9 Best Online Candle Making Classes 2022 : Learn how to make Candles with these Courses.

Candle making is a one-of-a-kind craft in that it combines the maker’s artistic prowess with their technical skills in producing quality products. And that’s all that differentiates exotic candles that sell for hundreds of dollars from cheap ones that hardly cost a dollar. It’s all about the maker’s eye for detail.

The good thing about this craft is that it can be easily learned and mastered. All you need to do is learn from the best tutors who produce the type of results you desire. This is what we have carefully considered in compiling this list of the best online candle making courses.

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9 Best Online Candle Making Classes 2022

How To Make Candles Candle Making For Beginners

The first class we’ll be checking out is a best-seller course on Udemy. This craft course teaches candle making in all its depth. With an objective to take students from level zero to hundred, this online candle making class actually comes good on its promise through the practical outline and materials.

This course was created by Shona O’Connor, a professional crafter who specializes in Hair, Bath, and Body care, among other things. With extensive years of experience in crafts, Shona has taken a passion for teaching her unique production techniques and has trained thousands of craft-enthusiasts like herself both physically and online.

The Candle Making for Beginners course by Shona exhausts a good number of candle making techniques and explains them well for newbies to catch the drift quickly. And the lectures come with a lot of demonstrations and practicals as well as assignments and projects. This is especially a welcome feature in the course as it spurs students to practice and apply the knowledge being passed across.

Little wonder this course has an overall rating of 4.5 of 5 from about 1,000 reviews. As of the time of writing, over 5,000 students had taken the course. And the reviews have been largely positive. That’s a good indicator that the course is actually investing time and money to learn the craft of candle making.

Some of the areas of focus of the course include wax and wick types and compatibility, the types of mold or container to use to get the desired result pattern, which are the basics of the production process. Then, the course also touches on fragrances, the types and their usage, essential oils, effect creation in candles, and candle-making for themed events and special occasions.

Then there is some additional information exclusive to the business aspect of candle making. Such as material choice, wax types, candle coloration, avoiding toxic ingredients, creating a safe workspace, making special use of candles like massage candles and the likes. In all, the 3-hours-39-minute course delivers all you need to take you to the top candle maker status you so desire.

Course highlights:

  • Over three hours of in-depth lectures
  • A practical approach to teaching working techniques
  • Downloadable video resources and articles
  • Certificate of completion available

2. Udemy: Candle Making for Beginners - for Fun or to Build a Business

Candle Making For Beginners For Fun Or To Build A Business

Next up on our list of best online candle making courses is another Candle Making for Beginners course on Udemy. This version was created by veteran candle maker and designer Kevin Partner. The course according to him is created for the ordinary “Enthusiast” and the “Business-minded” alike. Whichever class a student falls into, they are sure to get enough information to help them achieve their learning goals.

The course focuses on the art of making spectacular candles with an eye for extra alluring designs. The instructor goes through the basics of candle making from the equipment needed to every component that is used in the production. And then graduates into the different methods for creating a masterpiece.

In total, this beginner candle making course comprises four sections with 21 lessons. Altogether, the lectures last for 2 hours of video talk. Accompanied with some other materials, the course is self-paced, and depending on the student’s preparedness to implement the lessons, it is quite easy to go from there into practicing the craft.

Having a rating of 4.4 stars, this course has seen 1,415 students go through the materials. This in itself is an indicator of the quality of the course. The high quality is largely due to the vastness of the course resource library provided by the instructor to help inspire and guide students. As a creator, the course is designed to bring out the creativity in students. Hence, a promise that after finishing the module, students can come up with their own unique candle recipes.

Course highlights:

  • Two hours of video lecture with six articles attached
  • Certificate of completion and lifetime access

3. Skillshare Candle Making: Scent Your Way to Paradise

Candle Making Scent Your Way To Paradise

The candle making course on Skillshare is another insightful online training in the craft of candle production. The lessons are short and straight to the point but explanatory enough for the novice student to grasp all the processes involved. As the class is designed for beginner level training, the entire lesson lasts only about ten minutes in total.

The course instructor, John Norman, runs the Smashed Co. candle company. He teaches a bit of his business knowledge in the training. However, the course was more particular in practice and implementation. So far, over 4,000 students have registered for the course, and amazing student projects are now available on the course menu.

That goes to say the extent of the practicality of this course, and how the instructor has designed it to help students develop their candle-making skills in no time. As part of the guide, insights are provided into the wax market to help students know what to buy to get the best of results. More attention was of course paid to scents, as this is the headline focus of the course; how to identify the quality scents, and how to be innovative in choosing one or for combinations.

From the online reviews, the course is designated as easy, simple, adequate, and “makes learning fun”.  An incredible 86% had their expectations met or even exceeded with the course despite its brevity. Put all these features together, we have a pretty quality candle making course on our hands.

Course highlights:

  • Short video lectures
  • Projects available with practical guides
  • Access to Instructor

4. CandleMakingCourses: Online Courses

Candle Making Courses

This entry on our list of top online candle making courses is quite different from the rest. How so? The structure of this is such that a couple of individual courses were gathered to make the “CandleMakingCourses” bundle. So, it’s more or less like a solid program that exhausts all there is to learn about candle production as a professional.

This course series was created by Gary Simmons, a veteran in the exotic candle business. He takes his time sharing age-old industry secrets to help new businesses establish their candle brands. To better the chances of standing out in the industry, the course goes through several techniques and principles used in candle making.

The course series is delivered via email to registered students in modules. The individual courses can be implemented on their own. However, it is more advisable to run the complete module and then practice. This helps to achieve a broad comprehension of the craft as well as the business.

Course highlights:

  • Focused on teaching the business of candle making
  • Courses are bulky and very detailed
  • Complete module available at a subsidized rate

5. Courses for Success: Ultimate Candle Making Business Online Bundle

Candle Making Business Online Certificate Course

On CoursesForSuccess, the Ultimate Candle Making Business Online Bundle is the total package for every crafts enthusiast. The course is fully loaded with all there is to learn as the art and craft of producing fine candles.

This course comes in 3 modules which contain 18 parts in total. The materials for this course are massive and well detailed to help even total newbies in the business to get to their desired professional craftsman status. And it’s not just in the certification but in the knowledge that’s passed across.

In the course modules, you’ll learn different techniques for candle making, safety, and precaution, shaping and designs, decorating, dipped candles, among other things. The course also details all you would need to set yourself up in the business. And so far, the bulk of students who have taken this course have been satisfied and deem it a value for their money.

Course highlights:

  • Materials are well sectioned for easy comprehension
  • Well detailed outline and it’s self-paced
  • Certificate of completion available

6. CandleScience: Best for Blending Fragrance Oils

Diy Candle Making

CandleScience as the name suggests is an organization into the science and chemistry behind candles, how they burn, scent, and their compositions in general. This area of expertise has the most effect on the fragrance produced by candles and also the designs. CandleScience especially teaches on blending of fragrance oils to produce unique scents.

There are several courses on the platform that teach the art of scenting, fragrance blending, wax selection, and other special techniques used in the candle making craft. The course aims to teach students in the simplest ways possible to explore candle production.

On the CandleScience platform, there are several free tutorials and guides. The vastness of the library available on the platform makes it an excellent place to brush up on one’s craft. The course in itself takes students from basic craft knowledge to lab methods to improve production. And then crowns it all with a holistic look at fragrance oils.

Course highlights:

  • In-depth knowledge on fragrance oils
  • Free tutorials and guides available
  • Analysis of the chemistry involved in candle making

7. Candle Academy: Online Class

Online Container Candle Making Course

The Candle Academy is an online platform in the business of training candle makers. They have a repertoire of practicing instructors with years of experience in the business of candle making. With a dedication to helping students master the craft and the business of molding candles.

The course helps create a passion for the candle making craft in students. Starting from health and safety topics, the course covers all the needed areas for best practices. This includes wick sizing, choosing the right wax, temperature control, container exploration, colorants, oils, and fragrance, among many other topics. This course is one worth every penny – well inclusive for all students, as well as very practical.

Course highlights:

  • Numerous courses available
  • Free materials for beginners
  • Access to Instructors

8. Udemy: Gel Candles – How to Make Amazing Candles Quickly & Easily

Gel Candles – How To Make Amazing Candles Quickly & Easily

This course is one of the highest-rated candle making courses on Udemy with an impressive rating of 4.9 of 5. With a focus on gel candles and how to easily and quickly make them. The course module teaches special candle effects especially adding dramatic effects, colors, and designs.

In this course, you will learn how to make candles with bubbles, how to create scene candles, how to make layered candles, matching the correct fragrance with wax color, container choice, and other minute details that would make your craft stand out. Then, there’s the outline on work safety and precautions.

So, in essence, what you are getting with this online candle making course is a complete starter pack to help students perfect the art of gel candle making. And quite notably, this course was also created by Shona O’Connor, an expert candle maker, and trainer.

Course highlights:

  • Two hours of video instructional guides
  • Downloadable resources with four articles attached

9. Creative Bug: Teacup Candles

Teacup Candles

Finally, on our list of online candle making courses is this short online training available on Creative Bug. The course focuses on teaching how to make Teacup candles. This style is quite exquisite because you make use of thrifted teacups in making cute candles. The class talks a bit about tea lights, votive candles, teacup candles, and even candle tins. From the 79 reviews on the course so far, they all gave a full 5-star review.

Course highlights:

  • Focused on the making of cute teacup candles
  • The lesson is short and straight-to-point


For craft lovers and candle enthusiasts, learning the DIY candle making process is both educative and fun. And not only for them, but there’s also virtually no one that would learn to make quality fragrance candles by themselves that wouldn’t just love it.

Like we’ve pointed out, all of the courses on our list are top grade and offer you good value for your money. However, if you’re looking for a standout choice, then that’s going to be the “How to Make Candles – Candle Making for Beginners” course on Udemy for us. The Instructor, Shona O’Connor does complete justice in delivering all the knowledge you need to perfect your candle making craft.

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