Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker. We tested the top 8 free plagiarism software, Here are the results

Do you use a free online plagiarism checker to check your essay or post? If so, how do you know that the tool you are using is the best out there? There are many free online plagiarism checkers out there. Which free plagiarism checker is the most accurate and easy to use? We had no clue, so we compiled the 8 most popular free plagiarism checkers and decided to test them. We totally plagiarized 30 posts randomly from sites all over the web and tested them in these free plagiarism checkers. The results were very interesting…. The top free online plagiarism checkers according to our test are as follows. 

The Final results:

Plagiarism Checker Final score Key Highlights
Best All Around Plagiarism Checker
A Great All Around Plagiarism Checker
Very Fast and Accurate Plagiarism Checker
Highest Word Count Plagiarism Checker
The Most Accurate Plagiarism Checker
Multiple ways to Upload Content
Downloadable Report
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Plagiarism is often not taken as seriously as it is. Many people think to themselves, what’s the big deal in copying a few sentences from another person? But they fail to realize the gravity of intellectual property, which is protected by law.

And such has been the case among students, bloggers, freelance writers, online marketers, and many other professionals who work with words and other content forms. In a real sense, you most likely don’t own every idea you claim as yours, but what is required is that you convey such concepts in your unique style.

Having gathered ideas and research from other people, some sections of your work often overlap with the original content. And in other cases, this happens by the mere choice of words, not because you plagiarize.

The big question now is, how do you pinpoint which areas need to be corrected to avoid issues of plagiarism? That is the focus of this article. We have compiled the best free online plagiarism checker tools available. So, pay attention as we discuss in detail how you can utilize plagiarism checkers online for free.

8 Best Free Online Plagiarism Checkers

1. Plagiarism Detector Review

Plagiarism Detector

This tool is a personal best for me. It features a deep scan tool that analyzes content against any similar text found online. This tool performs an in-depth search and has remarkable accuracy in its plagiarism reports.

Plagiarism Detector works to the extent that if you copy a full article online and scan through the checker, you would most likely get a 100% plagiarized report. This shows how accurate the tool can be. And this is confirmed with the series of tests we performed using this online plagiarism detector.

And what is remarkable about this tool is that all its features are available for free. You don’t even need to sign up to use this tool. And the report is quite detailed as well, with a highlight of flagged areas that need rephrasing.


  • Search is fast, free, and unlimited
  • Plagiarism check is deep and thorough
  • Supports various methods of file upload, including URLs


  • Only 1,000 words at a go

2. Search Engine Reports Review

Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports is another online plagiarism detector I would readily recommend any time, any day. I have used it several times to carry out plagiarism checks for free and get a quality rundown of my search to pinpoint possible plagiarized sections and sources.

Search Engine Reports has a friendly interface that is easy to use. And it comes with a detailed presentation of search results to help you narrow down areas to tweak in case of plagiarism reports.

The online tool features all ordinary means of running a file from Drive, copied text, file upload from the device, and URL checks. And for the report, you get the option to edit the text using highlighted regions, sentence-wise analysis, and an opportunity to download a plagiarism report.


  • Easy interface
  • Check 1,500 words at a go
  • No paid restrictions
  • Well analyzed plagiarism report


  • Plagiarism Check takes some time

3. Plagiarize Checker Review

Plagiarize Checker

Here is another free online plagiarism test tool. The tool is hosted by a free web version designed by Seoscrapers. And it supports up to 2,000 words per search with up to four individual searches per day.

The checker is straightforward and can be used as soon as you log on to the webpage. You can then run a search either by pasting a copied text in the provided field. Or you can directly scan your content using a website URL.


  • Fast scanning and plagiarism check
  • Performs checks on websites and individual URLs
  • Does not require any signup


  • File upload or Drive is not supported

4. Paper Rater Review

Paper Rater

Here is another brilliant free online plagiarism checker tool online. The Paper Rater tool is a paid online writing tool with other checkers available. The free version has the plagiarism checker, and it is quite significant.

This tool was developed by computational linguists and is targeted at getting complete articles in grammar, vocabulary, and text uniqueness. These features matter in every form of writing, from academic, to legal, marketing, and several other ways.

The tool does not require any sign up to use. Although most of the features that this tool offers are locked behind a paywall, it does offer a chance to explore its plagiarism checker without paying or even sign up.


  • Delivers fast plagiarism results.
  • Allows search of 3,000 words at a go.
  • The accuracy of the check is good.
  • You can perform other checks like grammar or vocabulary checks.


  • Most features are only available for paid version.

5. Plagium Review


Plagium is one of the best online plagiarism checkers available for the paid version and a free tool. The free version comes with only a portion of the full checker features; however, it is useful for performing a quick search.

This tool is most notable for its accuracy of the result. The Plagium free online plagiarism checker only takes 1,000 characters for a single search. This is quite limiting as you would agree with me. But you can be sure of a fast analysis and a detailed plagiarism report.


  • The quick search is free, fast, and accurate.
  • The full report is presented for every search with possible sources for citation.


  • Only about 150 words can be searched at a time
  • Requires to sign up to perform an in-depth search
  • File upload, Drive use, and other features for easy use only available on the paid version

6. Plagiarisma Review


Plagiarisma is an online plagiarism checker supported in over 190 languages. This means you can get results even if you are not searching for a text in English. You can access the app via the web version or through a browser add-on.

Plagiarisma also comes as a browser extension that can be used with Chrome or Firefox. This has made it more accessible for people who often write to verify their work’s authenticity before putting it out there.

And impressively, the plagiarism checker functions well and provides entirely accurate figures. Although other additional features are only available for the premium version, the free version suffices to keep your content plagiarism-free.


  • Supports file upload of various formats.
  • Allows up to 2,000 words per search.
  • Delivers result in a short time.
  • The browser extension allows for easy accessibility.


  • Limited checks available per day.
  • Sign up is compulsory to access checker features
  • More functions for better reporting available only on the paid version.

7. DupliChecker Review


DupliChecker is a foremost online plagiarism tool that offers its services for free. You can access the tool on the go with the internet and any device. This tool is quite handy for checking articles, write-ups, projects, assignments, and other materials under intellectual property protection.

DupliChecker offers its services for free, and it has one of the best online plagiarism checker tools despite not being paid. Many students, freelancers, bloggers, and online marketers turn to this tool to get their work cross-checked.

The tool is easy to use with multiple methods of possible file check. You can use the standard copy and paste method, or you could upload a compatible file, either pdf or Word docs, and the software does the rest to run the check.

Then, the report from the tool is simplified. You can get sources to cite from this tool. And you can also get workable information to edit your content to remove conflicting portions.


  • All features are available on the free version. No payment is required.
  • The plagiarism checker is easy to run and responds quickly.
  • Get up to 50 searches per day, with a 1000 word limit per search.


  • Search Limited to 1 per day for unregistered users

8. Small Seo Tools Review

Small Seo Tools

Small SEO Tools is a popular choice among writers online. The platform offers free tools covering different aspects of content writing. And plagiarism checking is one of the free tools run on the forum. Others include grammar checking, keyword research, paraphrasing, etc.

The plagiarism checker on Small SEO Tools is basic. Notable for its fast search, vast upload methods, and well-delivered reports. The free online tool is especially useful for bloggers and online marketers who need to do all their writing corrections in one place and probably work under a tight budget.


  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Diverse content upload method, including Google Drive, Dropbox, local upload, etc.
  • Quick plagiarism search


  • Accuracy of the checker is often average

Best Free Online Plagiarism Checkers Comparison

Nowadays, plagiarism matters a lot in various sectors, so there are more tools for performing plagiarism checks online. And as is expected, they all claim to be good at what they do. Indeed, they can’t all perform the same.

And that leads us to the main aim of our test here. We have taken our time to specifically analyze each of the best free online plagiarism checkers we have gathered here. We used practical methods you can also relate to testing which of these checkers is as good as they claim.

These tests are not just one-sided. We took a holistic approach to cover all the needfuls in an online plagiarism checker tool. Would you love to get accurate plagiarism results? Would you love a fast scanning tool? Certainly. And trust you won’t mind for the analysis to be simply presented. If yes, then pay attention to the results from our findings.

● Methodology

The method used for the comparison of the eight best free online plagiarism checkers is a point system. We allocated appropriate points to various features that were tested according to their importance.

For this test, we focus only on the features available on the free version of each of the checker tools we have analyzed. You might be able to get a better experience in the paid versions.

This article has chosen to analyze free plagiarism check platforms due to their accessibility to all; students, writers, and professionals alike. And at this rate, only the checker features are analyzed.

The tests on each plagiarism detector are split into four sections. Each section with a maximum number of points allocated. With all the points adding up to 100. This way, we can put the comparison of the tools as a percentage rating.

Section 1- Plagiarism Score:  60% ( 60 Points)

The First Section of the tests carries 60% of the score. This means each tool can amass a maximum of 60 points from this section. And what do we measure here? It’s the plagiarism score generated itself. This serves as a direct measure of the accuracy of plagiarism rating.

Section 2- Word Count: 20% (20 Points)

Next is the word count allowed per search. This is straightforward and can be seen almost immediately on each tool. It is an important feature that determines how easily you can get your inquiries sorted. Also, the number of words per search can affect the accuracy of the plagiarism result generated. And as such, we allocated 20 points to this section.

Section 3- Content Upload and Test Speed: 10% (10 Points)

The third part of the tests covers two aspects. One is the methods with which content can be uploaded into each platform for plagiarism tests. While the other is the speed at which an individual examination is run. Both tests account for 5% each of the total point system. And we can regard this portion of the tests as comfortability tests.

Section 4- Plagiarism Report: 10% (10 Points)

The last test section is the method for the presentation of the plagiarism test result. This part of the test is also very vital. The more detailed and analytical the report is, the better your chances of correcting any flagged areas. So, this portion of the test accounts for the last 10% of each plagiarism checker rating.

Putting all of these tests together gives us a complete approach to gauging how good each free online plagiarism checker is. And from the analysis, we can deduce which of them is the actual best.

Plagiarism Checkers Tests

Section 1 - Plagiarism Score : 60% (60 Points)

In this section, the eight tools were tested multiple times to confirm their accuracy in detecting plagiarism. And to do this, we made use of thirty different 100% plagiarized content.

Each of the content tested is posts that have been posted on the internet for quite a while. And we also made sure to select from a wide array of websites and not just one.

Remember that the total points available in this section are 60. This means we have to divide the total percentage by the number of pages tested for plagiarism. Each of the articles, therefore, carries a maximum of 2 points.
Since the point system helps indicate how well a plagiarism checker does its job of flanking a post as plagiarized. Therefore, the highest point would go to a high plagiarism score, even as the articles in question here are 100% plagiarized.

In this vein, we designed a scoring system to help in grading how well each checker has graded our test posts;

  • 90% – 100% = 2 points
  • 75% – 89% = 1 points
  • Under 75% = 0 points

We found that the more old posts have better results on most plagiarism checkers from the test we conducted. This makes sense because plagiarism checkers act as a form of a search engine, and they compare posts being checked with the archive of texts found online.

Another feature we deduced from this test is these free online plagiarism checkers’ ability to work on non-English websites, both in the language and the domain. As is expected, most of the plagiarism checkers performed poorly in this regard.

At the end of this test, we found exceptional free online plagiarism checkers. Whereas some of the tools didn’t perform nearly accurate tests. For the Full Test Results go to end of article.

Here is a summary of how they performed in this section:

Plagiarism Score results:

Plagium: 53 points

Plagium Edit

Plagiarism Detector: 50 points


Search Engine Reports: 49 points


Plagiarize checker: 45 points


Paper Rater: 37 points


Plagiarisma: 22 points


Dupli Checker: 19 points


Small Seo tools: 10 points


Plagiarism Score summery:

Plagiarism Checker Score
1. Plagium
53 points
2. Plagiarism Detector
50 points
3. Searchenginereports
49 points
4. Plagiarize Checker
45 points
5 Paper Rater
37 points
6. Plagiarisma
19 points
7. DupliChecker
19 points
8. Small seo tools
10 points

Section 2 - Word Count: 20% (20 Points)

For this section, we considered the maximum words allowed for a single search on each plagiarism checker. And this section accounts for 20% of the overall rating.

We also developed a grading system for this test based on the commonly written number of words for posts and articles. With the maximum points accruable being 20 points. Here is the distribution system;

  • 2,000 words and above = 20 points
  • Between 1000 words and 1,999 words = 15 points
  • Below 1000 words = 10 points

word count results:

Plagiarism Checker Score
1. Paper Rater (3,000 words)
20 points
2. Plagiarisma (2,000 words)
20 points
3. Plagiarize Checker (2,000 words)
20 points
4. Searchenginereports (1,500 words)
15 points
5. DupliChecker (1,000 words)
15 points
6. Plagiarism Detector (1,000 words)
15 points
7. Small seo tools (1,000 words)
15 points
8. Plagium (1,000 characters/About 150 words)
10 points

Section 3a - Content Upload: 5% (5 Points)

The available methods for uploading files for plagiarism search counts as a significant part of each platform’s usability. In some instances, one might be unable to get a text onto the clipboard, or maybe it might be tedious to do so. In such cases, having an alternative means of content upload goes a long way.

We have checked through the best free online plagiarism checkers to see the typical content upload methods supported. And we came up with a grading system with 5 points accruable. This means the methods available for running content plagiarism checks account for 5% of the final rating.

Some of these standard methods for uploading content include the manual copy and paste, local file upload from your device, drive upload, and URL text scans, with some having link exclude features.

So, for this section, here is how we have allocated points;

  • Manual text + Local upload + URL with link exclusion + Drive upload = 5 points
  • Manual text + Local upload + URL without link exclusion + Drive upload = 4 points
  • Manual text + Local upload + URL with link exclusion = 3 points
  • Manual text + URL with link exclusion = 2 points
  • Manual text = 1 point

And here is how each of the eight free online plagiarism checkers fared on this front;

Content Upload results:

Plagiarism Checker Score
1. Small seo tools
5 points
2. Searchenginereports
5 points
3. Plagiarism Detector
5 points
4. Plagiarisma
4 points
5. DupliChecker
3 points
6. Plagiarize Checker
2 points
7. Plagium
2 points
8. Paper Rater
1 point

Section 3b - Plagiarism Checker Test Speed: 5% (5 Points)

Counting for another 5% of the test score is the plagiarism test speed. How fast each tool can run a test on average. We got a 974-word post to perform this test, which seemed like a general word length for each checker. To make the test fair, we also ensured that we had a stable and fast internet connection.

And again, we came up with a point distribution quota based on the time spent running the test. The point distribution is as presented below;

  • Less than 1:00 minute = 5 points
  • Between 1:00 and 2:00 minutes = 4 points
  • Between 2:01 and 3:30 minutes = 3 points
  • Between 3:01 and 4:00 minutes = 2 points

Then, from the test we conducted, we were able to come up with the result as presented below;

Plagiarism Check Speed results:

Plagiarism Checker Score
1. Paper Rater (0:20 minutes)
5 points
2. Plagiarize Checker (0:22 minutes)
5 points
3. Plagium (0:20 minutes, *about 150 words allowed)
5 points
4. Plagiarisma (1:20 minutes)
4 points
5. Small seo tools (1:20 minutes)
4 points
6. DupliChecker (1:30 minutes)
4 points
7. Searchenginereports (1:40 minutes)
4 points
8. Plagiarism Detector (1:45 minutes)
4 point

Section 4 - Plagiarism Report: 10% (10 Points)

We considered the last factor in drawing conclusions about which free online plagiarism checker tools perform best is the report presentation.

Generally, a percentage is ascribed to the plagiarized content portion. Then, it is matched to sources online. Well organized reports, however, go further to analyze the results with matched parts. These sections are usually highlighted and can be seen clearly.

Besides, some of these tools offer an option to edit the flagged areas. In contrast, others give the possibility of a report download. The primary advantage of using a plagiarism checker is being able to eliminate conflicting portions. Therefore, the report from any tool must aid that purpose.

For this section, we made a rough distribution of points to determine the importance of the features desirable in a plagiarism report. Here is a breakdown;

  • Has percentage uniqueness/match = 3 points
  • Highlighted plagiarized sections = 1 point
  • Shows source(s) of match = 2 points
  • Editable/downloadable report = 4 points

From the tests we ran on each of the eight best free online plagiarism checkers we have selected, we have the following grade for this section;

Plagiarism Report results:

Plagiarism Checker Score
1. Small seo tools
10 points
2. Searchenginereports
10 points
3. DupliChecker
10 points
4. Plagiarism Detector
10 points
5. Paper Rater
10 points
6. Plagiarisma
6 points (No direct percentage result)
7. Plagiarize Checker
6 points (Not downloadable)
8. Plagium
4 points (No highlights and download)

Final Ranking

After all, tests have been performed on each of the eight plagiarism tools on our list; we now have definitive results of the best free online plagiarism checker.

Interestingly, the tests are that each of the online plagiarism tools has their strengths and deficits, as is expected. However, based on the grading distribution we have employed, we have put things in a proper perspective.

After the complete analysis, here is how each tool performed and is ranked; as a percentage.

Final results:

Plagiarism Checker Score
1. Plagiarism Detector
2. Searchenginereports
3. Plagiarize Checker
4. Paper Rater
5. Plagium
6. Plagiarisma
7. DupliChecker
8. Small seo tools

About Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?

If we were to use words as they are, we could liken plagiarism more to theft than copying. Yes! Plagiarism can be simply put as stealing of another’s intellectual property. And across the world, plagiarism is a severe offense punishable under the law.

Another way to put plagiarism is by taking ownership of something that is not originally yours and getting credit for it. So, in all, you would bear with me that it is best to avoid plagiarism totally in any of your literary quests.

All plagiarism does to your work is damage to its credibility. Imagine running several kinds of research and tests as an academic student only to be discredited for literary review. And that is why proper citation is crucial in any form of publishing or writing. In using another’s work with reference, there is a cap on how much of the person’s words you can use.

Occurrence of Plagiarism

Plagiarism cuts across diverse fields so long as it involves writing and publishing content. And as such, you can find the analyzed plagiarism checkers useful in any of these fields;


Piracy is a common practice among students in colleges and universities. Starting from quick works like assignments and class projects to significant work bodies like thesis and research works. Several cases of plagiarism are taken to judicial bodies yearly from various higher institutions.

What then should be done as a student or even an academician? It is simple! People in the academic world need to pay more attention to citations and conducting proper research. And as is often the cause for plagiarism in the academic scene, enough time should be allowed for any literary composition to be carried out. 


This takes into consideration the originality of work put out in the personal workspace. Since most people are used to copying data, using other people’s ideas to carry out tasks, it has become increasingly difficult to get original ideas in everyday activities. However, with the use of free online plagiarism checkers, we can get reduced instances of direct lifting of ideas.


For writers, journalists, content creators, digital marketers, and other groups of people who make a livelihood around putting words together, there is even a higher chance of putting out plagiarized content.

Due to the nature of their work, plagiarism has the most adverse effect on people in this category. Hence, as a professional and writing expert, you should never take plagiarism lightly. You can always use the best free online plagiarism checker available to proofread your work before putting out there.

Why Should You Check for Plagiarism?

As a publisher online, most especially for bloggers and website owners, you should always be wary of using duplicated content. It doesn’t matter if the work was previously yours; once it is already on the net, you shouldn’t use it again.

The authenticity of your posts and online publications determine how well they would rank on search engines. Search engine crawlers now know to attribute originality to the first sighting of any text on the web. So, any other occurrence of such a book must be backlinked appropriately to the original. If not, your site’s ranking would be adversely affected.

And for academics, to show the originality of ideas and get full recognition for your body of work, your content also must be free of plagiarism. In essence, using any of the best free online plagiarism checkers should be more of a necessity than a luxury.

The full tests results

Full Plagiarism Test
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