9 Best Free and Paid Online Dog Grooming Courses. Learn all about Dog Grooming with These Classes.

Do you like grooming your dogs? Or have you noticed your friends and family ask you to trim their dogs’ fur because you seem to be so good at it? If so, you might consider making this a career.

Dog grooming involves the enhancement of a dog’s physical appearance either for showing or some other types of competition. In other words, this skill has to do with catering for the hygienic care and cleaning of a dog. Having this skill can be a great career if you love working with animals, and since the demand for professional dog groomers keeps increasing by the day, you will get to have a fair amount of job security in this field.

You can groom your dogs and your friends or family’s pets without any certification. However, having training and education in pet grooming is expedient, particularly if you’re considering working on other people’s dogs and getting paid in return for your service. Read through this review to know more about dog grooming and the courses you take to boost your expertise.

Considerations to Make Before Enrolling for Online Dog Grooming Courses


You must do your research well before enrolling on a class in this field. Also, do well to check out your state laws and requirements. Knowing the regulations that guide dog groomers in your area will help you determine what course will be perfect for you. For instance, some areas require certification to start grooming dogs, while some places do not.

Access to teachers:

It is best to ensure that the course you enrol for allows you to access your instructors, as this will help you answer your questions.

Suitable content:

Do well to review the course’s curriculum you consider enrolling for. This will help you ascertain that the class covers everything you want to learn.

Moreover, you should ensure that the learning style is suitable for you because some learners prefer mail-in materials rather than a computer screen.


Ensure the course payment instruction is precise, and the price is within your budget.

Why You Should Take an Online Dog Grooming Course

Are you wondering what stands to gain by enrolling on a dog grooming course? Below are some of the benefits:

  • Enhances your confidence: by enrolling in an online dog grooming class, you will get to learn from professionals in the field, and as a result, you get to have more confidence in your grooming skills.
  • Ease of joining a professional association: completing a course on dog grooming makes it easier to join a professional association. This feature ultimately results in easier securing of a job in dog grooming and a higher probability of attracting clients.
  • Enhances Clients’ belief in you: generally, clients prefer groomers who have completed a course. Thus, completing a class gives you to be at an advantage.

About Online Dog Grooming Courses

Typically, dog grooming courses online provide a great mix of online education and practical experience. Thus, this feature helps prepare you to start your own pet grooming business, work in a pet grooming salon from home, or become a mobile groomer even with no previous experience.

High-quality and standard online courses offer hands-on experience in grooming and, at the same time, provide industry-recognized certificates of completion. You will often have to find your dogs to work on, and then you submit before-and-after photos of your work. Therefore, you need to check the practical requirements of courses before deciding to enrol.

With the in-depth and clear instruction provided by online dog grooming courses and consistent practice of the knowledge you gain, you will in no time become a great dog groomer.

Table of Contents

9 Best Online Dog Grooming Courses

Online Pet Grooming Program

The Penn Foster Pet Grooming Course is about the most prestigious online avenue for learning pet grooming. The reputation that precedes the institution makes learning with them even more attractive.


  • Self-paced course
  • Community support
  • Progress tracking and goal setting tools
  • Accredited pet grooming certification
  • Covers both cats and dogs
  • Different levels for varying experience status


  • The courses can be quite advanced for novice

If you want to pursue a pet grooming career , then the Penn Foster Pet Grooming course is a right place to start. Dog and Cat grooming has styles and acceptable practices. These are the basics of this online course. Students get to learn how to properly groom their pets or as a professional.

The Penn Foster online dog and pet grooming course can be completed in two months. The nine-course curriculum is self-paced and can be accessed at any time on any device; mobile or PC. Each student gets access to courses through their student access portal.

As part of Penn Foster’s commitment to learning, students get access to a community to share their experiences, challenges and motivations. The community support comprises both instructors, student services department, and students alike. So much so after students complete their course, the community support is yet there to help in their practice and professional journey.

Penn Foster offers courses at three different levels. You can enroll for the high school, the career school or the college. At the three levels combined, the online grooming school has graduated over 58,000 students in the last one year.

Course highlights:

  • Virtual simulation practice
  • Video course trainings for various levels
  • Suitable for beginners

2. Udemy: Learn how to groom your dog at home!

Learn How To Groom Your Dog At Home!

The Udemy course for Dog grooming is a complete starter guide to grooming dogs from home. It teaches the best practices for keeping a dog healthy and looking stylish.


  • Focus on health and safety for the pet and groomers
  • Detailed equipment reviews
  • Live demonstrations
  • Learn dog behavior and psychology


  • The chakra

In this Udemy course, the instructor takes students through a practical session of grooming a dog. She starts from style selection, hair trimming, nail cutting, bathing and drying, brushing, and a few other dog grooming practices to get your dog in best shape.

The course instructor, Karen Maitland, deploys her years of experience from running a home dog grooming center in giving pro tips that work when you start practicing dog grooming. All of these she practices on her Australian Labradoodle Watson in the course of the training.

In this online dog grooming course as well, you’ll learn how to carefully select which equipment to use for each dog type. Clipper types vary and can often be a put-off for dogs. Knowing which clippers to use for your choice styling is a valuable skill as a groomer. This is also important as it’s part of the many health and safety precautions discussed in the course outline.

Course highlights:

  • Excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5
  • Experienced instructor
  • Downloadable resources as a professional guide
  • 4 hours of video course
  • Lifetime access
  • Accessible on mobile and TV

3. Centre of Excellence: Dog Grooming Diploma Course

Centre Dog Grooming

The Centre of Excellence: Dog Grooming Diploma Course is an online course where you would learn the important skills needed to become a professional dog groomer. This course is specially designed for those seeking to have a career in Dog Grooming.


  • Suitable for complete beginners.
  • The course is a good course for people pursuing a career in Dog Grooming.
  • A semi-formal method of teaching is used.
  • It offers lifetime access to the class.


  • Recommended only for complete beginners.

The Centre of Excellence: Dog Grooming Diploma Course is an online course suitable for dog lovers. The course helps make complete beginners in Dog Grooming to becoming professional Dog Groomers.

Course highlights:

  • The course contains 6 videos and 10 modules.
  • Offers Lifetime access.
  • Duration of 150 hours.
  • Certificates are issued after completing the course.

4. Alison: Diploma in Dog Grooming

Diploma In Dog Grooming

This free dog grooming course available on Alison is a well-rounded online training on the rudiments of dog grooming. It discusses in details the practices involved in dog grooming and how to make a career of it.


  • Over 10 hours of in-demand videos
  • Register the course for free
  • Practical approach
  • Step-by-step guide to dog bathing


  • Course is beginner level

The entire process of dog grooming is broken down under the different sections of this course. It starts with the pre-grooming exercise. You get to learn how to check the dog’s skin type and hair texture to see which processes are necessary for grooming. This process is also important as it helps the dog stay calm during the grooming process. With a focus on training dogs to enjoy bath time.

You also get to learn how to be assertive with dogs. This is an important lesson that dog groomers need to master. Especially if you’re going to be practicing dog grooming as a business. To make this work, the course outline goes as far back in history to establish the relationship between dogs and man.

At the end of the free course, students get a chance to earn a paid diploma certificate but this is optional. During the course, the instructor demonstrates the practical steps involved in dog grooming. The course also explains dog anatomy, dog psychology and health.

Course highlights:

  • Paid accredited certification
  • More than 9,500 students enrolled
  • Additional insight into dog anatomy and health

5. Online Dog Grooming School: Online Course

Grooming School In Los Angeles

The Online Dog Grooming School is a professional dog grooming institution set up in Los Angeles. The school offers training online to students across the world and gets them certified in dog grooming just as it’s possible in the physical school.


  • Practical approach to teaching
  • Easy to understand
  • Two certificate awards
  • Expert and vastly experienced instructors


  • Courses are quite lengthy
  • Practical classes can be difficult to implement

As a certified pet hygienist or professional pet groomer, you have the license to practice your passion as a profession. This is the goal of the online dog grooming school – to help students develop a strong passion as well as proper work ethics in pet care.

The online course offers two certificates; the pet hygienist certificate and the certified pet groomer certificate. This makes it easy for students of this online course to stand out in the professional world.

The course is self paced and access lasts for one year. The dog grooming courses cover about 15 hours of teaching alongside practical sessions. Projects are dished out in the course of the training and students are required to provide at least five before and after pictures of their practice sessions with their own pets.

Course highlights:

  • 20 video lectures
  • It can be completed in 5 weeks minimum
  • Downloadable resources

6. QC Pet Studies: Dog Grooming course

Dog Grooming Courses

The QC Pet Studies Dog Grooming course is a five-part course designed for training professional groomers to set up their own business.


  • E-books and video trainings included
  • Business-focused
  • Internationally accredited certification
  • Money-back guarantees
  • Free practice equipment available
  • Bonus work materials attached
  • Learn at your own pace


  • Course is costly
  • A bit too technical for novices

The QC Online Dog Grooming course is fully loaded with text courses and video training as well. The course features a number of practical sessions with hands-on assignments and tests. The course is quite thorough and would bake you into a complete dog groomer upon completion.

As it’s required for dog grooming, the training branches into dog health, practical ways to keep dogs calm and keep in control during sessions. All of these are vital for individuals who would be setting up shop as a dog groomer.

Course outline is divided into five parts with each having a number of units from the courses attached. Students get awarded the International Dog Grooming Professional (IDGP) certificate.

Course highlights:

  • 19 course texts attached
  • 25 hours of video training
  • 12 units in course; 5 theory and 7 practical
  • Quality grooming kits distributed

7. Basics & Beyond: Dog Grooming Course

Basics & Beyond Grooming School

Basics and Beyond is a dog grooming online course focused on helping students go from passionate beginner to practicing professionals.


  • Quite affordable
  • Self-paced work
  • It can be completed with 8 to 12 weeks
  • Multiple instructors with different area of focus
  • Accredited dog grooming certificate of completion


  • Requires quality commitment with volume of work

Basics and Beyond offers a practical course for dog groomers to learn the art and science behind dog grooming as a passion and as a business. The program covers the basics of dog anatomy, rating with dogs, and peculiarities of different dog species.

The course then delves into the different techniques that have been established in grooming over time. The instructor particularly uses his years of experience to give students useful techniques and best practices in practical situations.

The course covers hands-on practical sessions for students to implement the knowledge and techniques learned in the course. Students get a workbook to this effect with diagrams and illustrations to follow. After all, has been fulfilled, students get their certificate of completion.

Course highlights:

  • Hands-on assignments attached
  • Workbook attached
  • Video training and readable materials provided

8. Holly and Hugo: Ultimate Guide to Dog Grooming

Ultimate Guide To Dog Grooming

Holly and Hugo is a dog grooming business established by Tolo Vicens with a track record of quality work.


  • Internationally accredited certification
  • High rating, recommended by 94% of students
  • Personalized bathing and brushing techniques revealed
  • Full time access
  • Two weeks money-back guarantee


  • Course outline is designed for beginners

The ultimate guide to dog grooming is an online course by Holly and Hugo. The course is designed to help students learn dog grooming at the professional level. The course instructor, Tolo Vicens, dumps his over 20 years of experience in dog grooming into the course modules.

In essence, you will learn how to keep animals safe during grooming procedures. He also touches on how to handle emergency situations. The course outline covers all the fundamentals of skin care for pets and how to keep a healthy coat. This course is valuable for pet owners, pet guardians, and aspiring groomers alike.

Course highlights:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Link to purchase quality practice tools
  • Access to instructor

9. Paragon Pet School: Online Pet Grooming School

Goom Tech Program

The pet groomer course is a level two course at the Paragon pet school online training.


  • Each module comes with a study guide
  • Students are assigned instructors for one-on-one approach
  • Installment payment available
  • Tracking journals given to students


  • The course is quite pricey

The Paragon pet groomer course sees master dog groomers go practical on the working techniques for quality dog grooming. The course instructors are particular about teaching students to deliver quality jobs for customers. They also help you develop your passion for training pets.

You also get access to premium tools and techniques used by professional groomers to achieve fancy styles for dogs. This course goes beyond the basics. It’s an excellent option for beginners to go from novice level to professional without much hassle.

Course highlights:

  • Three practical hands-on assignments
  • Acknowledgement of completion attached
  • Practice quizzes and tests
  • Pet first aid and CPR techniques introduced


Dog grooming is a skill that should be learned by anyone who keeps a dog as a pet. Though there is a professional aspect to its practice. And that’s why the courses attached are mostly certified.

From our compilation of the best online dog grooming courses, the Penn Foster Pet Grooming Certificate course easily stands out as one of the best online dog grooming schools. For one, it is the only course that trains on how to handle other pets. Students also get access to useful materials after completing the course as well as a community of professional groomers.

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