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The term Holistic is the philosophy and practice of healing that has to do with constantly keeping the whole body, that is, the physical body, the mind and the spirit, at the highest level of total wellness. Holistic facials, therefore, can be described as the practice of offering beauty treatment to the face and skin in general in a whole way.

In other words, holistic skincare is the act of carefully formulating correct products and engaging in lifestyle practices that actively support the body, mind, and spirit to ensure that these systems are in equilibrium. This unique practice offers several benefits, such as increasing blood circulation, draining the lymphatic system, allowing for cellular rejuvenation and improving the skin’s texture, among other great benefits.

The rise in people’s need for this service makes this aspect of the beauty industry a rewarding venture. Also, the fact that facial therapies are one of the backbones of the beauty therapy industry causes it to be a highly sought-after skill.

An excellent way to start in this field or improve your expertise as a facialist is by enrolling on online courses on performing facial therapies.

How do I become a facialist in the UK?

Are you a UK resident looking for how to become a practicing facialist? If so, the foremost thing you should have in mind is that it takes adequate training to begin to offer skincare treatments while giving skincare advice, tips and tricks to people. In other words, to start your journey in this rewarding and exciting career, enrolling in a facial school should be your top priority.

Apart from acquiring knowledge on the subject, you must earn a cosmetology license or facial certification recognized in the UK. In other words, you need to obtain insurance to work as a facialist in your location.

What qualifications do you need to be a facialist?

You need to complete a fully accredited facialist program to become a facialist in your state. Qualifications for a career in facials may include continuing education to maintain licensure while gaining hands-on experience and basic techniques and skills in associate degree programs or high-quality online courses.

How long does it take to become a skin therapist?

The regulations that back facial training duration differ according to state; however, training usually takes about 600 hours of education to become licensed.

Unlike a dermatologist who needs to attend college and medical school to become certified, a skin therapist can secure a job after about a year or two years of learning noninvasive skin care therapies and procedures.

What is a facial course?

Facial courses are professional training that provides insight on skincare and facial treatments to enable individuals with an interest in this subject to be capable of delivering great value to patients.

The proper facial training helps to groom you into a well-qualified facial therapist that is capable of adding significant value to a patient by offering therapy that can be considered life-changing.

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7 best online facial courses 2022

holistic facials diploma course

Do you desire to know the basics of holistic facials? If so, then the Centre of Excellence: Holistic Facials Diploma Course is the perfect course for you. This online training walks you through the meaning of holistic facials, benefits and what differentiates them from standard facials.


  • A detailed online course
  • It is easy to follow and understand
  • Lessons follow a step-by-step order


  • A bit expensive

This excellent online facial course teaches you the basic principles of holistic facials, how to have a long-term relationship with your client as a therapist and the benefits of treating a person holistically.

You will learn about the ingredients for making commercial and natural facial and holistic facial products, plus the dangers of the chemicals incorporated in skincare products. In this aspect of the course, you will get to learn about various types of essential oils, carrier oils and face mask ingredients.

Also, you will understand the importance of hydration, mindfulness, exercise, rest and sleep to a healthy lifestyle. About 2,000 students have enrolled for this course.

Course highlights:

  • A very high 4.8-star rating
  • 10 modules
  • 3 videos
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Certificates of completion
  • Access to study group
  • Offers lifetime access

2. Udemy: Luxury Spa Facial Certificate Course- A Step by Step Guide

luxury spa facial certificate course a step by step guide

Learn how to perform the standard facial treatment as quickly and efficiently as possible with the Udemy: Luxury Spa Facial Certificate Course- A Step by Step Guide.


  • A detailed and descriptive online course
  • Provides full lifetime access
  • It comes with explicit instruction
  • It is easy to follow and understand
  • It allows you to learn at your own pace
  • A step-by-step online training
  • Accessible on mobile and TV


  • Complaints on the limited articles
  • Too simple for some students

This excellent facial course instructor is Mark Perren-Jones, a certified aromatherapist, spa owner, and masseur. This experienced tutor teaches you how to do beautiful luxury treatments, including foot, hand, head and neck massage that people will love.

You will acquire knowledge on reading the various skin types before performing a facial. With this knowledge, you will be able to offer your clients suitable and appropriate facials. Also, you will get to understand the process of making many natural face scrubs and masks for use at home or your massage clinic. Over 6,000 students have enrolled for this course.

Course highlights:

  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article and 6 downloadable resources
  • The instructor is an expert in the beauty industry
  • Certificate of completion

3. One Education: Luxury Spa Facial Therapy Course - Step by Step Guide

luxury spa facial therapy course step by step guide

Are you an aspiring beauty therapist or a current massage therapist desiring to gain the relevant skills and knowledge to perform luxury facial treatments and massages on your customers? If you answered this question in affirmation, you should consider enrolling for the One Education: Luxury Spa Facial Therapy Course – Step by Step Guide.


  • It enables you to acquire new skills
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Access to the platform’s dedicated support


  • The course content is too basic for some students

This fantastic skincare course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of facial treatment procedures while gaining knowledge on techniques, tips and advice on working with different skin types.

This professional online training course will walk you through how to give your customers the perfect facial that keeps them refreshed, relaxed and glowing. The online class will teach you the sequence for performing foot, hand and neck massages. The subjects covered in this training include cleansing, steaming and exfoliating processes.

Also, you will learn face masks that work for various skin types, plus the best safety procedures for spas and salons.

Course highlights:

  • Duration: over 1 hour
  • 13 units
  • Video material
  • At the successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate.
  • Practical exercises
  • Suitable for various levels of students
  • Taught by experts in the field

4. The beauty academy: Online Facial Skincare Course

online facial skincare

The Online Facial Skincare Course on the beauty academy is one of the online courses from which you will learn how to carry out the complete facial treatment process to enhance the appearance and condition of the skin.


  • Lessons are well structured.
  • You will gain insurance to work from home or mobile at the end of the course.
  • It is easy to follow and understand


  • Too simple for some students

This comprehensive online course guides you through the process for facial treatment, one of the most requested services within the beauty industry. You will learn how to perform facial skin care therapies with confidence while adhering to a professional level of service.


Some of the topics covered in this facial course are selecting the appropriate technique and product to suit the client’s requirements, mask application, pressure point facial massage, skin analysis, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, among other valuable topics.


These lessons make it an ideal choice for students who wish to learn skincare treatments for personal interest or provide pampering to friends, family and even paying clients.

Course highlights:

  • Comprehensive study materials and video tutorials
  • Experienced course tutor
  • Certificate of completion
  • Suitable for all levels of therapists


introductory online facial course

Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy: INTRODUCTORY ONLINE FACIAL COURSE is another excellent online facial course that teaches you basic techniques.


  • An informative and practical course
  • Lessons are well taught
  • You will learn basic techniques on the subject
  • It is easy to follow and understand


  • Too simple for some students

This beginner-level facial course informs you on the history of spa facials, the ingredients from centuries back, and the vital tools required to perform standard facials.

This online basic facial course walks you through the anatomy of the skin; in this aspect of the class, you will acquire a deeper insight into the skin, the skin’s chronic conditions, and the use of the Fitzpatrick scale to understand the various skin pigments better. In other words, you will gain more profound knowledge of skin analysis.

You will learn how to perform an appropriate consultation, the means of determining the perfect treatment for your patient and gain insight on different maintenance programs that will help to ensure the retention of your patients.

Moreover, you will get access to various demonstrations of professional skin treatments while gaining information on the different products, tools and ingredients used in spas all over the world.

Course highlights:

  • Course length: about 50 hours
  • Professional certification at the successful completion of the online training
  • The instructors are professionals
  • Best suited for beginners

6. New Skills Academy: Facial Treatments Certification

facial treatments certification

The New Skills Academy: Facial Treatments Certification is one of the selected courses on facial that helps instruct students on the steps to deliver a perfect facial.


  • Offers lifetime access
  • Lessons follow a step-by-step order
  • It is easy to follow and understand
  • The course is compatible with all modern devices


  • A bit expensive

This online course will provide you with the vital information to perform the perfect facial, significantly satisfying your clients and enabling you to experience growth in your beauty therapy business.

The subjects covered in this online course are cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, toning, and extraction. Also, it covers facial massage and deep skin treatments, like serums and eye treatments.

The skills and techniques you acquire in this course make you valuable in other areas of skincare like foot and hand care and enable you to improve the health and appearance of your patients.

Course highlights:

  • Duration: 7 ½ hours
  • End of course certification
  • Access to an active student support

7. The online beauty courses: Online Facial Course

online facial course

The online beauty courses: Online Facial Course is one of the selected courses perfect for beginner beauty specialists looking to start offering great skincare treatments in this field.


  • Lessons are well organized
  • It is easy to follow and understand
  • A theoretical and practical class


  • Too basic for some students

This online course informs you on the great First Aid for the Beauty Sector and the industry’s health, safety, and hygiene. You will get to understand the anatomy and physiology of skin coupled with various types of skin.

As this basic facial class progresses, it introduces you to the meaning of facial treatment, the facial products, setting up the trolley and the process and procedure of performing a patient consultation.

Also, this facial course covers the step-by-step process of carrying out a facial, some video demonstrations on the subject and information on aftercare techniques.

Course highlights:

  • Course length: 4 hours
  • A fully accredited course and so allows you to gain insurance
  • Assessments
  • Active support
  • Perfect for beginner-level facialists


The Centre of Excellence: Holistic Facials Diploma Course is the best of the great online facial courses reviewed above. This fantastic course gives you basic information, theories, perspectives, overall benefits and best practices of this subject’s treatments.

You will learn the important use and care of tools for performing facial therapy while gaining knowledge on business perspectives and professional considerations on holistic facials. You will gain knowledge on the types of ingredients and tools used in the holistic facial mask and the common holistic facial ingredients.

Moreover, you will get to know the process of offering holistic facial treatment, including the consultation process, the importance of understanding your patients and the appropriate questionnaires to use to get information about your clients. In all, this online course gives you an in-depth understanding of providing facial therapy. And so, it is a perfect class for anyone looking to gain employment or establish their own business in the holistic facial field.

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