11 Best personal development websites in 2022.

Did you pen down some New Year resolutions at the beginning of the year, but you’re losing strength to keep up with your resolve? This is to let you know that you shouldn’t give up yet as the year is very young.

With adequate motivation and effort, you will make significant changes in your personal development and create the meaningful life you have always desired for yourself. This right here is where the subject, self-improvement, comes to play. This subject has to do with improving one’s knowledge, status, or character through one’s efforts. In other words, it is the quest to make one better in any and every facet of life.

This review helps you get on your journey to being inspired and motivated by providing you with information on the best self-improvement websites to check to get the inspiration you need to create your dream life.

What is a self-improvement site/blog?

Self-Improvement blogs and websites are great platforms from which you will get the resources, tools, and inspiration you need to create a better life. Thus, if you feel stuck, bored, or hungry for more for yourself and your life, the positivity blog is the right tool for you.

Reading other personal development blogs will not just aid your personal growth but provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to start creating your own personal development blogs.

What is the most popular self-help topic?

There are various self help topics, but people tend to pay keener interest to some compared to others. Some of the essential issues are health, confidence and self-esteem, love and compassion, career, purpose, communication, relationship and dating,

What is self-improvement content?

Valuable and inspiring content is a crucial factor that helps to ensure that a person finds the information they need from a self help platform. With motivating and helpful content, a self improvement company can distinguish itself from potential competitors.

How do I create a self-improvement blog?

Are you looking to start creating inspiring self help blogs? If yes, below are some of the tips to help you succeed on this journey:

  • Choose a topic: the foremost thing to do to start a self education blog is to pick a topic. Deciding on a niche topic that interests you and is most knowledgeable about enables you to establish yourself as an authority in the broad self development market.
  • Create unique headlines: a unique and poppy headline is the right strategy to capture people’s interest.
  • Honesty and openness: you need to establish a common ground and be honest with everything you share with your audience. This property will help to ensure that you connect rapidly and build trust with your audience easily.


Also, your openness to accept criticism from your audience will help improve your blog in no time while enhancing your reader’s satisfaction with your articles.

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Are you searching for a site that prioritizes your personal growth above all else? If so, Mindvalley is the perfect platform for you to be a part of.


  • A highly versatile self help platform
  • It offers valuable content
  • High-quality video content
  • Access to helpful and practical life hacks
  • Lessons are well-structured and straightforward
  • Access to an engaged learner community
  • Boasts of an invaluable learning experience


  • Individual classes are pretty expensive

Mindvalley is a global school for humanity where you learn all the essential things you didn’t get to know in the academic environment. On this personal development platform, you get to learn and master virtually anything that interests and catches your attention.

This self improvement website features an ever-growing collection of personal growth blogs covering diverse content such as the mind, relationship, soul, work, etc. This platform works alongside great speakers like Vishien Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, Michael Beckwit, Jim Kwik etc., to write their blogs; as a result, you get to access a valuable blog library that cannot be compared to any other on this self help platform.

Also, you will get access to free masterclasses on personal growth from which you will acquire knowledge on practical tips on becoming the best version of yourself.

Course highlights:

  • World’s best trainers and programs
  • Access to support

2. Brian Tracy

the path to success is just one click away

Brian Tracy, an expert in economics, business, history, philosophy, and psychology, is one of the household names in personal development. The great man is the founder of Brian Tracy International, a company that seeks to train individuals and organizations to achieve their personal and business goals.


  • Content is easy to follow and understand
  • A beneficial self education website
  • Lessons come with wonderful stories and examples


  • Some products are expensive

This top-rated personal coach’s blog provides you access to practical personal development advice to achieve professional, business and personal success. This personal development blog features a free 14-step goal setting guide that will get you on the journey to setting and achieving your biggest goals.

You will get to know Brian’s proven methods on diverse topics, including public speaking, time management, book writing, business development, etc. With the personal development advice you acquire on this platform, you will quickly track your personal success.

Course highlights:

  • Versatile content
  • Put together by a world-class leader

3. Tony Robbins

unleash & break free

Another positivity blog that will help you develop good habits for all the aspects of your life is Tony Robbins’ blog. Since the content of this blog is put together by Tony Robbins, a coach, philanthropist, speaker and master in personal development, you are sure to gain valuable insight from this platform.


  • Lessons are well explained.
  • It comes with straightforward to understand the content


  • Some products are expensive

On this great website, you will access the personal development resources that will motivate and empower you to improve different aspects of your life, including relationships, business, etc. You will get to know how to achieve massive personal success and long-lasting fulfilment on this platform.

In all, this blog is a collection of the teachings on powerful strategies of Tony Robbins with the tools he has used over 40 years to help people achieve their vision of an extraordinary quality of life. Thus, it is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Course highlights:

  • Diverse helpful resources

4. Lifehack

stop juggling between

If you are you in a stage where you’re curious to know the purpose of your life while seeking to live happily and do things more efficiently and effectively, you should check out the Lifehack blog.


  • Features practical strategies
  • Lessons are broken down into simple process


  • Content is not detailed enough

This website features diverse resources written by many lifehack specialists. This platform’s content is perfect for helping you grow all the aspects of your life, including lifestyle, relations, performance, business, fitness, and technology.

With the lessons on this personal development platform, you will find answers to your life questions and gain insight into overcoming the limitations keeping you from your goals. In all, the life tips on this personal development blog will make your life easier.

Course highlights:

  • Valuable personal development topics
  • Different lifehack specialists

5. The Law of Attraction

world's largest

One of the popular personal development blogs is the Law Of Attraction platform. The website is the world’s largest Law Of Attraction community; it provides your insight on using the Law of Attraction visualization tools and exercises to improve your life.


  • Valuable and insightful content
  • Lessons are easy to follow and understand


The Law of Attraction platform offers you lessons that will help inform and encourage you of your possession of freedom to take control of how your future develops while shaping it in the way you deem fit.

On this website, you will get access to practical, interactive programs which are put together to boost your knowledge retention and increase your results. The useful and powerful tools you acquire on this personal growth website will enable you to start living and thinking more optimistically, which will help you attract more positive experiences and events.

In all, enrolling on this website will get you closer to achieving your most treasured aspirations.

Course highlights:

  • Access to a supportive community
  • Helpful tools and exercises

6. Chopra

join deepak for the journey to well being

The Chopra website is a great self help platform that prioritizes the well being of people and so provides the diverse resources that will be suitable for a range of people irrespective of the stage of their journey.


  • It comes with rich, well presented and accessible teaching material
  • Access to practical personal development advice


  • It does not come with detailed lessons

On this excellent self development platform, you will get access to articles on diverse topics, including nutrition and recipes, yoga, mind-body health, meditation, personal growth, etc. The self-paced classes on this platform provide you with balance and health.

Another feature of this website is the prestigious Chopra Certification which allows you to deepen your well-being practices while developing techniques that enable you to teach others. Also, you get to deepen your practices with the platform’s retreats, where you get to focus more on yourself while learning by surrounding yourself with like-minded meditators.

Course highlights:

  • Certification programs, retreats and articles
  • Self-care resources
  • Excellent teachers

7. PsychAlive

why do kids get stuck on certain tasks

Are you looking for a website that offers self-help insights on diverse topics? If yes, you should check out the PsychAlive website.


  • A helpful self help blog
  • Lessons follow a step-by-step process
  • Lessons are easy to follow and understand


  • Some e-courses are a bit pricey

The topics covered in the PsychAlive platform include relationships, parenting, mindfulness, depressions, anxiety, self-esteem, etc. this great website features upcoming and on-demand webinars.

On this personal development platform, you will gain knowledge on psychology for your everyday life. You will also understand and challenge the deeper issues that hinder you from living a joyful, meaningful and rewarding life. In all, you will find articles that will help boost your personal excellence and attain a successful life on this platform.

Course highlights:

  • Put together by experts and guest personal development bloggers
  • Various educational resources

8. Self Improvement Daily


The Self Improvement Daily is one of the personal improvement blogs which comes with a wide variety of topics that help you build a well-rounded foundation.


  • Access to practical self improvement insights and tips
  • Short episodes to allow for focus
  • Enhances your personal productivity


  • It does not come with detailed lessons

This self help platform encourages your quick and effective growth, which you can balance alongside life’s responsibilities. You will gain knowledge on unlocking your best self for others, and so you get to show up happier, more confident, and more energized for the things you care about most.

Through the resources on this website, you will develop strong habits, mindsets and relationships that boost your self awareness and enable you to be more helpful to people. Its great value makes it one of the most reliable and doable self improvement websites globally.

Course highlights:

  • Access to a supportive community
  • Put together by a great personal development blogger
  • Daily podcasts and expert interviews

9. The Positive Blog

the positivity blog premium courses

Are you looking for more in-depth information and practical step-by-step systems that will guide you to make the right changes in your life? If yes, then you check out The Positive Blog.


  • A valuable website
  • Lessons are easy to follow and understand


  • Some important topics are not included

The resources on this platform will help you fight against habits like negativity, self-doubt, fear, etc., that can ruin your life. By going through the various valuable contents on this personal development blog, you will become a more positive and happier person.

Moreover, the practical premium courses on this platform will help you overcome stress, so you gain more self-esteem and happiness. In all, this personal development platform provides you with valuable tips and articles that will make you more positive.

Course highlights:

  • Diverse courses
  • The founder is a great blogger and business owner

10. Personal Excellence

personal excellence

Are you in search of a website where you can get access to various articles, podcasts, videos, free ebooks and manifestos on personal growth? If yes, then the Personal Excellence blog will be a good fit for you.  


  • Helpful tips and guidelines
  • Lessons follow a step-by-step format


  • Courses are quite pricey

On this website, you get the help you need to be and live your dream life. You will learn how to improve your productivity and break free from toxic relationships, and so, you get to achieve your highest definition of personal success while achieving personal mastery.

The brain behind this blog, Celestine Chua, believes that whatever it is you want to do, you have the ability to accomplish so far you make it a priority. This blog covers relevant topics like emotional mastery, productivity, business, conscious living, self-image, and relationships.

There are diverse courses on this platform, and these courses offer you a deeper insight into your topic of interest.

Course highlights:

  • Over 700 articles, videos and podcasts
  • An outstanding virtual mentor writes blogs
  • In-depth courses

11. Zen Habits

more committed to yourself

Zen Habits is another excellent self help platform that covers topics that provide you insights on changing the way you feel about your life as much as it offers valuable information on meditation and spirituality. Thus, it isn’t exclusively for Buddhists, as some presume.


  • It comes with actionable advice
  • It is easy to follow and understand


  • Courses are a bit expensive

The Zen Habits platform is a perfect source of inspiration to anyone looking for simplicity and meaningfulness in a somewhat chaotic and complex life. You will get to know the practical tips for focusing on the essential things in your life while finding happiness and creating something meaningful with your life.

This self improvement website comes with a simple and minimalist design that is suitable for all readers. The fact that the brain behind this website, Leo Babauta, released this blog in the public domain gives readers free use and sharing of the contents without the need to ask for permission.

On this platform, you will learn how to declutter (physically, mentally, and emotionally) so that you can focus on what’s more important in your life. The content of this blog focuses on a person’s ability to practice self-control and awareness, so you get to develop the ability to meditate and be intuitive.

Course highlights:

  • Transformative training programs


The Mindvalley platform is the best of the excellent self improvement websites reviewed above. This fantastic blog covers various categories of self education topics and so you can rest assured of finding the perfect article to suit your personal development needs.

This website’s YouTube Channel provides you with access to video-based motivation from the world’s most inspiring people. With the platform’s podcast, you will get access to awe-inspiring talks about life, love, health, technological advances, spirituality and mental well-being. Also, you acquire knowledge on stock market trends, entrepreneurship, business strategies, in-office well-being, team-building game plans, among other advanced life skills.

Considering all the fantastic resources on developing self awareness, emotional intelligence, self confidence and other self care tips you get on this platform, it is safe to call it the world’s most potent life-transforming self improvement website.

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