Find out the benefits of computer based learning and how this helps to encourage learners to perform better.

Assessment of how well the learner has been able to get knowledge reflects through various testing methods. Especially After some period of training/class. This helps to encourage learners to perform better. Usually many forms of education have been using the old method of assessment.  For instance, primary, secondary, tertiary etc. have used the crude way of giving assessment exercises to their students. Through the use of pen-and-paper testing.

But, the use of pen-and-paper testing can consume a lot of resources and be very stressful. Since it would need; printing papers, organising seating arrangements Due to the hassles and inconveniences that come with using the traditional method of assessment. A well-designed method of assessment would help to solve these problems. This method of assessment refers to computer-based testing.

Are you hearing the word computer-based testing for the first time and want to know what it entails? Then take your time to go through this article. As it would provide you with the necessary information about the computer-based assessment. Also its benefit to the students and teachers.

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What is computer-based testing?

Computer-based testing is a method of assessing the performance of students/ candidates. Where they make use of computer screen and a mouse to answer questions that are being assigned to them. Questions appear on the computer screen, and students must answer them within a stipulated period.  The examiner gives students rough papers to solve the problems. So that it would help them choose the correct answer on the computer screen.

Computer computer-based assessment questions are often developed into 3-4 sets. and apportioned to the students/candidates. With the recent global pandemic, the use of computer-based testing has increased. And, at the same time, exposed the problems faced with the use of the rudimentary method of testing.

The use of computer-based testing would be a long-lasting solution to keeping the academic session going. As a result of cases like the widespread of viruses or diseases which would need the total shut down of schools. Unlike pen and paper testing, computer-based testing is less burdensome and laborious. Cbt do not need the distribution of exam papers etc.

 Client-server environment is the environment where computer based tests operates.  The computer used to deliver the examinations is the server computer, and connected to an intranet/internet. In contrast, the computer for the test taker referred to the client computer.

The main purpose of using computer-based testing lies in its ability to enhance various things. This includes how educational assessments, certifications, or pre-employment tests operate in several ways.  It is important to note that online exams and computer-based tests are two very similar but different words often used together.

While the online exam refers to examinations conducted via the internet. Cbt is a term generally used for any test taken and received while using computers without the use of the internet.

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Benefits of computer-based testing

Computer-based testing serves several purposes. This includes; pre-employment screening processes, certification tests, academic purposes. Etc. The use of computer-based testing in companies can also serve other purposes. Like helping to develop pathways for an employee’s career progression.

Companies’ development and learning departments can also take advantage of online computer-based tests. Because it can help them to identify their worker’s weaknesses and strengths. Hence help them create fitting programs that would develop the entire labour force.

The cbt has huge benefits over the pen and paper method of examination. These benefits could range from conducting exams to delivering reports. Making the assessment process more tranquil than ever.

Below are some of the benefits of computer-based testing;

  • Wide reach: recently as a result of the pandemic there were restrictions on travelling. It also caused the introduction of the concept of social distancing. Hence many people turn to using the computer-based test to conduct examinations. This has been a major source of hope for educational institutions. With the computer-based test, students can appear online to take exams. while choosing and selecting an exam recess that is comfortable for them. Using computer-based testing helps to reach a lot of students at the same time.
  • Prevents cheating: designed programs and applications make computer-based tests much safer. Especially when compared to pen and paper testing. The use of plagiarism checkers like safe exam browser, respondus, DyKnow. Etc. and chrome browser testing applications like the Edulastic can help lock down browsers. Hence helping to make cheating in the exam much more difficult for students.
  • It helps learners with disabilities: Cbt has less physical impediment to taking tests. Especially when compared with pen and paper testing. For instance, text-to-voice, screen readers tools can help to solve disability impediment. As it helps students with motor, visual and auditory impairments. Especially learners with dyslexia. Also those who would need enough time to complete a test.
  • It is engaging: with the use of quiz-based video programs like Edupuzzle, cbt are more engaging. Especially when compared to essay tests or standard multiple-choice. For example, branching scenarios can help add a game-like feeling to examination. While also making assessment interactive and engaging. Hence helping students learn from their mistakes.
  • Rapid grading: This is very true of many choice or true/false select–response tests. Because it gives scores immediately. Hence allowing students to immediately assess the outcome of the assessment. Also allowing the online tutor to make real-time instructional changes. Based on the student’s results. This allows instructors more time to focus on giving feedback to the learners. This can be time-consuming.
  • It saves energy and time: cbt reduces the amount of time spent developing question papers. Also it reduces the time of arranging supplies, driving registration, and evaluating. This is because the whole process operates by itself.
  • It is very convenient: cbt helps students to take tests at their own convenient time and place. Because it is not limited to a period of time but available all year round.


As a result of the benefits cbt, more people are getting involved in the use of this assessment method. Especially educators and trainers. Computer-based tests are accurate, streamlined and cost-effective.

Computer-based testing serves several purposes. This includes; pre-employment screening processes, certification tests, academic purposes. Etc. The use of computer-based testing in companies can also serve other purposes. Like helping to develop pathways for an employee’s career progression.

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