Best Online Crochet Classes

Majority of the world has the wrong attitude towards crocheting. It is a common stereotype that crochet is difficult and requires special training to understand. Hand crocheting especially seems like a no go area to most people.

This is not the case at all. All you need is the right guidance, and you will see crocheting in a new light. You’d be amazed that just about anybody could learn to crochet. And yes, even you! Like most skills, crochet stitching can be acquired off the internet too.

One can learn the craft and art of crocheting by watching videos online. This is why I have taken out time to select the best crochet classes for you. In a matter of days, driven by your resolution, you, too, can become a master of crochet stitching.

The online teachers in each class use a simple approach to explain crochet skills. Even as a beginner with no initial idea, the lessons are precise, comprehensive, and relatable.

1-Annie’s Craft Store: Annie's Online Crochet Courses

Annies Craft Store Annies Online Crochet Courses

Learning how to crochet online is easy peasy. All you need is the right training, combined with your determination. This and many more are achievable with Annie’s Online Tunisian Crochet Courses.

Apart from the professional training offered here, one of their main goals is to instill creativity in you. You are taught how to express your imaginations in every project you do. On completing a class, you would have become a proud crocheter.

In this course, each class is taught by great instructors who have years of experience. Some of which are authors of bestselling books about crocheting and have also hosted many workshops training.

The bestselling online crochet class is available for intermediate students who want to step up. You will be taught crocheting from a broader point of view. Concepts ranging from Tunisian crochet, filet crochet, knit-look crochet to Oceano cardigan crochet, and many awesome packages are available here.

Class videos have no bounds and can be viewed any day, any time. A DVD of teachings is also available for purchase. These act as reference materials that can be rewatched for better understanding. In general, this is one best crochet class, among others.

Classes available on this store all have free trials, where you can preview a course first before decision making.

Course highlights:

  • Annie’s class has a limitless access
  • Videos can be viewed with phones, computers, and TVs
  • The course includes a DVD recordings

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2-Creativelive: Advanced Crochet Maker: Skills & Techniques

Creativelive Advanced Crochet Maker Skills Techniques

Sometimes we are so busy we have no time to improve our crochet skills. It can be even more demanding to research until you perfect your skills. And this is why quick online crochet courses like this are created.

Vickie Howell on Creativelive already made this happen. All that is left to do is to sign up for an online crochet class and learn the rudiments of crocheting in a short time.

Learning advanced skills with Vickie is easy, fun, and enlightening. The crochet master simplified complex crochet patterns in a 2-hour video. This class is trending and has pulled a large crowd of 2,800 students.

Complex stitches like picot and net edging are explained here. Moreso, how to add motifs to your work, create buttonholes, link two or more stitches, and more are vividly demonstrated in 12 video modules. Make out time today, and you can become an expert too.

Course highlights:

  • Class materials are available in PDFs
  • It includes 12 HD video modules
  • The course comes with a lifetime access

3-Udemy: The Ultimate Course for Beginner and Intermediate Crochet

Udemy The Ultimate Course For Beginner And Intermediate Crochet

Here is an online crochet class for both beginners and intermediate learners. This class is available on Udemy for an aspiring crocheter. Amateur students who wish to brush up their skills are also welcomed here.

Join a class with a professional trainer, Rita de Maintenon. Rita has been teaching on online platforms now for over four decades. She’s also recognized for her book, “Heritage Crochet in a New Light,” full of insightful crochet nuggets for crochet students.

The major skills taught here by Rita include the single, double, and triple types of crocheting, laying chain, and perfect tension. Besides, students are shown how to work with straight edges, the makings of common patterns like clusters, shells, squares, to mention but a few. Students are also assigned class projects which are uploaded and then accorded marks.

This course attracts a crowd of 1718 students and is rated 4.4. It can be accessed anytime on Udemy; hence, you can learn at your own pace and convenience. A recognized certificate of completion is also given to all participants. Downloaded course outlines are also available for future reference and study.

Course highlights:

  • This course comes with a limitless access
  • The length of the class video is 3 hours
  • It is accessible on either mobile or TV
  • 36 video lessons are available for both beginners and amateurs

4-Skillshare: The 4 Core Crochet Stitches : Beginners Crochet Class

Skillshare The 4 Core Crochet Stitches Beginners Crochet Class

This is one of the many options of best online crochet classes for novices. The professional that took the module discussed in detail the four core crochet stitching skills. These skills are the chain, single, double, and half-double crochet methods.

Flavia Antionette showed examples to buttress her points. With your yarn and hook, you can mimic her actions too. Nothing beats learning by imitation. It’s been proven to be effective, especially in e-learning.

The bestselling course is highly rated, with 1,334 students enrolled. Included in the 2-hour length of the video are two extra downloadable resources and 4 class assignments. Online courses on Skillshare are accessible at any point in time with no limits.

Course highlights:

  • The course comes with two reference outlines
  • The access to the class is for a lifetime
  • Students are given four assignments to do
  • It is a bestselling online course

5-Udemy: Crochet Basics - Learn to Crochet in just 7days

Udemy Crochet Basics Learn To Crochet In Just 7days

This is one of the best beginner’s classes at Udemy. As a novice, you would perfect your crocheting skills in just 7days. This class is especially fit for those who are less confident about learning crocheting. It covers a wide range of the easiest methods of crocheting.

The class instructor, Emse Liliom, is a skilled crocheter. Also passionate about training newbies, she has been teaching crochet for ten years; what’s better than tapping out of this deep well of experience.

In about 3 hours of video, Emse explicitly explained the basics of crochet stitching skills. You will also be taught how to read and understand chart signs and pick out the right crochet hook and yarn. Even better, you’d learn how to make five flower-petal, granny squares, spiral shell, filet blocks, shapes, and many more with yarns.

The online class received a rating of 4.5 stars from both past and present students. The modules are grouped into 25 lectures, and 1859 students have already registered. Join this Udemy class today and lay a solid foundation for your crochet stitching adventures.

In the end, a certificate of completion is issued as a bonus. The paper will testify that you learned from one of the best online crochet classes.

Course highlights:

  • Lifetime access on mobiles and Televisions
  • Classes include 17 downloadable materials
  • Students are given certificates on completion
  • Unlimited access to instructional guides and videos

6-Udemy: Crochet with Patternless Projects

Udemy Crochet With Patternless Projects

Next up on the list of best online crochet classes is Udemy crochet for beginners. This teaches students how to make simple crocheting without stress. Prior knowledge of pattern is not necessary; you will learn basic shapes without pattern reading.

This Udemy course will change your level from a novice to a pro. A prominent figure in the craft industry, Amy Lynn Hess, handles this course herself. Her wealth of experience amassed over the years is beneficial to anyone fortunate to learn from her.

With the simplest of approaches, Amy carefully dissected the basics of doing patternless projects. In an easy and relaxed manner, converting square corners into granny squares, effect color change, and add binding finishes to crochet ends were discussed.

This course is highly rated with a 4.8-star rating by the 318 students enrolled. Many of whom testified the course outlines are apt and insightful. The class contains 17 lectures grouped into five sections. After completing the modules, a certificate is given out.

Course highlights:

  • The on-demand is 2 hours long
  • A certificate of completion is inclusive
  • It can be accessed on all mobile devices

7-Skillshare: A Beginner's Guide to Crocheting Your First Dishcloth

Skillshare A Beginner's Guide To Crocheting Your First Dishcloth

Dishcloths are vital in our homes. Most times, we pay a lot of cash buying and replacing them. With just a hook and a yarn on Skillshare, you can learn how to make your dishcloths. Besides this, you can also learn the basic principles of crocheting blankets, body warmers, and stuffed toys. 

Khara Plicanic, a prolific photographer and crafter, is the instructor of this course. Khara is a believer in DIY and encourages her students to create wares for themselves through class projects. In a less than 2hours video, she demonstrated the ABC of crocheting dishcloths.

Even the most clueless person on crocheting will know everything about crochet stitching. In this course, you will be shown how to hold your yarn and weave it together to create an object. You will become the master of basic stitches like single and double crochet, slip knot tying, and chain by the end of the class.

How to customize using crochet stitching is also learned here. Join the train of 1,225 participants on this course today. And I can assure you that what you will learn will go beyond just making DIY dishcloths but also knowledge enough to set up business.

Course highlights:

  • Class is divided into 25 sections
  • It has an on-demand video of 1 hour 31 minutes
  • Lectures come with class projects
  • Videos can be viewed on phones and TVs

8-Skillshare: Hand crochet a blanket without a hook

Skillsharehand Crochet A Blanket Without A Hook

During cold seasons, blankets are essential items of clothing that provide warmth to the body. You can prepare ahead for the colds by hand-making blankets for you and your loved ones. The beauty of this online class is you do not require a hook to make amazing crocheted blankets.

This skillshare course is an easy one with Cara Corey. Cara is an excellent crochet designer and is passionate about raising others to become like her. She organized the video into seven lessons, and 564 students are already on board.

Explained briefly in the 30minutes video is how to make a blanket from cozy wool. You will learn how to perform simple single crochet stitching with your finger. This sounds impossible, but it is pretty easy to do when you join this class. Also, in the class, Cara will help you choose yarn types perfect for blankets.

Course highlights:

  • Two class projects are involved
  • It includes 1 class PDF
  • Short video class of 30 minutes

9-Skillshare: Crochet Basics: Learn how to Crochet a Scarf

Skillshare Crochet Basics Learn How To Crochet A Scarf

Next on my list is an introductory class to scarf crocheting on Skillshare. All you need for this class is your openness to learn. In no time, you would be a pro in the scarf crocheting business too.

For this class, the instructor is the no other crochet pro, Connie Lee Lynch. Here is one person that is an inestimable asset. Connie has mentored over 1,000 students and is certified by the CYC. Not only that, she has four other online classes where she teaches crochet skills.

There are a total of 20 lectures compressed into a 2-hours video. A few Crocheting techniques have been selected and well explained for all participants. These techniques include choosing your yarns, how to double and chain stitch, weaving, the correct way of holding your hook and yarn, and so on.

By the end of the class, you will effortlessly form a pretty scarf. For better teaching, extra resources in photos and charts are provided for better grasping. Another unique thing about this class is, it offers a 2-month free trial. Enroll now while the offer lasts!

Course highlights:

  • 6 class projects inclusive
  • The class has 1,080 participants
  • The course instructor is CYC certified
  • It can be accessed on mobile phones and TV

10-CreativeBug- Beginner Crochet 1

Creativebug Beginner Crochet 1

One effective way of acquiring any skill is by first learning from experienced icons in related fields. This is not proven otherwise in crocheting. As a beginner who wants to become a pro one day. Here is an enormous opportunity for you at CreativeBug.

Beginner crochet one is taught only by gurus at CreativeBug. Cal Patch, one of the teachers, is an expert in crochet making. She has been contributing greatly to crocheting for over 30 years. She has inspired tons of crochet lovers.

In the short video, you will know how to make clothing items like sweaters, head warmers, and scarves. Not only that, one can create a table and chair covers too. You will be taught different stitching methods, the dos, and don’ts of crocheting. Also, making designs cleanly and effectively.

The lesson video is in a high definition manner. With ease, all moves and demonstrations made by Cal are conspicuous. Another plus to this class is, a medium to enable you to interact with other students is provided. Even better, you can ask questions that need clarity.

Course highlights:

  • It has unlimited access
  • The video is high definition quality
  • The class video has a short duration, less than an hour

11-Craftsy- Startup Library: Crochet Making

Craftsy Startup Library Crochet Making

This is the last but not the least, among the best online crochet classes. Many people are interested in learning crochet skills but are discouraged because they do not know how to go about it. Online crochet making class on craftsy got you covered.

This class is jam-packed with insightful and useful tips on crocheting. Module instructor Selena Baca is all about guiding those that are new to crocheting. The first four projects where you learn to make headbands, scarves, cowl, and hats are pretty easy. She also came down to a beginner’s level to ensure you don’t get confused.

Teaching is produced in a fairly long video of about 5 hours. Within this period, you will be walked through five important types of stitching, understanding and applying pattern reading, and lots more. Before the end of the class, your confidence in crochet skills would have sky-rocketed.

Course highlights:

  • Lesson video is accessible anytime
  • Length of instructional video is 4hours 37minutes
  • students are privileged to ask the instructors questions
  • Extra PDFs are available and can be downloaded


Now that you know crocheting is not a difficult skill to acquire. It’s time to spring into action, weigh your options, and select the best online crochet classes. Remember, the best online crochet classes are packed full and can be accessed with ease at any time.

At Annie’s craft store, the best and lots of exciting opportunities are what they offer. Unlike other online crochet classes, they teach extensively and cover a wider scope of crocheting. The instructors aren’t just professionals but are certified and long in the craft industry. This, therefore, is one online crochet class you have to give the benefit of doubts. It will be worth it.

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