The Eyebrow is an area of the face that can transform the look of any face. This part of the face is so important that unruly brows can make your entire appearance look unkempt; well-groomed eyebrows can perfectly frame the face and make you look tidier and more attractive.

In recent times, eyebrow care has become a booming business. With the availability of eyebrow-related courses and the high-quality eyebrow products on the market, anyone can achieve the perfect brow at home.

But, to groom and maintain their eyebrow presentation, there is the need to visit an eyebrow specialist regularly. This is because eyebrow specialists advise what type of shape looks best on a person’s face; their knowledge of different eyebrow styles enables them to offer the treatment suitable for each customer’s look and preference.

If you are looking to know more about eyebrow specialists and all their job entails, this article is for you.

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Who are eyebrow specialists?

Eyebrow specialists are therapists who focus and carry out treatments that help shape, define, and enhance the eyebrows. These well-trained technicians act as lifesavers for people without natural brows as they help them get beautiful brows.

Also, eyebrow specialists offer professional advice to clients on what eyebrow shape and thickness will be most suitable for them. Generally, they work at salons and beauty management establishments.

How to become an eyebrow specialist

The basic step to becoming an eyebrow specialist is attending a beautician school and taking classes on eyebrow shaping and grooming. Generally, Eyebrow-specific instruction training programs are offered at aesthetics based vocational programs and beauty colleges.

Fortunately, with the advancement in technology and the availability of diverse online eyebrow courses, you can acquire this skill in the comfort of your home.

Before joining a beautician college, you must consider the cost of training, reputation, and job placement success after the program.

When it comes to becoming an eyebrow specialist, most of the skills needed to start undertaking the tasks are learned through practicing and observing experienced brow specialists at work. Thus, your learning program must include actual supervised experience working with clients aside from classroom instruction. The practical implementation of the knowledge you acquire will enable you to perform the eyebrows treatments yourself.

Attending beautician training classes is vital to becoming an eyebrow specialist because many regions require you to earn several classroom training hours to receive certification. After your study, you can obtain regional beautician certification and start your work at a salon or waxing studio.

The cost of becoming a brow specialist

Since there are different eyebrows training programs with their unique modalities, the cost of enrolling in eyebrow classes varies. In other words, the cost of becoming a brow expert varies from state to state and school to school.

But, the pricing eyebrows usually range from below $500 to over $1000.

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It is possible to learn specific tips and tricks that suit your needs if your only desire is to learn how to do your brows. Below are some tips to help you become your brow specialist:

  1. Know your face shape: To begin to do your brow, the first thing you need to know is your face shape, and then you determine the brow shape that will be most appropriate for you. A means by which you can identify your face shape is by looking at different face shapes.
  2. Keep your brow symmetrical: irrespective of your shape of choice, ensure to make your eyebrows symmetrical. The goal is not to achieve perfectly symmetrical eyebrows but to get related brows.
  3. Tweeze in the right direction: ensure to pull your hairs out in the right direction (that is, the natural growth direction) when tweezing them. This will help prevent the rupture of the tiny blood vessel your brow is attached to.

What does an eyebrow specialist do?

Below are the operations eyebrows specialists undertake to get clients their desired look:

  1. Waxing and Tinting:  
    Eyebrow waxing is a shaping mechanism for brows. The brow specialist applies wax exactly over the hair that needs to be removed and then rip it out from the root. Waxing can result in your skin looking bright pink. But, this color fades entirely after 24 hours.

    Eyebrow tinting, on the other hand, is a colorizing technique.  The timing must be considered to allow for the even tinting of eyebrows. This operation involves cleaning the client’s brows, application of a thin layer of petroleum jelly; this prevents the tint from staining the surrounding skin. After this, the tinting formulation is prepared and applied across the Eyebrow using a small brush.

  2.  Microblading:
    Microblading is a method of shaping the Eyebrow by adding a pigment to the skin. This process is unlike the other methods which require the removal of hair. People with thin eyebrows mostly love this eyebrow treatment because it helps to create the appearance of fuller brows. 

  3. Lamination:
    Lamination is a new process in the eyebrows world that involves the perming of the brows.  It serves to help create shiny, smooth brows. This technique is usually done by people who are experiencing thinning or unruly brows. 

  4. Threading and Plucking:
    Treading is a technique that involves using threads to remove the eyebrow hair carefully. With threading, you can remove the tiniest hairs from the hair follicle as a specialist.

    Plucking involves the removal of the hairs necessary to create the desired shape. This operation involves using high-quality tweezers that can grab onto the hair and remove it with ease. 

  5. Henna Brows:
    This type of eyebrows tinting aims to stain the skin under the brow hairs. This process helps to create an impression of depth and fullness or cast a shadow in the area. In other words, it visually fills in any sparseness.


Without a doubt, the eyebrow industry is a profitable business to venture into. By becoming an eyebrow specialist, you get the chance to offer clients various services while helping people pick the perfect eyebrow shape to suit their faces. With this skill, you get to gain more revenue while helping people achieve their desired look.

Aside from becoming an expert in this field, with this information provided in this article, you can start giving your eyebrows the treatment it needs to look perfect and attractive.

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