Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

Online learning is becoming quite popular in this day and age. And it’s even threatening to overtake the traditional ways of learning. Like anything though, it has its drawbacks and that’s why we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of online learning.

In this write-up you will be able to see why online learning may be good or not good for you. I will be going over the advantages first, then the disadvantages.

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What Are The Advantages of Online Learning?

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Remote Access

One of the major advantages of Online learning is Remote access. It is so cool when you can get access to learning anywhere you are as long as you are connected to the internet.

Since the inception of the pandemic, large public gatherings have been discouraged and with good reason. Online learning was able to bridge this gap by helping students gain access to education remotely.

In cases where students have to move away from the campus or school area, online learning has helped immensely. You don’t have to miss classes again because of unavailability physically.

Cost Advantage

Online learning is relatively cheaper when compared to the traditional way of learning. Traditional schools have to keep up with the maintenance of staffs, equipment used, and the buildings being used by the staff and students. This is a major reason why the tuition fees can seem exorbitant.

Online learning can reduce this drastically. There are platforms and websites that teachers and students alike can access easily. The staff needed by the school will mostly be the teaching staff and the cost of maintaining physical buildings are cut off. Students then will have to pay less for enjoying the same standard of education.

Online Learning Suits Different Learning Styles

Each individual has a way of assimilating information. Students knowing the best way to assimilate information in schools can make learning very easy. Online learning has provided different ways for individual students to assimilate information.

While teachers have a specific way of disseminating information, some students prefer listening to what the teacher has to say rather than what the teacher shows them. While some other students prefer the other way. Some students even still prefer to go through e-books for learning.

Online learning provides various different learning styles. You get to learn the convenient way. Whether through e-books, or audio books, or videos and any other style of learning you prefer.

Online Learning Offers Flexibility

There are instances where students cannot be available at the very moment of lectures. Either physically or through online learning for that matter. Online learning is the one of the two ways that has provided a solution.

With online learning, you get to learn at your own pace. There are notes and videos and audio books that are provided on the learning platform that the students can always get back to. The flexibility online learning offers encourages students that are working and going to school simultaneously.

Flexibility ensures that student attendance is better. And the amazing thing is that it doesn’t have to be all students at once. We can’t all learn at the same pace and online learning has provided an avenue to learn at a different pace through its flexibility.

It promotes Life-long learning

There are so many students that complain about how rigorous learning on campus can be. And in some way, students have been discouraged to move forward on their careers. Sometimes this may even be due to financial constraints.

Mostly because of the advantages of online learning I mentioned above, more people are encouraged to go to school or go back to school.  The catch here is that if you can master the art of learning online then you might just be going to school for the rest of your life.

It is like you find a life hack. The moment you have a new interest you want to know more about a subject, you can easily register to study it online. The rigor of going through the process of registering in a physical school is removed and learning becomes enjoyable.

Disadvantages of Online Learning

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Quality of content

Years of research and regulations have gone into creating a standard that is acceptable in our traditional institutions of learning. Online learning lacks this. While there are regulations guiding tutors and the content they teach, it is not as standardized as traditional learning institutions.

One of the major complaints of online learning is the student complaining they are not being taught to standard. You will see a course offering to teach advanced lessons in a particular subject dwelling on the basics of the same subject. This is a major cause of concern until stricter measures are taken.


This is a major concern because you are largely responsible for how well you do with online learning. Students may not want to hear this but it is the truth. If you are the type that procrastinates or has bad time management, then online learning may not be best for you.

No student really likes to be closely monitored. But this method have proven effective in getting the best out of many students in the traditional set up and online tutors can only do so much. Some online classes are in the thousands and tutors might not have the chance to monitor everyone.


While it’s good that online learning through technology can connect teachers and students remotely, technology itself or lack of it can be a barrier to learning.

For many reasons, access to technology is not balanced all over the world. Even in countries that access to technology is balanced; many things can disrupt your online learning. Bad weather or some form of natural disaster comes to mind.

On the other hand, technology can be a serious form of distraction. With easy access to the internet, students can easily be distracted from what they are supposed to do and can even be affected by lengthy screen time.


Online learning is taking over the traditional way of learning and more universities and schools are adopting the e-learning mode daily. Online learning has also come in handy during this pandemic period. Like everything, it has its disadvantages but regulations are being put in place to make it more suitable for learning.

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