Best Online Acting Classes

Ever considered acting but couldn’t go through with it due to lack of expertise? Truth is many people are born actors, but not everyone can harness this rare skill.

Acting, as easy as it might seem, has its working principles and success techniques. And yes, many wannabe actors out there have little or no idea about this. Many of them are fixated on the talent, completely ignoring the aspect of building the art gradually.

Yes, acting is an art that can be mastered. Much like many other skills that we learn, acting is one that can also be understood. The best practices of successful actors are what people invest their time and money to learn, going to academies and schools of art.

Well, those can’t be replaced with an online course. However, an online acting class can get you on your feet and lay the foundation for a superb acting career. Don’t let your fear hold you down. Consider one of these online acting classes, sign up, and start acting. 

1-MasterClass: Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting

Masterclass Samuel L Jackson Teaches Acting

One of the best ways to learn any skill is getting first-hand guidance from accomplished practitioners. The same applies to learn acting. Learning from established actors drives the points home harder.

Samuel L. Jackson is a household name on the Hollywood scene. He has over 20 years of acting experience. Throughout which he has starred in hundreds of movies. He also has a boatload of accolades under his belt.

Now, about this course. First, this course is hosted on the online platform, Masterclass. The Masterclass is an online center that hosts classes on several common skills. The courses hosted on the forum are facilitated by experienced and accomplished professionals from different fields. Hence, this course is also patterned in this manner.

In this course, Samuel Jackson takes a conversational tone to relate all he knows about becoming a great actor. He talks extensively on auditioning for a role and how to look good on screen. Learning to interpret scripts and to personalize parts is another major discussion in this class.

All the techniques, tips, and points discussed in this course are augmented with applications in previous movies. This is like taking a peek into the background of role-playing. This method of teaching acting is the best. You get to see the application of any principle being introduced.

There are 21 lessons in this online course. And the discussion goes on for about 5 hours. Within this period, the facilitator discusses character creation and working with directors to bring them to life. The main focus of this acting class, however, is on how you can ace any character you take on.

The beauty of taking a course such as this on Masterclass is that you can explore more classes to expand your comprehension with the same subscription.

Course highlights:

  • The course material is downloadable
  • It comes with a PDF workbook to help keep track of the class
  • The class can also be delivered in audio format

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2-MasterClass: Natalie Portman Teaches Acting

Masterclass Natalie Portman Teaches Acting

No one is an island of knowledge. We learn by interacting with others—even the greatest ones among us. Natalie Portman Teaches Acting on MasterClass is a simple course for every actor.

Natalie Portman is a remarkable actor in the industry. She started acting at the age of 12 and had become an oscar-winning actress before age 30. As a successful actor, she dedicated herself to training beginners to become successful too.

Natalie explained in this class that the basis of every successful acting is empathy. She gave an extensive breakdown of how to become extraordinary in 20 video lessons. In a short video of about 3 hours, she explained the different techniques she applied in the past.

The need to develop and know your character through careful research, how to successfully collaborate with directors, and demos on how to work with set and camera etc. were explained in detail in this course.

Course highlights:

  • Video and materials are accessible on mobile and Television
  • Short instructional video

3-Skillshare: Professional 10 Hour Acting MASTERCLASS

Skillshare Professional 10 Hour Acting Masterclass

Here is another masterclass on the list of best online acting classes. This Masterclass is designed for professional actors to extend their capabilities across different acting roles. 

This class establishes the basics of acting. It then builds on these principles to present more applicable techniques for role-playing and personalization of characters. All these points are discussed extensively such that newbie actors can also grasp the concept.

The delivery of the subject matter in this Masterclass is what makes the content well relatable. Academy Classes create the course, and the instructor takes a simplified approach to explain proven acting techniques.

In total, well over 2,000 students have passed through the module. And over 89% of these were satisfied with the over 10 hours of information download. This course might be the change you need in your acting career.

Course highlights:

  • The course is suitable for actors of all levels
  • Relatable project work included

4-Udemy: Directing the Actor: A USC course with Nina Foch

Udemy Directing The Actor A Usc Course With Nina Foch

Here is another excellent option among the best online acting courses for aspiring actors. Directing the actor: A USC course with Nina Foch on Udemy is a 2 in 1 package as the course content includes practical techniques for both actors and directors.

This bestselling course is given a 4.7 rating star and has a large number of participants. About 3772 are already taking this course. The instructor, Nina Foch, is an indispensable asset in Hollywood. 

Nina Foch has featured in tons of television shows and over fifty Hollywood movies including the famous “Spartacus” .Hence, tapping from her reservoir of experience is a great privilege you cannot overlook.

In the 4-hour video, Nina explained how to analyze scripts and successfully manage castings during monologues. This video also contains snippets from a lecture she gave on movie directing at a University in South California. 

The class is organized into 91 lessons that cover a wide range of topics. She explained the art and craft of film production, editing videos, writing and analysis of scripts. Nina intentionally illustrates her nuggets of wisdom in this course, to help you grow into that pro you so much desire.

Working alongside Nina is Randal Kleiser, also a renowned movie director. Remember, the popular saying, “Two heads are better than one”. He also compiled materials, a detailed reference to immerse yourself in your acting career.  

Give these great minds a chance; you will be amazed how far they’d take you in your career.

Course highlights:

  • The course covers both acting and directing
  • Materials can be accessed for life
  • You can also watch on mobile or TV

5-Udemy: Acting 101 for Adults

Udemy Acting 101 For Adults

Taking lessons for acting online is seemingly uncharted terrain. And this notion has a good premise. Acting is an art that is best understood by watching and imitation. And surely yes, the same can be done virtually.

“Acting 101 for Adults” is a Udemy course that would take you from zero to a hundred as a trained actor. A professional actor, Aaron Jackson, handle this course in itself. His wealth of experience is a game-changer in his delivery of the topic of discussion.

In this module, Aaron takes a simple approach to examine the basic techniques involved in acting. You get to learn the simple ways to ace an audition. Also, how to study scenes and better own a performance. All he discusses are relatable and easy to understand.

This course commands an outstanding 4.7-star rating out of 5 stars. And this is even with the fairly large student base comprising over 1,700 enrolled. Many of whom have found the course helpful to set their acting career on track.

With a bestseller rating, this Udemy course looks deep into how to market yourself as an actor. This online course can be taken by beginners or people looking to rejuvenate their careers. With a focus on how to land a desirable gig, Aaron explains the basic tools an auditioner would have to stand out.

The class comes in about 7 hours of instructional videos. Supported with downloadable materials to which you can always refer back. The course is delivered in 17 lectures. The classes are interactive and well produced. 

Course highlights:

  • The course includes a certificate of completion
  • Interactive class with assignments involved
  • It comes with lifetime access

6-MasterClass: Helen Mirren Teaches Acting

Masterclass Helen Mirren Teaches Acting

Here is another best online acting class on MasterClass by Helen Mirren. In this MasterClass, Helen shared methods she learnt during her acting career. Her outstanding acting skills had earned her lots of awards. 

This online course is highly rated on MasterClass with a large number of students enrolled. Helen explained in a 7 hours video about how she became a theatre actor. She also highlighted the steps that helped her in the industry.

There are 28 sub-topics in this class where the teacher discussed how to break down a script. Also, how to work effectively with directors and writers. She also explained how to manage characters using costume, hair and makeup effectively.

She also discussed human behavior and how it can be manipulated to capture the attention of producers and directors. Being natural in what you do is the pathway to a successful career. Join other students today and let Helen show you how.

Course highlights:

  • Unlimited access
  • Classes can either be on mobile or Television

7-Udemy: How I Booked 8 Acting Roles On Major TV Shows in a Year

Udemy How I Booked 8 Acting Roles On Major Tv Shows In A Year

Nothing pays more than learning from the experience of people ahead of us. In this class, you will learn how Brennan Taylor landed eight acting gigs within a year. Brennan Taylor is a well-known actor in the entertainment industry.

As a beginner, “How I Booked 8 Acting Roles on Major TV Shows in a Year” is one of the best Udemy acting courses for you. Apart from learning the rudiments of being a kick-ass actor, you will be engraved on the heart of your casting director.

In each lecture, Brennan professionally explained the tricks he used to get auditions and book his first TV job. He expounded steps he took to become a prominent actor. According to him, being confident during auditions is one main ingredient that yields results. 

Your casting directors will be thoroughly wowed when you take the stage with absolute boldness. He explained that after his first audition, he was called for other auditions back to back because they were greatly pleased with him.

This class has a 4.8 rating with 1971 students registered. For easy learning, the course is divided into four sections with a total of 15 lectures. The video is 2 hours long, with two modules that can be downloaded for further studying. In the end, a certificate that is recognized is given to the students. 

Course highlights:

  • It has two reference materials that can be downloaded
  • The instructional videos are short and engaging

8-Skillshare: Acting Techniques Masterclass - Learn 9 Different Techniques From 9 Master Teachers

Skillshare Acting Techniques Masterclass Learn 9 Different Techniques From 9 Master Teachers

Next up on the list of best online acting classes is this Masterclass hosted on Skillshare. This class goes through 9 different acting techniques. These are explained in detailed terms to help aspiring actors.

This course is for beginners in the acting scene. Hence, the techniques being treated are more or less rudimentary principles. And the instructor delivers these techniques in a simple form that can be applied by anyone.

In 40 minutes, he discusses the different application and usefulness of these methods of acting. Though the classes are not in-depth, however, the knowledge you garner here can help to set your acting career on course for success.

Overall, the delivery of this course makes it more like a foundational course to explore deeper acting classes. It also comes in handy as a refresher course for actors who are looking to change their style of play.

This course has seen close to 4,000 students blaze through the discussion. And an encouraging 89% approve of the course content.

Course highlights:

  • Self-paced course
  • It can be completed in less than one hour

9-Udemy: A Comprehensive Guide to Child Acting

Udemy A Comprehensive Guide To Child Acting

Starting one’s career at a juvenile stage is one of the subtle ways of being successful. Child acting not only builds confidence in the aspiring actors, but they grow up to exceptional adult actors. Therefore, Udemy: A Comprehensive Guide to Child Acting is a great course for every child actor.

This online course is highly rated with a rating of 4.9 out of 5. This course has an attendance of 163 students. This class includes awesome packages that have worked in the past. The guide provided for this lecture is made in a simple form.

Newbies do not have difficulty understanding the content. In 1 section and 15 lectures, instructors teach students how to do well in auditions and soliloquy. In this class, the teachers help you refine your raw and untapped talents, and land your first acting role.

From the class, every doubt you have about acting would be clarified. The technique in this guide is a great eye-opener that’d improve your skills and make you a better actor. They also share useful secrets with their students that made them outstanding.

This class can be accessed via Television or mobile depending on your preference. The length of the instructional video is about 8 hours. Modules are also made available for download to help them understand better.

At the end of each lecture, assignments are given to students to test their knowledge. A certificate is issued after finishing all 15 lessons.

Course highlights:

  • Assignments are available
  • Length of instructional video is 8 hours
  • A certificate upon completion is given

10-Udemy: Broadway Masters: Acting For Theater with Anthony Rapp

Udemy Broadway Masters Acting For Theater With Anthony Rapp

No one desires to remain an amateur in their career path. Udemy Acting for Theater with Anthony Rapp grants you the opportunity of being a professional in your acting career. You have unlimited access to tips from experienced instructors that are ahead and doing well in your field.

This course is rated 4.6 and strictly taught by instructors who are professionals. One of the instructors is the famous producer of ‘Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley’ the movie, Marcus Lovingood.

He’s an esteemed movie producer and director especially skilled in media production online. He is passionate about entertainment and wants beginners to benefit from his wealth of experience. This online class consists of 5 very enlightening sections.

In each section, you will be taught how to stand out and impress the judges during auditions. You are exposed to great survival tips in the industry you may not get in a school. You will also learn how to develop and produce new shows.

The instructional videos run for less than an hour. They are not lengthy and can be easily grasped. About 121 students have enrolled for this course. Learning is done at your own pace and convenience.

The beauty of choosing this course is, a certificate is issued upon completion. This gives you a strong advantage over other beginners in the acting industry.

Course highlights:

  • Unlimited access to instructional guides and videos
  • Awarded certificate on completion
  • Accessible on mobile and Television


In essence, learning to act isn’t as complicated as it is termed to be. All that is required is learning and practice. And if you would learn at all, be sure to do so from the best.

And who better to teach working acting principles than the world-renowned actor Samuel L. Jackson. His MasterClass course brings home the basic principles of becoming a first-class actor. Therefore, this is one course to seek after on this list.

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