Month: December 2021

Closeup Approved Signature With Fingers Pen Light Bulb From Left Side (1)

8 free and paid best handwriting analysis courses, classes, training with Certifications

Graphology is the study of handwriting to determine someone’s traits and personality.  Graphology is referred to as a blend of science and art. It is a science because it would require accurate measuring and calculation of the movement of the written forms, which are; the spacing, slants and angles, and structure. The pressure is also observed in magnification and with precision. It is an art because you have to keep in mind the context in which the writing occurs.

Skyscraper Is Qingdao China (1)

8 free and paid best building management system courses, classes, training with Certifications

Building Management Systems (BMS) are computer-based systems that help control the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems of a building. This system also allows for the control of security, lighting, water system, access control, and fire systems. The function of BMS makes it to be regarded as the “brain” of smart buildings.

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