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For centuries, music has been a significant part of the culture in all parts of the world. Though, the musical instruments used to create music have evolved over the years, the desire of people to learn how to play these instruments keeps getting stronger. However, the people who are interested in learning how to play the cello tend to get started early in life.

A good thing about learning the cello instrument is that various lessons online teach you how to play it. Thus, irrespective of your age, you can conveniently pick up the cello instrument and master it even without any prior musical training.

As there are diverse online cello lessons that you can enroll for, this review is provided to inform you on the best ones to take to learn and improve your cello playing skills.

1-Artistworks: Cello with Mike Block

Artistworks Cello With Mike Block

Do you desire to learn how to play the cello from a virtuoso? If yes, then the Artistrworks course, Cello with Mike Block is the perfect course for you. In this course, you do not only learn how to play the cello, but you learn how to play it in many styles.


  • You learn at your pace
  • A comprehensive course
  • Offers you unlimited access to lessons


  • Advanced topics are less than intermediate and beginner level topics

This course is taught by Mike Block, a multi-style cellist and composer. He built a comprehensive video library with hundreds of multi-style cello lessons online to meet the needs of students irrespective of their level. The topics covered in this course include Classical and contemporary styles of playing the cello, rhythmic exercises. Other topics are sheet music and backing tracks as well as shifting and bowing tips.

A unique feature of this class is that it permits you to submit a video for review using the ArtistsWorks Video Exchange Learning Platform, thus, enabling the instructor to review your submission and then gets back to you by recording a video response. This ultimately allows you to enjoy specific guidance from the instructor, and this helps to take you cello playing to the next level. Apart from access to cello lessons, you also get a free ebook of cello etudes and play-along backing track.

Course highlights:

  • Perfect for all levels and styles of cello playing
  • Access to cello lessons, play-along backing track and a free ebook
  • Taught by a professional cellist and experienced music teacher

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2-Olga Redkina Online Cello Lessons

Olga Redkina Online Cello Lessons

The Olga Redkina Online Cello Lessons is a platform that is designed to teach people how to play the cello. It offers lessons for all skill level; thus, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced cellist, you will get valuable cello lessons on this website.


  • Lessons are self-paced
  • Lessons are broken down to ease the learning
  • An extensive course
  • Lessons are clear and easy to understand


  • More suitable for beginners than for advanced cellist

The lessons on this platform are taught by Olga Redkina, a cellist, soloist, teacher and artist. The instructor designed the website to help you if you desire to take up playing the cello but have no time to look for a professional instructor to teach you at home or in the studio.

The system of this website is designed to allow for a self-paced lesson of the video membership site. This online teaching system is different from traditional teaching because all the lessons are pre-recorded on video, thus, enabling you to watch the video at your preferred time instead of being lectured to at a set time. This online training course is broken down into four different parts to ease your learning of the cello.

Course highlights:

  • A world-renowned cellist, Olga Redkina prepare all the courses.
  • Suitable for all skill level
  • Full access to all the video lessons for paid members

3-Udemy: Cello Course for Complete Beginners

Udemy Cello Course For Complete Beginners

Do you desire to learn the cello from the very beginning and you are looking for a course that perfectly satisfies this your need? If yes, then look no further as the Udemy course, Cello Course for Complete Beginners.


  • Informative and easy to follow
  • A detailed explanation of lessons


  • Unsuitable for advanced cellist
  • The lessons are too fast for some students

This course addresses some issues before starting the main lessons. These issues include how to choose the right instrument for students who do not have the cello, the parts of the cello, the correct way to hold the cello and placing the instrument correctly. This feature of the course helps to ensure the proper recognition and identification of the cello; this ultimately makes it perfect for people with no knowledge of music, rhythmic, music theory or playing skills.

The topics covered in this course include basic music and music theory, how to hold the cello and bow in the right position, basic bowing techniques and left-hand positions.

Course highlights:

  • High 4.4-star rating
  • 4 hours on-demand video
  • Best suited for beginners
  • 18 lessons and 1 downloadable resource
  • Certificate of completion

4-Udemy: Beginner Cello with Juilliard Graduate

Udemy Beginner Cello With Juilliard Graduate

The Udemy course, Beginner Cello with Juilliard Graduate, is an excellent course for you desire to learn how to play the cello even if you have never touched it before.


  • Accessible on TV and mobile
  • Offers full lifetime access


  • Unsuitable for advanced cellist

This course is taught by Benjamin Fryxell, a music and tech geek with many years of experience as a cellist. The topics covered in this course includes introductory part such as the history and anatomy of the cello and its bow, choosing a cello/ accessories and how to set them up as well as how to care for your cello.  Other topics are holding and using the bow, left-hand fundamentals, scales and warming up.

This course requires you to have a fundamental knowledge of music as well as how to read music to enrol for the course. However, if you desire to join, but you have no knowledge of music, you are offered a free companion course to teach you that.

Course highlights:

  • A 4.3-star rating
  • 3 ½ hours on-demand video
  • Certificate of completion

5-Cello Academy

Cello Academy

Do you desire to learn how to play the cello instrument in the comfort of your home and at your own convenient time? If yes, then the Cello Academy is an ideal website for you.


  • Access to lessons for free for paid members
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lessons are self-paced
  • A comprehensive course
  • Lessons are clear and are taught using a practical approach


  • Lessons are not too in-depth

The Cello Academy is a membership-only website that offers you full access to all the lessons on video as a paid member. Each video is 15-minutes long; this enables you to learn even with your busy schedule. This platform is designed to be a good fit for you irrespective of your skill level. Thus, on this platform, you will find helpful videos as a beginner, intermediate or advanced cellist.

 This is a perfect website where you can take lessons on cello, particularly if you desire to learn how to play the cello but do have enough money to pay for expensive lessons offered by professional teachers. On this platform, you get access to lessons for free and also as a member, you get to download contents without having to pay a dime.

Course highlights:

  • Each of the video lessons is about 15 minutes long.
  • Suitable for different skill levels
  • Forum for asking questions concerning playing and practicing the cello

6-Natasha Jaffe- Private Lessons

Natasha Jaffe Private Lessons

The Natasha Jaffe – Private Lessons is a platform where you can enroll for private cello lessons. The lessons offered are suitable for all ages and levels.


  • Offers lessons in different languages
  • Lessons learnt will enable you to transit to the specific genre of music you desire to play on the cello


  • The need for some tools to enroll for the online lessons

This website is designed to provide you with private online cello lessons. The lessons focus on the classical style of cello playing; with these essential tools, you can then learn to play any style of music you desire on the cello. There are three packages you can purchase from the website to enrol for lessons; these are Trial (can only be ordered once), Single Online Lesson and Online Lesson 4 Pack. These packages are available for a nominal charge, so you pick according to your choice.

Natasha Jaffe teaches the lessons, a cellist Based in Berlin, Germany. This instructor provides her online students with classical cello lessons over Skype. She teaches primarily in English and German; however, she also offers lessons in French, Portuguese as well as Spanish. To join the private lessons of Natasha Jaffe, you must have access to a headset with microphone, a webcam and reliable internet access; this because the lessons are held on Skype.

Course highlights:

  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Offers 3 different packages that can be purchased on the website
  • Lessons are held on Skype

7-Cello Dreaming

Cello Dreaming

Are you looking for a website that offers a wide range of online cello lessons and workshops? If yes, then the Cello Dreaming is an ideal platform to check out. Cello Dreaming offers lessons that are ideal for all age groups and skill levels.


  • Offers valuable cello lessons
  • Knowledge-filled class
  • Teaches how to play the cello and also, helps to improve your skills


  • The need for some tools to join classes on Skype

This website is created by Louise King, an internationally trained cellist. Through the various classes on this website, Louise shares her love for music and cello, an instrument she loves and cherishes. With this online platform, she gets to share her knowledge with the world.

The online cello lessons on this site are held via Skype; this requires you to have a webcam, headset with a microphone as well as access to a reliable internet to partake in all the parts of the lessons online. Irrespective of your skill level, you are sure to gain some valuable experience by taking courses on this site.

Moreover, this platform is suitable for teachers who desire some ideas to enable them to teach their students; this is because of the professional development sessions that are taken by Louise.

Course highlights:

  • Ideal for all skill levels and age groups
  • Offers professional development sessions
  • A professional cellist teaches the lessons
  • Lessons are held on Skype.



Are you looking for a website that brings together a collection of various cellists to help you learn how to play the cello or to help improve your playing skills? If this is your need, then you should check out the Cellobello platform. 


  • Free
  • Gives you access to several valuable resources
  • The course is highly versatile.


  • Unsuitable for extensive and in-depth learning of cello

Cellobello is a platform that is free and accessible to everyone. This site offers world-class lessons, interviews, masterclasses and interactive live-streamed chats on musical instruments and music instructions to both students and professionals who are resource-deprived. Renowned artist-teachers take these lessons from the chamber, music, solo, orchestral and teaching professions.

Paul Katz created this platform. The unique feature of this website is that you get full access to a collection of valuable lessons on playing the cello without having to pay a dime. With this platform, you get access to high-quality musical instruction, interaction and inspiration. There is absolutely no limit to what you can use the resources on the platform for.

Course highlights:

  • Free access to resources
  • High-quality resources
  • Renowned cellists teach courses
  • Suitable for all levels


Out of all the fantastic online cello courses reviewed above, the Artistworks course, Cello with Mike Block is the best. This excellent course is taught by a professional cellist and music teacher of many years. Thus, learning from an instructor as Mike Block is a guarantee that you will have a knowledge-filled and enjoyable learning experience, as you will gain valuable resources from his well of knowledge.

This course comes with a well-stocked library consisting of hundreds of high-quality video lessons on cello. This feature helps to ensure that you have extensive learning as well as makes the course suitable for you whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced cellist.

With these features and more, the ArtistWorks course, Cello with Mike Block will help you learn the cello with ease as well as help to take your skills of cello playing to the next level.

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