Pre Mixing Process

John Evans, a veteran beat producer shares the number one, almost imperceptible factor that differentiates a mediocre beat from a great mix. John teaches special tricks on how to transition beats within a track.


  • Short, quick, sessions
  • Online community support
  • Unrestricted class access


  • Logic Pro X specified

Perhaps the distinguishing feature in this mixing course is the Logic Pro X plugin that John uses in teaching the intricacies of perfect mixing.

Beatmakers with an affinity for Logic Pro X can now register for a course that specializes in mixing while utilizing all the features they’re familiar with.

The course explains why certain potentially great beats turn awful with terrible mixing. It teaches the right sound combination for different genres and varying mixing strategies for different occasions.

The tutor’s response rate is also something worth noting. A 24-hour maximum response time signifies a strong commitment to solving arising challenges that learners may have.

So far, John Evans has tutored 1,294 students with his Logic Pro X model and over 20,000 students worldwide.

Course highlights:

  • 12 sessions
  • 1-hour duration
  • Logic Pro X incorporated
  • Offline accessibility


Mixing In Ableton Live A Creative Approach

If you’re looking for a course that focuses on the process and not the result, Skillshare’s Mixing and Mastering – Ableton Live is for you. Here’s an online course with a tutor that encourages creativity across all genres.


  • Brief and concise outline
  • Interactive tutor-student class
  • 24/7 online community support
  • Pre-produced audio stems


  • Intermediate level
  • Ableton Live Plug-in only

Many Internet courses on mixing center on the pleasantness of the finished product, but Karel Psota, a composer and mixer on Skillshare, is taking it from a completely different approach.

Karel focuses on the creative aspect of mixes and encourages students who take his course to get their creative juices flowing while mixing.

Course enrollees will use the specified Ableton Live plug-in to mix downloadable stems created by the tutor. Students then submit their mixes in stages as Karel gives feedback.

Students looking to mix personal projects can also do so, considering they present their mixing materials before they begin.

Since all activities in the class revolve around the Ableton Live feature, all participants must have basic mixing skills and knowledge of the required plug-in.

Course highlights:

  • 10 sessions
  • 50-minute duration
  • Lifetime community access
  • Offline accessibility


With the abundance of opportunities for knowledge acquisition online, there’s never been a better time to perfect your mixing and mastering. Close examination of our best online mixing and mastering course reveals Armin Van Buuren’s course on MasterClass as phenomenal.

When you add Armin’s track record as a dance music DJ in conjunction with the immersive quality of the videos, you’ll see why his course stands out. Also, there’s an avenue to meet a community of experts and potential DJs after registering for Armin’s course. Lastly, MasterClass, the platform hosting the course, boasts of a mammoth number of satisfied subscribers and also promises a money-back guarantee.

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