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Do you have an underlying passion for music and creativity? Or you have a flair for DJing, be it as a hobby or as an active career opportunity for you? If you answered in affirmative to any of these questions, you should pay proper attention to developing your skills.

It is essential to improve your DJ and music production skills, as this will enhance your opportunities to share your music and talents with the world. Although improving your skills in DJing might be quite difficult because there are scarcely degrees in DJing, however, there are online courses on DJing that you can take.

This review is therefore provided to acquaint you with great online DJ courses that you can enroll to hone your DJ skills.

Buying Guide for Best Online DJ Courses

There are some things you need to consider before choosing an online DJ course. Knowing these factors will enable you to get the course that is suitable for you. These factors include:


It is essential that you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for and hoping to get from an online DJ course.  In other words, you must be sure of what skill in DJing you desire to learn or improve.

The differences in need of an individual make online DJ courses comes with specific skills they offer. These skills include how to beatmatch, how to improve your scratching skills, mixing with vinyl, DJing with Serato or Reckorbox, and many more.

Thus, knowing your need helps prevent you from joining a class that will add no value or knowledge to you but instead wastes your resources, time, and effort.


Another vital factor to consider before joining an online DJ class is the amount of money it will cost you to join the class. It is necessary to join a class that you can afford and ensure that it will be worth your money and time in the end.

To ascertain the value of the course you joining can be quite difficult; however, checking people’s experiences and reviews is an excellent way to do this.

Also, there are some great online courses that you can join for free.


The quality of an online course is another essential thing to check before joining the class. This factor is vital because it helps you to prevent against having a regret taking a course or feeling unsatisfied at the completion of a course.

Courses that come with high-quality videos; help ensure clarity as well as enable the student to follow every step the instructor takes when making a practical demonstration. Moreover, courses that come with concise and easy to understand content are excellent classes to join, and this is because you get to learn effortlessly.

Also, courses of high quality allow for the interaction of students with the instructor and fellow students. This feature enables you to learn beyond the course content and also allows you to ask questions. Thus, allowing you to have a better and quicker understanding of the topic of discourse.

Another essential feature of a high-quality course is an experienced instructor with excellent teaching abilities. This feature helps ensure that all students, whether a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced, understand and grasp the lessons easily.

1-Skillshare: Learn How to Mix Music with Young Guru

Skillshare: Learn How to Mix Music with Young Guru

This is another fantastic course on DJing taught by the legendary Grammy nominee, DJ, and producer Young Guru. You learn a great deal of courses ranging from organizing a mix to adding effects. You are also taught the essentials of audio engineering, thus enabling you to create the sound you desire to hear in your music.


  • Clear and concise lessons
  • The course is with a nice pace
  • An ideal course for both intermediate and advanced levels DJ


  • Not very suitable for beginners at DJing

This course comes in four sections in the form of exclusive videos and materials. The first part of this course is about organizing a mix. Here you learn how to work with the primary component of a DIY mix, such as the tracks, the controls, and the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). You also learn how to ensure optimum organization of the entire audio information and tools for the task you have at hand.

Other aspects of these courses are determining levels, adding effects, and tonal balance. In determining levels, you are taught how to arrange levels according to the artist’s vision for the song. On adding effects, you learn how to work on basic effects such as enhancers, phasers, delays, and reverbs.

Another thing you learn is how to know when you have achieved the perfect tonal balance.

Course highlights:

Duration: About 53 minutes

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2-Udemy: How to Become a DJ - Learn How to Start DJing Online Today

How to Become a DJ - Learn How to Start DJing Online Today

Do you desire to know what it takes to be a real DJ and become one yourself? If yes, then you should check out the Udemy course, How to Become a DJ- Learn How to Start DJing Online Today. Also, you get to learn the essential techniques of DJing from this course.


  • All the topics are covered from scratch
  • Easy to follow along because of the many demonstrations
  • Access to the instructor enables you to get answers to your queries and doubts
  • You can access on TV and mobile
  • Offers a Certificate of Completion
  • Great for all levels


  • It is not a short course

This course is taught by Ross Palmer, an instructor who has spent over 13 years building his DJ technique and perfecting his craft. At the beginning of this course, you get to learn the techniques and the foundational terminologies of DJing. Acquiring these skills enhances you to be a top-level DJ who can perform in front of large crowds.

With this course, you will learn how to engage your audience with the use of different tools by creating the right playlist. In the last aspect of this course, you will be taught how to put showmanship, precision, and, ultimately, produce a DJ show that is worth remembering.

Over 7,000 students have enrolled for this course.

Course highlights:

Duration: 11 hours

3-Creativelive: Scratch DJ Academy presents: DJ Fundamentals

Creativelive: Scratch DJ Academy presents: DJ Fundamentals

Are you looking for a way to get started in DJing? If yes, then Scratch DJ Academy presents: DJ Fundamentals, an online course by Creativelive. This course provides you with everything you need to get started as a DJ.


  • Comes with comprehensive content and practical demonstrations
  • In-depth lessons
  • An ideal course for beginners at DJing


  • Not a short course as it takes a few hours
  • Unsuitable for advanced level DJ

This course teaches you about the theory of music as well as the basics of scratching and beat matching. What you learn from this course enables you to fulfil the core of DJing which is putting together songs in a skillful way to create an experience.

Also, the instructor, DJ Hapa, will introduce you to the gear essential of a DJ set plus software, hardware and the features and functions to be on the lookout for. You will also learn to analyze arrangement and to break down. Acquiring these skills improves your performance as a DJ and also enable you to produce original work and remixes.

Irrespective of the genre and style you prefer as a beginner or intermediate DJ, this excellent course will give you a solid foundation in DJing that you build on.

It is a popular course; over 6000 students have enrolled for it.

Course highlights:

Duration: over 5 hours

4-Udemy: Learn how to DJ from The Wu-Tang Clan

Learn how to DJ from The Wu-Tang Clan

This a fantastic course that is created to help beginners to find their ways into the world of DJing. It is not only suitable for beginners but also intermediates and advanced DJs. This is because it comes with different sections that are suitable for levels of DJs.


  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced DJs
  • Produce sets for different mashups and events
  • Offers a Certificate of Completion
  • You can access the course on TV and mobile
  • Videos are of high quality


  • Takes quite a while to complete
  • Difficult for some beginners

This course starts with warmup tasks while getting acquainted with the technical advancements in DJing. This course is taken by DJ Symphony from the WuTang Clan; this instructor, with many years of experience, teaches with high energy coupled with tons of performance. Learning is, therefore, very knowledge-filled and exciting with this instructor.

The beginner topics of this course include how to use headphones, using and understanding the fader as well as understanding song structure and beats per minute. With the innovative instructions and hands-on exercises of this course gives you lots of opportunities to know the techniques used by professionals in DJing. Over 1,723 people have taken this course.

Course highlights:

Duration: 7 hours

5-Udemy: How to Make a Mixtape - Make a Seamless DJ Mix in Ableton

How to Make a Mixtape - Make a Seamless DJ Mix in Ableton

Are you a DJ who desire to know how to use Ableton, a software that most professional DJs use to create commercial mixtapes? If yes, then you should check out How to Make a Mixtape – Make a Seamless DJ Mix in Ableton, an online DJ course on Udemy.


  • Offers a Certificate of Completion
  • You get access on TV and mobile
  • Suitable for all levels of DJ


  • Not very short as it takes some hours

This course shows you how to use the software called Ableton to make a mixtape, world-class seamless DJ mix and radio show from beginning to the end. You get to learn the tools for making radio show and seamless DJ mix just like a professional as well as learn how to get different tracks to fit together.

Moreover, you are taught how to make a professional radio show with relevant FX and voiceover.  Another thing that you’re taught in this excellent course is how to solve common problems relating to the use of Ableton and how to use built-in Ableton FX and racks to distinguish your work uniquely.

Course highlights:

Duration: about 6 ½ hours

6-Udemy: Learn How to Become a DJ with Traktor

Learn How to Become a DJ with Traktor

Do you desire to become a DJ in no time? If yes, then the Udemy course, Learn How to Become a DJ with Traktor is the right course to take to fulfil your desire. You would not only become a DJ by the end of this course, but you would have also learnt some basic mixing techniques which you can use with any DJ software.


  • Lessons are easy to understand
  • Offers practical mixing examples
  • You can access on both TV and mobile
  • You get a Certificate of Completion


  • It is not a short course as it takes some few hours

This course comes in two different parts. The first part introduces you to some basic mixing techniques and diverse Traktor configurations and functionalities. On the other hand, the second part covers advanced mixing techniques that help to maximize your set. In this part, you will also learn how to promote yourself on the WEB as a DJ efficiently.

The advanced mixing techniques taught in this course makes it suitable for experienced DJs who desire to go deeper in advanced mixing techniques and know more tricks and tips in DJing. Without a doubt, this course will help to take your skills in DJing to the next level.

About 2800 students have taken this course.

Course highlights:

Duration: about 4 ½ hours

7-Skillshare: The Basics of Serato DJ

Skillshare: The Basics of Serato DJ

Are you looking for an online DJ course from which you will learn about the Serato DJ setup? If yes, then the Skillshare course on the Basics of Serato DJ is the answer for you.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Low time commitment course
  • An excellent course for learning Serato DJ
  • Enable you to be ready for any gig that you have


  • Lessons are not in-depth
  • Unsuitable for intermediates and advanced level DJs

This is a suitable course for people who are new to DJing and desire to learn all about Serato. This course is taught by Mister Gray, a DJ, producer, and remixer with lots of experience. You learn topics such as configuring Serato Dj, getting set up in Serato DJ. Other aspects of this course are creating organizing crates, organizing your music, and adding/importing songs.

In addition to the 8 lessons of this course is the class project. This class project requires you to organize your crates for your next gig, or if you don’t a real one lined up, yes, you create an imaginary gig. You then screenshot the completed project and share it with the entire class to get some real-world feedback.

About 1,605 people have taken this course.

Course highlights:

Duration: about 1 hour

8-Skillshare: DJing Live: From Setup to Soundcheck

DJing Live: From Setup to Soundcheck

If you are a DJ by profession, you will agree with me that this profession entails you to always be prepared for gigs, and this is not quite easy. But not to worry, the Skillshare online course on DJing live from Setup to Soundcheck will help you do just that.


  • Suitable for levels of DJ
  • Comes with projects that help to improve students’ skills further
  • Requires a low time commitment
  • Clear and concise lessons


  • Not very hands-on and in-depth

This course is taught by a Grammy-nominated DJ known as Young Guru. This instructor is a legendary engineer and hip hop producer so that you can expect great content from this course. From this class, you learn how to prepare for your gig by possessing the essential equipment and an effective setup.

The key lessons from this online course are on general setup, vital gear, and the use of both Ableton and Serato setups during live sets.

Another excellent feature of this course is the added projects that you get to undertake to improve your skills further. Thus, you are able to think deeply about which materials you need for DJing. About 1624 students have enrolled for this course, so it is a popular and highly recommended course.

Course highlights:

Duration: about 34 minutes


Of all the great online DJ courses reviewed above, Learn How to Mix Music with Young Guru on Skillshare is outstanding and so, highly recommended for both intermediate and advanced level DJs.

This course comes with excellent and high-quality content which makes it the most popular and highest ranking online course for music production on Skillshare. With this course, you get to learn diverse topics ranging from organizing a mix to determining levels and then to adding effect and learning how to identify a perfect balance.

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