Best Online Bookkeeping Courses 2022 : Courses with Certificates for Beginners

Bookkeeping is the act of keeping records of expenditures for individuals or businesses. It is a vital part of accounting in a firm or professional life.

The need for Bookkeeping arises when accounting for the various financial actions of an entity becomes entangled with the income. This could affect the determination of specific values like the cost of production, management cost, and even amounts like profit/loss.

Hence, having a specialized bookkeeper is more of a necessity in any business. This is what informs the demand in persons with bookkeeping skills.

As complex as it might sound, learning to be a professional bookkeeper is as easy as signing up for bookkeeping courses online.

There are numerous options online available for interested persons to learn Bookkeeping from scratch. However, not all these courses deliver on the promise to teach what is necessary. Some are otherwise too advanced for bookkeeping level.

Nevertheless, to get you started in Bookkeeping, I have selected eye-catching online courses for your perusal.

What to look for in an Online Bookkeeping Course

To make a choice of what class to join, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • The course must be user-friendly: the materials should be easily relatable and also easy to navigate through.
  • Timing: it should at least have a flexible plan to allow you fator in your normal day-to-day schedule.
  • Costing: Take a look at the course fee and check what it offers. Make a contrast to see if the offer is worth the pay. Also, would the awarded certificate be well recognised and accepted.
  • Coursework relevance: This goes to say that not all courses major on the necessary topics. Look out for the outline and brief through the introduction to get a grasp of this.
Table of Contents

10 Best online bookkeeping courses

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Financial Statements: Zero to Pro

This bestseller course is the complete package for one looking to learn accounting and Bookkeeping. With a module designed for all student levels, this course offers an insightful journey into Bookkeeping’s peculiarities.

The course covers three aspects of business management. Going through Bookkeeping and record management, financial accounting, and use of financial statements. Over 38,500 students have gone through the packed outline, and it still maintains an impressive 4.3 rating.

Course instructor, Irfan Sharif, is a UK-certified Chartered Accountant. He has extensive experience consulting on finance and accountancy for various international companies. He is also a renowned trainer and teacher in accounting subjects. The beautiful thing is he brings all these to the table in this course he facilitates on Udemy.

The outline for this online bookkeeping class is delivered in 7.5 hours of instructional video guide, alongside over 20 downloadable materials. These, coupled with the assignments and projects, complete this guide for making you a complete bookkeeper.

In total, 74 lectures categorized in 10 sections talk about everything you need as an organization’s bookkeeper. You learn proper recording, preparation of financial statements, evaluation of assets, inventory keeping, and other management practices.

Course highlights:

  • 5 hours of lessons
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • It can be accessed on any device
  • Bookkeeping certification available

2-EDX: Introduction to Bookkeeping

EDX: Introduction to Bookkeeping

This course is a professional accountant’s course. The course covers relevant accounting topics and related systems of business finance management.

There is coverage into different areas of accounting like the banking system, business transactions, payroll system, reconciliation, ledger accounts, and trial balance, among other accounting discussions.

This course was powered by the ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants). Hence, Bookkeeping taught here is at the professional level. To the extent that this course is valid in preparation for Recording Financial Transactions (FA1) examination.

To effectively go through this module, you would take about six weeks of learning. TIn total, this is a self-paced course, you get to follow through the materials at your speed. The advantage of this is that enrollees can use specific information from the course.

For example, this course can be used for examination studies or business transaction record purposes. The module is designed to explain the basics of bookkeeping to students. And at the same time, it delves into the various systems involved in accounting and business finance.

Course highlights:

  • Taught by recognized accounting body
  • The course is self-paced for convenience
  • Details on how to integrate records into the accounting system

3-Alison: Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting 1

Alison: Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting 1

From the stable of Alison, this professional bookkeeping course is presented for the online community to learn. This course is well poised to target novice bookkeepers and help them get the touch of professionalism they desire.

This course is the first and basic of its series. Hence, the discussions and topics focused on are rudimentary and straightforward to understand, with reviews spinning around working as a bookkeeper in a professional setting.

Accounting and bookkeeping work hand-in-hand for most firms. This is why the outline for this course covers record-keeping, inventory-taking, and other quantitative accounts kept. And then joins that with the cost implication of all books kept.

Modules discussed in this class also include sales invoices and taxes, purchases and expenditure, financial assessments, and more. The whole course outline is packed and can be completed in 3 hours.

Over 1,700 students have worked their way through the outlines of this course. And they leave an overall positive review to encourage newbies to the course module. In the end, you also get a certificate of completion to accredit you professionally.

Course highlights:

  • Downloadable course modules
  • Well versed accounting system treated
  • Certification in bookkeeping available

4-LinkedIn: Accounting Foundations: Bookkeeping

LinkedIn: Accounting Foundations: Bookkeeping

The LinkedIn Learning platform is loaded with multiple professional courses useful for various organizational positions. Several courses are available on Bookkeeping on the Lynda platform.

This course, “Accounting Foundations” in particular, is loaded with fundamentals of accounting as is needed by one new to the job. Completing this course would load you up with the relevant skills for a successful bookkeeping tenure.

With over 76,000 students who have passed through this learning process, the module has been optimized to teach all involved in bookkeeping at the primary level. This fundamental class serves as a foundation for taking other advanced professional courses.

The instructors, James Stice (Ph.D.) and Earl K. Stice (Ph.D.) are experienced professors from accounting schools. They know the in-and-out of teaching account management, and they have also applied these principles they prepare over the decades.

The modules are divided into relatable topics for a student new to accounting and management in this course. They go through transaction analysis, revenue management, recording and report filing, and other management practices.

This course is rated for beginners and intermediate professionals looking to explore the field of Bookkeeping. The module is delivered in about 1 hour and 40 minutes. After completion of the course, you get a certificate of completion, which is well recognized.

Course highlights:

  • Accredited professional certification for bookkeeping
  • Transcript of the class can be read along or downloaded
  • Well structured class and experienced teachers

5-Udemy: Bookkeeping -Step by Step Mastery

Bookkeeping -Step by Step Mastery

This is an excellent guide for learning business account keeping. The bookkeeping mastery course on Udemy is a total package to help the account keeper grasp any business model.

Step by Step Mastery is a beginner-level course with depth enough to keep a business bookkeeper performing their expected duties. In this course, students learn accounting principles, business finance management, account preparation, and record keeping.

The 6-hour class is made standard for businesses in Europe and the UK. Most importantly is the VAT and taxation system taught in this module. However, the module is region-specific; it can still be applied to other business models as a template.

Tutor, Jafar Iqbal, is a well experienced Chartered Accountant with years in the UK. He has also collaborated for many organizations and companies in the EU to help set up their accounts.

The applicable tips and common mistakes to watch out for in the module can be of immense help to the new business bookkeeper. And more so, the materials come with plenty of illustrated examples and assignments to help the student practice better.

This course is rated 4.4 of 5, which means the guide has been helpful for the over 10,000 students previously enrolled. All you need to learn this module is the readiness to study business models and their accounting methodology. And subsequently, the innovation in applying the knowledge gained to your specific situations.

Course highlights:

  • Relevant taxation tips for the UK and EU countries
  • Beginner level 6-hour instructional video material
  • Certificate of completion available

6-Skillshare: 12 Simple Steps to Get Started with Your Bookkeeping

Skillshare: 12 Simple Steps to Get Started with Your Bookkeeping

This is a famous accounting and bookkeeping course on Skillshare. “12 simple steps to get started with your bookkeeping” as the author titles it is a course simplified for the accounting novice.

The author does a great job of breaking down the intricate principles for keeping business records and financial stats. A bookkeeper with little or no knowledge of accounting can learn the twelve highlighted steps in no time and get productive.

Michelle Cornish is a former accountant with over 20 years of experience in public accounting. She combines her knowledge here with the tips gained from her study and book writing journeys. This makes this course concise and packed with relevant business level accounting tips.

The course is delivered in 17 lessons under a total of 25 minutes of instructional video guide. This course is rated for beginners, and it does an excellent job of communicating relevant information.

Based on reviews, 84% of students were satisfied with the simplistic delivery of the course matter. Notable are the course’s organizational structure, actionable steps itemized, and overall delivery of the course.

The tutor brushes through the persuasive topics in Bookkeeping. This includes what information to record, how often records should be updated, choosing an appropriate bookkeeping system, and updates.

This course also brushes through the use of proper accounting software. The available resource on the course is also a useful guide for account keeping. You can always reference the materials in your everyday Bookkeeping.

Course highlights:

  • Learn to use some accounting software
  • PDF material giving summary available
  • Well organized lecture array

7-Skillshare: Bookkeeping for Freelancers: How to Handle Your Finances

Bookkeeping for Freelancers: How to Handle Your Finances

Here is another entry-level course from Skillshare. This course focuses on the peculiarities of an individual financial account. This is how freelancers run.

For an individual earning income on his own accord, he also needs to do the books himself. As a private worker earning from client jobs, you also need to be accountable financially.

Most notably as about the taxing of such individual income. This necessitates the need for freelancers and different contractors to have a solid grasp of Bookkeeping. The knowledge garnered here is as well applicable to small and medium scale businesses.

This course delves into the key points that determine how well an individual account is prepared. It focuses on aspects such as choice of bookkeeping method, tracking income and expenses, and having an organized account flow through the accounting tenure.

With over 5,700 students enrolled so far in the course, a rating of 87% goes a long way in demonstrating a student’s vote of confidence in the course outline. The projects available from previous learners also goes to establish the efficiency of the module.

In general, what you need to get your Bookkeeping straight is an organized approach. Emily Simcox looks to address this, particularly in the module. To stay focused on your work matters, you need to get your accounts out of the way.

Emily presents an actionable approach to keeping work accounts from her experience as a tutor at Bench and tutoring individuals on bookkeeping rudiments. This would give you the confidence to make decisions and achieve your business goals.

Course highlights:

  • Beginner level with simple, applicable tips
  • Relatable project for evaluation after course
  • Well versed instructor

8-Udemy: Bookkeeping Basics #1: Understand the Fundamentals

Bookkeeping Basics #1: Understand the Fundamentals

This course is the complete guide for the beginner bookkeeper. At the end of this course, you would no longer be a beginner on Bookkeeping.

The module is taught by Ron Trucks, a business management instructor. He harnesses his experience as a practicing accountant and an instructor to put together this online learning piece.

Bookkeeping basics goes beyond treating the immediate issue of keeping records and accounts. The course goes further into understanding the principles of accounting and money management. This gives a better insight into the files and can help in making better management decisions.

This course is covered in 50 videos spanning about 4.5 hours. The module is exhaustive on the different methods for Bookkeeping. It also discusses how to put transaction details into consideration in accounting.

Further examined in the different lessons are invoicing, keeping track of expenditure, common business owner errors, and how to avoid them, among many other relevant discussions.

The entire course comprises instructional videos, downloadable materials, assignments, and projects, with a certificate of completion upon successful appraisal from the course creator.

Course highlights:

  • Downloadable resources available
  • Relatable instructional tips for business owners
  • Beginner level

9-Accounting Coach (Accounting Coach)

Accounting Coach (Accounting Coach)

The accounting coach is an online tutor site for teaching accounting subjects. This includes Bookkeeping. The courses are hosted on the site and can be taken as deemed fit.

The bookkeeping course on this platform is much linked to accounting operations in itself. This makes the course outline a bit broader than most other courses focused only on keeping the various accounting books.

This course comes explicitly in about 20 parts with several instructional videos, downloadable materials, quizzes and assessments, and tests for moving through the outline.

The design of the platform facilitates learning on the part of every student. The instructors are also well experienced. In total, the course delivers knowledge that can be utilized for a more successful bookkeeping run.

Course highlights:

  • Courses available for free
  • Classes can be self-paced with marked progress
  • Broad course content coverage
  • Certificates available for the Pro version

10-Penn Foster College: Bookkeeping Program

Penn Foster College: Bookkeeping Program

Last on the list of online bookkeeping classes is a program from a renowned college. The PennFoster Bookkeeping program is intense training for bookkeepers. The program runs for a few months, about five months or more.

The course timing is generally dependent on how fast you want to go through the modules. The course includes several sections with an in-depth analysis of each topic or category. These come with accompanying projects and examinations.

The course materials are dynamic to make the learning process more engaging. The instructors are well-versed in the topics they treat and also in their delivery of lectures. Using the available tools; video content, simulations, progress tracking software, assessments, makes the learning process much relatable.

Among the numerous discussions of this course are data entry, communication skills, organizational skills, and critical thinking. These constitute the necessary skills a bookkeeper must possess for effectiveness in office.

Course highlights:

  • Offers award of diploma and degree
  • Learn the use of standard accounting software
  • Versatile course selection


Taking a bookkeeping course online might be the revolution your business needs. Get your schedule together and opt-in for any suitable course that fits your business model. Accounting is the sole of business, and Bookkeeping is the bedrock for that.

I’d recommend the “Zero to Pro” course on Udemy. The course is the complete package for a starter bookkeeper. In the module, standard principles for both Bookkeeping and accounting are discussed at length. Together with how they can be applied to everyday business.

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