8 best drum lessons online. Learn to play the drums online with these great courses.

When you see an artist and their artistic masterpieces you not only commend the works’ beauty but appreciate the artist’s style and expression.

The same goes for drumming. Drumming is an art of expression that manifests itself in well-timed, rhythmic beats.

And since drumming is an inextricable part of music, many irresistible, ever-green classics have had amazing drum beats as an integral part of their success.

A-list artists understand the indispensable quality a dexterous drummer brings to a track and that’s why professional drummers are highly sought after.

If you’re looking to up your drumming skills and become a reputable top-notch drumbeater, here are the best online drum lessons you can take.

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8 best drum lessons online 2022

You'll Learn The Drums Faster

If there ever was an all-intensive, super-comprehensive, premium, quality-packed drumming class on the internet, it’s on Drumeo.


  • Multiple, talented tutors
  • All-encompassing curriculum
  • One-on-one virtual meetings
  • Exceptional customer service
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Relatively pricey

Are you looking for a spot to watch all your favorite drum legends expound on the rudiments, tricks, and strategies of drumming? You’ll find all your answers and more on Drumeo.

What Drumeo offers on its platform is phenomenal. The first noticeable feature on Drumeo’s platform is the ordered and detailed curriculum that contains a whopping 230+ course from drum legends around the globe.

The platform combines tutorial videos from many A-list, veteran drummers across the globe, and structures it in a way that pupils can watch, comment, ask questions, and get amazing feedback.

Students can reach out to their esteemed drum heroes by submitting recorded drum videos and await motivating and life-changing feedback and reviews.

There’s also a feature that gives enrollees the chance to watch legends perform at live events— a means to help pupils learn showmanship, joint band performance, and lots more.

Another aspect worthy of mention is the private lesson sessions that aspiring drummers will get with major drumming stars for some extra bucks.

Additionally, drummers can get daily doses of inspiration from 10 coaches of their choosing. They can engage coaches in intimate sessions and ask for personal, undiluted opinions and feedback.

Course highlights:

  • 1000 lessons in 230+ lessons
  • Adjustable curriculum
  • 10+ live weekly shows
  • Interactive sessions
  • 24/7 community access

2. MasterClass: Sheila E Teaches Drumming and Percussion

Master Class

Drumming is an art of expression, and Sheila brings out her talent in full glare as she pours out all of her drumming techniques and pre-show routines in her online class.


  • Ace, award-winning tutor
  • High-definition, superior quality videos
  • Immersive, expressive sessions
  • Subsequent monthly materials


  • No certification

MasterClass has created an avenue to learn from the best of the best. A fully immersive opportunity to acquire knowledge from Sheila, a master drummer and percussionist, isn’t a chance burgeoning drummers ought to miss.

Sheila is an award-winning drummer who has collaborated with superstars such as Mavin Gaye, Snoop Dogg, Beyonce.

Sheila guarantees that she can teach anyone how to drum in under two minutes, a testament to her many years of experience and tutoring.

The course outline spans all the major aspects of drumming.  For example, in one session, Sheila talks about drumming techniques and their application to diverse music genres.

In another, she details the body-conditioning requirements to become a master drummer and even shows students glimpses of her routine before commencing a show.

MasterClass’s platform doesn’t tell how many students exactly have taken in Sheila’s course that spans over 2 hours in a 15-video lesson session. But all indications show that such an A-list celebrity must have thousands of fans, and, of course, thousands of mentees.

Course highlights:

  • 15 sessions
  • 5 hours video duration
  • Video-audio convertible
  • Offline accessibility
  • Money-back guarantee

3. ArtistWorks: Jazz Drums with Peter Erskine


If you’ve ever seen the movie “La La Land,” then you must have heard Peter Erskine’s exceptional drumming scores in the background. Prepare to learn from one of the best the drumming field has to offer.


  • Prize-winning teacher
  • Teacher feedback feature
  • Community resource access
  • Jazz-focused drum techniques


  • Single-focused drum technique

ArtistWorks as a platform is fielding one of the best minds the drumming world has to offer, in the person of Peter Erskine.

Erskine is not just a professional drummer, he’s a two-time grammy-award winner and an honorary doctorate holder with his own record label.

Now, imagine all of Peter’s wealth of experience and techniques used in gaining numerous achievements, distributed for potential jazz drummers on a platter. It’s a chance one shouldn’t miss.

It’s amazing that considering Peter’s expertise, he still teaches basic starting requisites, such as how to properly hold a drumstick.

Peter starts with the basics and makes gradual progress until he touches topics structured for advanced-level jazz drummers.

The lesson sessions totaling about 100, explain everything a potential drummer needs to excel in the field of jazz drumming.

Incorporated in ArtistWorks’ platform is a feature that allows students to send 5 recorded videos to their tutors for feedback and review, this being an avenue for students to get suggestions from Peter.

Something that could potentially change the lives of many pupils for the better.

Course highlights:

  • Unrestricted, perpetual accessibility
  • Jazz charts available
  • 100+ sessions
  • 5 uploadable videos

4. Udemy: Learn to Play the Drums

Learn To Play The Drums

Here’s a bestseller course on Udemy that teaches the fundamental building blocks to excel in the art of drumming. Also within, is a session that covers the techniques behind famous, all-time drum beats.


  • Beginner-oriented lessons
  • Bestseller course
  • Offline accessibility
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Beginner level only

If you’re looking to acquire knowledge on a myriad of drum rhythms, and also how to meld these rhythms to create a fantastic, well-timed beat, then Udemy’s Learn to Play is the perfect choice for you.

The course tutor, Billy Baker, is a veteran bequeathed with a BA honors degree in Popular Music for his 14-year dedication to teaching and propagating the art of drumming.

Billy brings his expertise to bear in his course as he teaches students how to find their rhythms using various techniques like faster double strokes and double pedals.

Perhaps, the most amazing part of the class is the drum renditions of famous, tracks such as ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen and ‘Billie Jean’ by Micheal Jackson.  It’s a beautiful thing seeing and hearing old-time classics coming to life with the different drum styles that Billy uses.

The course has a bestseller badge, proving that It has been highly beneficial to graduated enrollee numbering 14,000 and above.

Course highlights:

  • 12-hour video duration
  • Over 65 offline materials
  • Mobile and desktop accessibility
  • Unrestricted class access

5. MikesLessons: Online Classes

Online Drum Lessons

Mikeslessons is the ideal hub for would-be drummers who want a self-paced, easy-to-comprehend, lesson structure on drumming techniques


  • Style-specific training
  • All skill levels available
  • Easy site navigation


  • No reviews
  • No money-back guarantee

There are many drumming styles and each requires some level of discipline, and consistency to master. MikesLessons’s platform is proving to be the right spot for beginners who want to up their drumming game.

The platform splits every style in the book into sections. Students will then select their desired technique and follow a step-by-step guide to perfecting such a skill.

Hundreds of videos abound on the platform and the site’s mobile-friendly interface is easily navigable. Once enrolled, students have automatic access to pre-existing video broadcasts and self-help PDFs.

Inclusive, is a special tracking tool that helps pupils measure their progress over time. There’s also a feature that permits amateur drummers to upload videos for mike’s assessment.

A question and answer segment during a live session is also another component incorporated into the platform to allow for a smooth, and hitch-free learning plan.

Access to the library is subscription-based and is charged monthly or yearly.

Course highlights:

  • Over 100 videos and PDFs
  • Progress tracking tools
  • Mobile and desktop compatible
  • Subscription-based class

6. 180Drums: Online Lessons

Your Simple Path To Drumming Success

A platform to absorb the collective brilliance of the brightest drum minds around the globe. A place for beginners to nurse and nurture their ambitions.


  • Free videos and podcasts
  • Multi-talented pool of tutors
  • Exclusive Facebook group access
  • 90-day refund window
  • Moderate price


  • No frequent updates

180drums share certain similarities with Drumeo. Both platforms are a hotspot of reputable, ace, world-class drummers. They both have comprehensive, detailed curriculums structured for drumbeaters of all levels.

However, 180 is distinct from Drumeo, because the site has free lessons that non-subscribers can watch. There are also podcasts touching on recent happenings around the drumming world, major drummers with celebrities on tour, etc.

180drums’ free plan avails users the opportunity to create a profile, join an exclusive Facebook community, in addition to watching and listening to free videos and podcasts.

The premium plan promises even more premium content. Once you register, you get access to more than 500 drum lesson videos. There are also downloadable materials from professional drumbeaters who’ve made drum beats for superstars like Drake and Stevie.

The pricing seems moderate and there’s also a 90-day window for a full refund. In summary, 180drums’ free lessons and videos are more than enough to hook potential drummers and draw them into an even bigger and better plan to learn professional drum beating.

Course highlights:

  • 40+ Free videos and podcasts
  • 500+ premium video
  • Downloadable lesson instructions
  • Active blog section

7. Udemy: How to Play the Drums from Beginner to Pro

How To Play The Drums From Beginner To Pro

A beginner guide to learn and perfect the rudimentary requirements to creating drum beats with perfect timing.


  • Easy, comprehensible lessons
  • Great reviews
  • 30-day full refund window
  • Certificate of completion


  • Beginner-level only

Here’s an Udemy-backed course for folks eager to start foraying into the drumming space. How to Play the Drums is a rudiment-focused training geared at conditioning new drummers, and helping them perfect their strokes.

The course also expounds on appropriate hand and foot techniques, and the tricks of mastering speed variations.

Ihan Haydar, the tutor, is the professional drummer for a Platinum-selling Danish group. In her online class, she shares the challenges she faced while pursuing her drumming career, and encourages her students to unleash their creativity.

So far 662 students have passed through Ihan’s class which has a 4.6 rating on Udemy. There’s no special seller badge, but the reviews seem to be positive.

Given the satisfactory reviews in conjunction with a 30-day money-back guarantee, it seems like a course worth trying for newbie drummers.

Course highlights:

  • 47 lectures split into 7 sessions
  • 3-hour video duration
  • Offline-accessible pdf
  • Mobile and desktop accessibility

8. Legacy Lessons: Free Drum Lessons

Welcome To The Legacy Lessons!

One of the first drum libraries to launch on the internet, legacy lessons presents an impressive archive that covers everything from learning how to handle drumsticks to making covers of classic songs.


  • Extensive course outline
  • 7-day free trial
  • Drumeo-Affiliated benefits


  • No reviews

Everything on FreeDrumLessons is powered by Drumeo. And it’s no news that Drumeo is a titan among drumming sites worldwide.

When you visit the site, you’ll see the various drumming aspects listed in sections. The beginner section covers drum warm-ups, stretches, and common mistakes new drumbeaters must avoid.

Another section is the dynamic drumming aspect that teaches how to crescendo and choke cymbals. The rudiment section which expatiates extensively on every kind of stroke roll in the book is another impressive segment on the site.

Students can interact with instructors in the live drum sessions where they can ask personal questions and get sound, professional responses.

A 7-day free trial is available for pupils who intend to test the waters with some of Drumoe’s videos.

Course highlights:

  • 100+ training materials
  • Live sessions
  • Questions and answers segment
  • Drum cover sessions


After scrutinizing the list above, Drumeo clinches the number one position as the best online drumming course. First, there’s an unbelievable presence of drum legends on the platform—a deep, rich wealth of knowledge powerful enough to transform a novice into a professional.

Second, the course curriculum on Drumeo cuts across every aspect of drumming for every type of drum buff. Third, Drumeo is a reputable, go-to site for everything and anything concerning drumming, evidenced by its massive daily sign-ups. Finally, the website’s one-on-one session with celebrity drummers makes for an immersive learning experience for pupils.

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