8 Best Online Basic Electricity Courses. Start a career as a electrical engineer with these online basic electricity classes.

We live in a world where technological advancements are continually changing every facet of our human existence.

But technological breakthroughs couldn’t come about until man discovered and mastered electricity.

And since the discovery of electricity, man has scarcely been able to keep a finger on the pulse of things.

From the latest innovations in simple devices like smartphones and computers to giant, mind-blowing strides in spacecraft inventions electricity, powers them all.

Hence, the huge demand for professionals in the electrical field which in turn explains the recent upsurge in the number of folks registering for online basic electricity courses.

So if you’re looking to start your career as an electrician or an electrical engineer here’s a list of the best Basic Electricity courses online.

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8 Best Online Basic Electricity Courses 2022

Electric Power Systems

Learning the foundation of electrical concepts is vital to understanding the many subfields of electricity that abound. You can acquaint yourself with the rudimentary concepts of the electric system by opting for this class.


  • Beginner-level course
  • High-ranking institution offerer
  • Multiple subtitled languages


  • No Internationally recognized certification

The knowledge of electricity generation and circulation stems from the understanding of electric power systems.

In addition to grasping electrical concepts and systems, designing them to meet international standards is another core essential that every electrical engineer must be familiar with.

As expected of such a powerful collaboration from two esteemed institutions, the State University of New York and the University of Buffalo, a significant percentage of course graduates have gone on to further their careers in various electrical fields, ultimately improving their income.

The course tutor is a luminary in the Electric Power Distribution field with a doctorate; a testament to over four decades’ experience.

High-school level mathematics is a core requirement for anyone looking to take the course which has a 4.7 rating on Coursera.

Course highlights:

  • 70,000+ enrollees
  • 7 stars rating
  • Self-paced, adjustable schedule
  • 12-hour completion time

2. Alison: Diploma in Electrical Studies

Diploma In Electrical Studies

Several branches abound in the electrical discipline. Even more, are the many theories and instruments utilized in setting up electrical components. And that’s the opportunity presented in this course.


  • Free learning requirement
  • Comprehensive online class
  • 5-star rating
  • Knowledge testing segment


  • No graduate community
  • No subtitles

Electricity, a blessing to mankind, could turn into a curse due to the misapplication of certain principles. Every personnel looking to understudy and build a career around the ‘buzz’ must first learn its principles, in essence, the dos and don’ts.

The course teaches electrical hazards and safety precautions. It teaches the correct use of different instruments such as the galvanometer, ohmmeter, ammeter, etc.

During the course, students will also learn the various electrical units, master the intricacies of electrical wiring, and possess the ability to appropriately create and connect electrical systems in varying complexities.

An interesting feature about Alison’s courses is the no-fee participation requirement.  Course enrollees can choose to purchase a diploma certificate after completion.  The certificate also comes in two forms; a PDF downloadable over the internet, and a hard copy deliverable through free shipping.

Wrapping up the class calls for an average of 12 hours of study.

As for the rating, there’s a 5-star indicator next to the course’s title. Reviews seem okay with many of the 57,000 and counting graduates, giving satisfactory feedback.

Course highlights:

  • 12 hours average completion time
  • 57,000+ registered
  • CPD certification
  • Dual certificate versions

3. Udemy: The Complete Basic Electricity and Electronics Course

The Complete Basic Electricity & Electronics Course

If you understand the rudiments of physics and mathematics and are looking for an online course that demystifies the complexity of electronic circuits and systems, then here’s a course for you.


  • Basic, simple approach
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Certificate of completion
  • Available community support


  • Poor tutor feedback
  • Video-subtitle mismatch

Not everyone wants to pursue a career in electrical engineering, some just seek enough knowledge to be useful in fixing appliances and repairing simple electrical faults at home.

Although the course’s contents confer students with foundational knowledge in the study of electricity, folks who are good with their hands can benefit from the course, too.

The essence of the class is simple—learn electronics without the use of software or hardware.

You’ll spend more time familiarizing yourself with conventional laws before learning the various required components for building an electronic circuit.

Fabrizio Guerrieri, a Ph.D. holder in Electrical Engineering, brings his many years of experience to bear in his course. He promises to take students on an electric journey, smoothly transitioning them from the rudiments of fundamental electrical laws to the application of these laws in modern-day style.

The course is split into 9 sections that span more than 6 hours. It has a 4 out of 5 ratings on Udemy with no noticeable badge attached. So far, over 13,000 students have finished under Fabrizio’s tutelage.

Course highlights:

  • 9 sessions, 109 lectures
  • 13,000+ graduates
  • Perpetually accessible
  • Mobile and TV accessibility
  • 4 out of 5 star rating

4. 360 Training: Basic Electricity

Basic Electricity

There comes a time when even the best of veterans forget certain elements in their fields. At such times, a refresher course becomes imperative, something that 360 training’s platform offers.


  • Concise, beginner/refresher course
  • Certification available
  • Refundable class fee


  • Beginner-level only
  • No reviews yet

The major talking point of this online class is its conciseness. Completed in less than an hour, folks can easily refresh various rudimentary concepts in the field of electrical studies.

The course modules, four of them, are straightforward and easily comprehended. .

The first module reverts back to the principles surrounding the creation of an electric charge. It expounds on the atomic model and its various charges.

The second module explains the concept of the potential difference between two electrical fields and its creation.

The third module attempts to enumerate the differences that distinguish conventional current flow from an electron flow.

The fourth and final module details the various methods of producing and harnessing electricity.

After finishing all modules and taking the final tests, a certificate of completion is available for immediate download.

Course highlights:

  • 4 modules
  • 30-minute course duration
  • Adjustable schedule
  • 24/7 customer service availability

5. Khan Academy: Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

An absolutely free learning hub that covers every subject and field pertaining to the world of science, Khan Academy offers ready minds a rare privilege to learn online for nothing.


  • Free learning platform
  • Test assessments
  • Multiple language versions
  • Internationally recognized website


  • Beginner-level only

The course outline begins with an introduction to electrical engineering and touches on the relationship between voltage and current.  It demonstrates these using animations to show Ohm’s law and what a basic electrical circuit should look like.

In the next module, there’s an explanation on semiconductors, the role of diodes in particular. It classifies diodes into three operational regions—breakdown, forward, and reverse.  Inside, is also a special approach to understanding the I-V curve and its application in studying circuits.

On Khan Academy, you can create a flexible, personalized learning plan while accessing tons of electrical study resources.

What’s more, these study resources are available in over 36 languages.

After completing the course, students can choose to take tests to ascertain the level of their assimilation and the depth of their learning.

Course highlights:

  • Unlimited free access
  • Multiple language selection
  • 24/7 customer support

6. TPC: Basic Electrical Training for Non-Electricians

Basic Electrical Training For Non Electricians

A two-day comprehensive live seminar is as close as you get to one-on-one mentorship. And everyone knows how powerful intimate mentorship can be. Get mentored in basic electrical studies by applying for this course.


  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Reputable training firm
  • Interactive sessions
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No reviews

The number one distinguishing factor in the Basic Electrical Training for Non-electricians is the incorporated Virtual Instructor-led Training feature.

VILT sets the course apart because it gives students the opportunity to learn electrical and electronics concepts in real-time. It creates a fresh, intimate feeling making registered folks more disposed to relate with and assimilate information readily.

In addition, all TPC instructors have more than 2 decades’ experience in their respective fields and are specifically trained in the art of effective teaching strategies, and teacher-to-student communication.

Hence, TPC’s style of training boasts of enrollees with high pass marks at the end of every seminar.  Displayed on their site, is the number of trainees, totaling more than 40,000, who have benefited from the course tutors’ knowledge pool.

The course’s essence revolves around electrical system creation and distribution in large-scale plants and industries. Students learn how to trace, detect, and fix large-scale electric faults by comprehending the principles that govern them.

After a successful wrap-up, each student will receive a certification of completion, detailing the hours they participated in the live seminar.

For those seeking an internationally accepted certificate, there’s an avenue to opt-in for an examination, a determinant for receipt.

Course highlights:

  • 2-day live seminar
  • 10 modules, 8 hours per day
  • Completion certificate
  • VILT incorporated feature

7. Home Prep Education: Basic Electricity

Basic Electricity (41 Hours)

Here’s a course that focuses extensively on electrical circuits and currents. Individuals who want a detailed exposition on the above-listed disciplines stand to benefit immensely from this course.


  • Optional live sessions
  • Self-paced study timeline
  • Live customer service
  • Beginner-level approach


  • Limited access time
  • No ratings

Pupils who enroll for this course acquaint themselves with the almighty Ohm’s law, its effects on electrical properties, its varying application in different types of circuits.

They also learn how to utilize the various electrical theories in putting together electronic components

The course is absolutely self-paced and those who register can complete it according to their respective, preferred schedules.

An optional live seminar option with scheduled dates is also available to potential electricians.  The seminar avails pupils with the opportunity to draw from the rich wealth of knowledge and experience of leading industry experts.

While this online course doesn’t contain all information nor satisfy the conditions necessary for a fully accredited certification in any electrical field, it does serve as an indispensable platform to higher career pursuits.

Course highlights:

  • 100,000+ graduates
  • 6+ modules
  • 41-hour course duration

8. Udemy: Basic Electricity and Electronics

Basic Electricity And Electronics

Simplified, broken-down, and made comprehensive, the Basic Electricity and Electronics course on Udemy’s platform is another definition of electrical studies for kindergarteners.


  • Short, concise materials
  • Downloadable certificate
  • Simplified approach
  • Refundable class fee


  • Low enrollee number
  • No subtitles

At a time when almost every device created operates with electrically powered components, it’s not uncommon that there’s a surge in the desire to master the study of electricity.

This course on Udemy is quenching the ever-increasing thirst for knowledge of many potential electricians.

Call it the Abc’s of electricity and electronics and you wouldn’t be far from the truth. The course simplifies fundamental electrical concepts such as the peculiarities of the AC and DC, the operating mechanism of a coil and capacitor, resistance types, etc.

Staying true to its basicity, the course requires only 1 hour, 45 minutes to complete 18 lectures split into 5 sessions.

Joseph Shepherd is the course tutor with a 4.8 instructor rating. Possessing a master’s degree in engineering faculty electrical and electronics engineering, Joseph strives to pass on what he calls ‘beneficial knowledge’ to those pursuing a career in the electrical field.

With a 4.8 rating and mostly good reviews from 110 graduates, it does seem like a fair place to begin for newbies looking to learn a thing or two about electricity.

Course highlights:

  • 8-star rating
  • 110 students
  • Lifetime access
  • Community support


Considering the ever-increasing demand for professional personnel in the electrical field, picking the best online class is necessary for a vital career boost. After close observation, the Cousera: Basic Electricity Concepts ranks as the best.

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