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Have you ever heard of the possibility to wake up in your dreams? Sounds strange to you? Well, it does when you hear it for the first time, but that phenomenon is a fascinating subject with some great benefits. This incredible phenomenon is called Lucid Dreaming.


Lucid dreaming also complements therapy as it serves as the bridge leading into the depths of the mind. With this subject, you can become conscious in the dream state and still access repressed memories, manage PTSD and tackle the source of emotional conflicts.

By getting to know about lucid dreams, you will discover all the secrets of dreaming and get answers to virtually everything you have wanted to know about conscious sleeping. At the same time, you will gain insight into things you never knew existed about the dream state.

Currently, various online courses cover the nitty-gritty of lucid dreams. In this review, you will acquire valuable information on some of the best lucid dreaming courses.

Can you train yourself to lucid dream?

The latest studies in neuroscience and psychology confirmed that there is no need for a special gift to experience lucid dreams, nor is there a need to submit to superstitious or mystical practices. This finding and many more outcomes from new research suggest that it is possible to teach yourself to lucid dream.

What is the most effective lucid dreaming method?

There are various means to practice lucid dreaming, but the most effective techniques are given below:

  1. Reality Testing: this has to do with checking the real environment many times a day to detect if one is dreaming.
  2. Wake Back To Bed (WBTB): this involves setting the alarm during the night to wake yourself up for a short period after five hours of sleep and then sleeping back to enter REM sleep. REM sleep is a type of deep sleep that exhibits more dreaming.

iii. Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD): this is related to (WBTB) but different because this method requires you to rehearse your intention to lucid dream in your mind before going back to sleep after intentionally waking yourself up in the night.

What is the easiest way to lucid dream right now?

Keeping a dream journal is the easiest way to experience lucid dreams. This practice makes you excellent at recalling your dreams and so makes it easy to be lucid in your dreams.

Is learning to lucid dream worth it?

Lucid dreams come with huge benefits, making it the only practice that rewards you with profound healing and a lot more in your sleep. By learning this subject, you will come to know the tremendous skills, talents, and resources you have inherent in you that you can tap into instantly to change their life.

Also, it enables you to acquire insight on how to overcome stress, phobias, past trauma, anxiety, physical ailments or recurrent nightmares, gain answers and insight from your unconscious mind more than in the waking state. These properties of the subject make it worth studying.

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7 best online lucid dreaming courses 2022

lucid dreaming in 10 days – dream yoga with mindfulness

Do you desire to know your inner self and understand Binaural meditation with its step-by-step methods? If you answered in affirmative to this question, then Skillshare: Lucid Dreaming in 10 Days – Dream Yoga with Mindfulness is the perfect online course for you.


  • A comprehensive training
  • It comes with actionable steps
  • The lectures are well organized
  • It comes with clear instructions


  • So much is covered in a short time

The instructor of this Skillshare course is Peter Torok, a lucid dreaming expert and author. This great teacher opens up on his journey as a lucid dreamer and offers you information on lucid dreams. His personal examples in this field give you an in-depth understanding of dream analysis and troubleshooting.

You will learn about the science of sleep cycles, the REM phase, the means of remembering and interpreting your dreams. At the same time, you will learn about the more significant philosophy of lucid dreaming, how it enhances self-awareness and helps overcome problems like PTSD and Sleep Paralysis.

Moreover, you will get custom made, animated demonstrations of complex phenomena like out of body transitions, the laws of the dream world, amongst others. In all, this program offers you a new perspective of the world, and so, you will be able to take your mindfulness practice to an entirely new level. Over 1,900 students have taken this course.

Course highlights:

  • 64 lessons
  • Duration: over 2 hours
  • Suitable for all levels
  • The instructor is a professional

2. Udemy: Dream Lab - Everything EVER About Dreams And Lucid Dreaming

dream lab everything ever about dreams and lucid dreaming

Do you desire to learn how to remember your dreams, interpret them and be conscious in your dreams? If you answered in affirmation to this question, the Udemy: Dream Lab – Everything EVER About Dreams and Lucid Dreaming is a perfect class for you to take.


  • A comprehensive course
  • Lectures are easy to follow and well structured
  • Offers unlimited access
  • A step-by-step and fun training
  • Accessible on mobile and TV
  • It comes with helpful supplementary materials


  • Complaints on some unnecessary part of the class

The excellent Udemy course teaches about Hypnotic Dream Journey, Binaural Beats and Lucid Dream Affirmations. You will learn how to experience being awake and in control while dreaming while getting to know the secret language of dreams, and so, you will come to the full realization of the messages your dreams are trying to convey to you.

Also, you will gain a proper explanation of the sleeping and dreaming mind and how you can use this knowledge to astonish and impress people. At the same time, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the simple techniques that allow for regular consciousness in your own virtual reality world.

In all, the lectures in this program enable you to gain mastery in this field. Over 2,700 people have taken this course.

Course highlights:

  • A very high 4.8-star rating
  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • 6 articles and 26 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • The teacher is an experienced instructor in this field
  • Suitable for all levels of a lucid dreamer

3. Mindvalley: Experience Lucid Dreaming

experience lucid dreaming

Get to know about lucid dreams, one of the most talked-about transformational practices in the world right now, with the Mindvalley training, Experience Lucid Dreaming. In this course, you will experience and master the science of lucid dreaming.


  • A step-by-step training
  • Lessons are well taught
  • An in-depth and helpful program


  • Quite lengthy

This Mindvalley platform program is put together by Charlie Morley, one of the best and most experienced lucid dreamers. This world-class tutor teaches you the scientifically validated steps to learning how to lucid dream. By practicing these steps, you will gain mastery of one of the most empowering natural abilities that all human beings possess.

The teacher explores the means of tapping into the wellspring of infinite wisdom in your dreaming mind. You will be able to use the acquired clarity, intelligence, and personal power into your reality to create tangible change.

The approach adopted by this tutor helps to provide an outstanding balance between today’s best science and wisdom in fields like brain hacking, psychology, neuroscience, and modern spirituality. With the lectures in this training, you will gain control of your subconscious mind and transform your life by harnessing your dreams.

Course highlights:

  • Duration: 30 days
  • Bonuses
  • The teacher is an expert in the field
  • Suitable for levels of students

4. Skillshare: Master Lucid Dreaming

master lucid dreaming

 Are you looking to learn how to lucid dream with popular techniques with a personal touch? If yes, you should consider enrolling for the Skillshare: Master Lucid Dreaming program.


  • An informative program
  • Lessons are well organized
  • It comes with helpful examples and actionable steps


  • Limited advanced techniques
  • Complaints on the repetition of some simple subjects

This online course teaches you the techniques to achieve the lucid dreaming state and how to manage the out of body experiences (Astral Projection).

The dynamic and upbeat nature of this training with the quizzes and dreamwork helps to challenge your learning and track your progress and success in this unique field. With this program, you will learn about lucid dreams and improve your skills quickly.

Course highlights:

  • 49 Lessons
  • Course length: over 5 hours
  • 1 project
  • Personalised mentorship
  • Suitable for all learners

5. How to Lucid: 30-day lucid dreaming Bootcamp

we combined the most effective

Get access to the most effective induction techniques, hacks, concepts and dream enhancement methods on the 30 day lucid dreaming Bootcamp on How to Lucid website.


  • It comes with easy to follow system and template
  • It comes with insightful and valuable techniques
  • An informative training


  • Not detailed enough

The step-by-step lessons in this program enable you to stay motivated to lucid dream and practice every day. You will gain knowledge on the reality checks, exercises and ideas and how to perform them.

These lectures will help train your brain to experience lucidity in a natural way. With regular lucid dreams, you will improve your learning, creativity, and motivation. Moreover, you will gain more energy and supercharge your personal growth. Within a short time, you will be so confident that people will notice your transformation.

Course highlights:

  • Bonuses

6. Awake academy: Free Introduction to Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness Of Dream and Sleep

free introduction to lucid dreaming and mindfulness of dream and sleep

Start your journey into lucid dreaming and mindfulness of dream sleep with the Awake academy: Free Introduction to Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness Of Dream and Sleep.


  • Helpful and well-explained content
  • It is easy to follow and understand


  • Not detailed enough

This free course explores the science of lucid dreaming, its dynamic benefits and three of its basic techniques. You will gain access to an exclusive guided meditation you can listen to every night before sleeping; this will help you remember your dream while enhancing lucidity.

In this program, you will get to explore the scientific evidence of lucid dreaming, the importance of learning and how to recall your dreams.


Moreover, you will learn the 5 steps of keeping a dream diary that will help recognize your lucidity triggers. In all, this training helps to enhance your mindfulness and confidence in waking life, rewire your brain towards good habits while you sleep and create a safe place to rehearse physical tasks and improve waking performance. Over 2,800 students have enrolled for this training.

Course highlights:

  • A free course
  • Unlimited access

7. Udemy: Lucid Dreaming: Control Your Dreams in 14 Days Or Less

lucid dreaming control your dreams in 14 days or less

The Udemy course, Lucid Dreaming: Control Your Dreams in 14 Days or Less, teaches you to lucid dream with ease and master dream control and advanced dream manipulation using lucidity.


  • It comes with valuable and detailed information
  • Offers full lifetime access
  • Accessible on mobile and TV
  • It comes with explicit instruction


  • Not detailed enough

Use the knowledge you acquire from this Udemy training to effectively stop nightmares, fulfil all of your deepest fantasies and wake up with beautiful memories forever through lucid dreaming. You will understand powerful sound dreaming induction techniques that will aid your creation of lucid dreams.

Also, you will gain knowledge on the safe use of soundwaves and supplements to triple the number of lucid dreams you have while learning how to practice and improve real-life skills in lucid dreams to enjoy extra hours in your life. Over 339 students have enrolled for this training.

Course highlights:

  • A high 4.7-star rating
  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • 6 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion


The best lucid dreaming course out of all the classes reviewed above is Skillshare: Lucid Dreaming in 10 Days – Dream Yoga with Mindfulness. This fantastic course teaches you how to use direct communication with your subconscious mind to look into your soul.

The lessons enable you to discover the architecture of the dream world and at the same time helps you eliminate fear, anxiety and nightmare. You will get to live out any desire and fantasy in the lucid dream world.

Moreover, you will get to explore the spiritual concept of Karma, Spirit guides, Channeling and Past lives in a practical way. With this excellent training, you will be able to start conversations with characters in your dreams and gain inspiration from your art, invention or business while discovering the purpose of your life.


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