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A major factor which impacts humans in a negative way is stress. Stress is a result of social life, work and other activities which require constant involvement and attention. One of the various natural ways to heal the body of stress is through the practice of Kinesiology.

Kinesiology helps to identify stress in the muscle, releases tension, and improves mood and health through relaxation techniques. With the knowledge of kinesiology, you get to know more about how the body reacts to exercise, educate others and at the same time assist patients. Ultimately, this skill can set you on a range of new career paths.

There are several courses online which offer lessons on kinesiology, so it is possible to learn this skill in the comfort of your home. However, the varieties of this course online make it quite difficult to know the one that will suit your needs.

But not to worry, this review comes with information about the best kinesiology courses you can take to start in this field of study. You will also get to know the courses that will help advance your knowledge as an advanced kinesiologist.

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8 best online kinesiologoy courses2022

Kinesiology Diploma Course

Kinesiology Diploma Course on Centre of Excellence is a great course that will give you the appropriate introduction to the most popular types and modalities of kinesiology.


  • An all-encompassing course
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • A theoretical and practical course
  • Lessons are well organized and explained
  • Access to study group
  • Offers lifetime access


  • Quite lengthy

Centre of Excellence: Kinesiology Diploma Course offers clarity on kinesiology, the natural therapy techniques and how it is related to general health. You will learn how to use and practice this therapy as a physical treatment of movement.

Another aspect of this course offers students the understanding of variations in balance and lack of balance or health and ill health. This part involves the explanation of the different systems of the body and the physiological balance within these systems.

Moreover, you will learn how to perform muscle tests and what you can do to realign any breakdowns in energy flow. With this course, you will learn the various holistic health studies which you can connect with kinesiology to achieve a focused holistic practice. You will also learn how to use your area of specialization and the knowledge you gain from this course to create and run a successful business.

Course highlights:

  • Duration: 150 hours
  • 8 modules
  • 4 videos
  • Certificates of completion
  • Perfect for all levels of kinesiology practitioners

2. Uconn: Online Kinesiology Degree

Online Kinesiology Courses

Uconn is another excellent online platform that offers students access to various kinesiology courses.


  • Lessons follow a step-by-step format
  • Easy to follow and understand


  • Quite expensive

Great instructors teach the kinesiology courses on the Uconn website, and these courses are delivered within an asynchronous format. Some of the great courses on this platform include Exercise Prescription, Biomechanics of Injury and Sport, Fundamentals of Exercise Prescription, among other great courses.

The Exercise Prescription class introduces you to the intensity, time and principle of exercise prescription for healthy adults and populations with special considerations. This class helps you know what type of exercise to prescribe for children, pregnant women and people with chronic disease and health conditions.

The Biomechanics of Injury and Sport provides students with an introduction to biomedical problems of human movement, which have a connection with sport and injury.

The Fundamentals of Exercise Prescription offers advanced knowledge on exercise preparticipation health screening as well as exercise evaluation processes. With this class, you will learn behavioral strategies to improve exercise adherence. You will learn how to adjust to an exercise prescription for people using common medications that affect an exercise response.

Course highlights:

  • Several kinesiology courses
  • Taught by great instructors
  • Suitable for all levels of kinesiologists

3. Coursera: Science of Exercise by University of Colorado Boulder

Science Of Exercise

The Science of Exercise on Coursera is an amazing course put together by the University of Colorado to enable fitness enthusiasts to understand the technique of exercising and consequent diet plans.


  • Comes flexible deadlines
  • The course is simple and easy to follow
  • The course is informative, and it follows a good approach
  • The course is interesting and enjoyable


  • Some parts of the course are repetitive

The Coursera: Science of Exercise by the University of Colorado provides you with an explanation of some important adjustments to make to the body so as to respond to the physical stress of exercise in the proper way. You will examine the science of exercises to enhance your body fitness.

Also, you will get to identify the nutritional intake your body needs with regular physical stress. The learning assessments that come with this course will challenge you to apply the new knowledge you gain through heart rate monitoring, calculations of your total daily caloric expenditure and body mass index and nutrition logs.

Moreover, you will learn the scientific evidence for the health benefits of exercise, such as the prevention and treatment of cancer, diabetes, depression, dementia, obesity, heart disease, etc. This course will help to improve your physiological understanding of how the body responds to exercise.

You will be able to identify choices, behaviors and environments which impact your training and health.  In other words, this course will help you realize the effects and reactions of the body to changing atmosphere, food, etc. Then, you will learn how to tackle these changes ensuring the body’s optimal physiology.

With the principles you learn from this course, you will live a healthier lifestyle while helping others do the same. About 260,000 people have enrolled for this course.

Course highlights:

  • A very high 4.8-star rating
  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Suitable for beginner level therapists
  • Certificate of completion

4. American military University: SPORTS AND HEALTH SCIENCES

Sports And Health Sciences

Are you on the lookout for an online course that covers the scientific study of human movement and human behaviour? If you answered in affirmative to this question, you should check out the American military University: Sports and Health Sciences. This platform offers an online bachelor’s degree in sports and health sciences.


  • Lessons are well taught
  • A high-quality course
  • The course is detailed


  • Quite expensive

Sports and Health Sciences course on the American military University is an online program that covers the essential topics that are foundational subjects for fields of study related to the health profession.  The fields that benefit from this program include anatomy and physiology, health and wellness, nutrition, kinesiology, fitness, exercise, exercise testing and programming.

From this program, you will learn the mechanics of exercise science, and how to apply the concepts you learn to fitness and sports activities. Also, you will learn how to implement motivation strategies, advance fitness, manage injuries related to sport and create strength and conditioning programs.

Moreover, you will gain knowledge on how to educate people on nutrition and means of helping to improve performance.

Course highlights:

  • Duration: Ranges from 8 to 16 weeks
  • Perfect for professionals

5. University of Wisconsin: Exercise Science

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science on the University of Wisconsin website is an amazing course that offers you the skills and knowledge you need to acquire position areas like clinical exercise physiology and health and fitness.


  • It is a comprehensive course
  • Lessons are well structured and explained
  • It follows a step-by-step format


  • Quite expensive

The University of Wisconsin: Exercise Science provides a solid foundation for students who would like to gain entrance into graduate school for careers in medicine, physical therapy, exercise physiology, athletic training.

From this course, you will gain fundamental and advanced knowledge of the structure and function of the human body. You will also explore applied areas like exercise physiology, pathophysiology, nutrition. At the same time, you will gain practical experience.

Moreover, you will learn about research methods and acquire leadership and safety and emergency response skills.

Course highlights:

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Perfect for advanced learners

6. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette: Health Promotion & Wellness, B.S. degree in Kinesiology

Health Promotion & Wellness, B.s. In Kinesiology

Do you desire to improve the quality of life of people as a community health worker or public health educator? If so, then the accredited online Health Promotion and Wellness degree program of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a good option for you.


  • A comprehensive course
  • Lessons are well taught
  • Easy to follow and understand


  • Quite expensive

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette provides you with an online Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology with a main focus on health promotion and wellness. The knowledge you gain from this course will prepare you for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) national examination. At the same time, it makes you ready for an impactful role in the field.

The program covers important topics like the human anatomy and physiology survey, applied anatomy and physiology for kinesiology. It covers stress and stress management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support. Some other topics in this course are nutrition for fitness and sports, health and sexuality, occupational health and safety.

Course highlights:

  • Duration: 8 to 16 weeks
  • Taught by professionals

7. Udemy: Fully Accredited Foundation Level Kinesiology Course

Fully Accredited Foundation Level Kinesiology Course

The fully Accredited Foundation Level Kinesiology Course on Udemy is an amazing course from which you will learn the foundations of powerful kinesiology.


  • Lessons are well explained
  • An introductory and informative course
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • Accessible on mobile and TV
  • Offers full lifetime access


  • Too basic for some people
  • Not practical enough

Udemy: Fully Accredited Foundation Level Kinesiology Course focuses on helping students understand the basics of kinesiology and expand their therapy skills. This course introduces you to the nitty-gritty of kinesiology and discusses the heart, bones, joints and muscles.

From this course, you will learn motor control, metabolism, biomechanics and practical techniques of this natural therapy. Over 800 students are enrolled in this course.

Course highlights:

  • A high 4.1-star rating
  • 44-minute on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • Certificate of completion
  • Suitable for beginner level therapists

8. Courses for Success: Kinesiology Online

Kinesiology Online Certificate Course

Courses for Success: Kinesiology Online is a great course from which you will get a comprehensive guide on the nitty-gritty of muscle testing and the methods of treatment for healing the body.


  • Well-structured course for easy comprehension
  • Comes with relevant and informative materials
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Accessible on any device


  • Quite expensive

The Kinesiology Online on Courses for Success platform introduces you to the most popular of the variations of kinesiology techniques with an explanation of how these techniques help the human body. You will learn about energy flow and how to maintain or fix it.

The course covers various topics, including body balancing, nervous system, injury resolution, emotional healing, etc. You will get a proper understanding of the possibilities of physical muscle testing as well as how to perform muscle tests. Moreover, you learn about the body physiology and the changes it undergoes in abnormal conditions and the proper application of muscle testing to treat it.

With this course, you will get the information you need to assign the right treatment to a client as a therapist. You will be able to identify allergies in the body and learn how to heal them using kinesiology. Moreover, you will be able to realign the body to its natural state physically, make lifestyle changes, plus aid treatment choices for physical injury.

Course highlights:

  • A high 4.5-star rating
  • Certificate of completion
  • Suitable for a wide range of learners


The best of all the fantastic kinesiology courses covered in this review is the Centre of Excellence: Kinesiology Diploma Course. This super course covers the introduction to kinesiology, the relationship of this natural therapy with general health.

Also, it explains how to use this therapy to aid the recovery of various stresses, improve mood, health and the overall wellbeing of man.

You will get a detailed introduction to kinesiology and its techniques. This course provides you with all you need to start a career in this field of study and become a practicing holistic kinesiologist.

The lessons covered in the Centre of Excellence: Kinesiology Diploma Course makes it a perfect choice for beginner-level holistic therapists and experienced therapists looking to learn the natural, energy healing process of kinesiology and its techniques.

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